Thursday, May 31, 2007

whimsy press.

As I looked a little further into Whimsy Press (creators of the lovely wall art that has made its rounds in the blogosphere), I have fallen in love with a company who has created such a fantastic vow:

"We, Whimsy Press, do whimsically vow to make our stuff hip and fun, for as long as we all shall live. We promise to love what we do, honor good design, and disobey rules as we see fit. We shall remain faithful to ourselves during start-up and growth, through spectacular hits and laughable flops, in busy times and slow. We hereby pinky-swear to cherish all customers and loyal fans until the end of time."

From amazing gift wrap and journals to stickers and placemats, Whimsy is simply rockin'.

"whimsy booty" pirate gift wrap

"write with whimsy" journals and notepads

"chow down with Whimsy" placemats

wren eleven {part two}

Remember when I posted about Wren Eleven? Heather, the owner of the online shop wanted to honor you {our lovely readers} with a discount. Huge thanks {and hugs} to her!

You can receive 11% off your entire purchase when you enter nest-507 at checkout. Offer stands until June 11th. Hurry up and shop away {I know I will}. Click here to shop Wren Eleven.

over the counter beauty finds.

I'm definitely a department store beauty product shopper. I value quality and am willing to pay the little extra {every 6 months} for the extra boost of confidence that the products {makeup, face lotion, hair care} are going to do their job correctly. I love Origins and Aveda and trust Lancome. And I'm anxious to try Bobbi Brown. But I also get enthusiastic about the occasional drug store beauty finds during a perusing through Target isles, for example. You've got to love a good deal. Especially when it feels just as good as the pricier options.

Here's a look into Tangled and True's drug store beauty favorites-

maybelline mascara {missy}

neutrogena mineral sheers loose powder {missy}

biore self heating face mask {kelli}

botanics skin brightening toner {kelli}

What's in your cart?

chic {and cheap!}

I realize that we haven't talked pregnancy much {if at all} on Tangled and True. To recognize our mother-to-be or mother expecting readers, here's to you: amazing Spring maternity tops on sale! All are available at BabyStyle.

hip hoodie tee: $40 to $24.99!

shirred scoopneck sweater: $88 to $22.99!

striped and shirred top: $42 to $19.99!

buttoned babydoll top: $58 to $19.99!

heathered mesh tunic: $104 to $19.99!

{I like them comfortable!}

baby love notes

While we are discussing pregnancy, I'm loving the idea of Baby Love Letters. Made by Canopy Cards these adorable notecards are perfect for a parent-to-be. Inside a chocolate-colored box comes 10 notecards with sayings to reflect milestones a baby reaches during their first year.

The blank inside allows room for one to write a love "note" to your little one during that phase. And with matching polka-dotted envelopes too? Yes, please! Thank you.

{sayings on the cards below from Canopy Cards}

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Papage is back!

That's right. Remember the amazing diaper changing clutch that combines functionality, ease, quality and style?

We can't get enough! And Jennifer, Papage owner and genius, wanted to pass along an exciting note and offer:

"Thank you, Tangled and True readers, for all your lovely compliments about our Diaper Changing Clutch during the giveaway last week. The clutch has gotten wonderful responses from those that see the beautiful textiles and rave responses from the moms, dads and grandparents who use it daily.

As a token of our appreciation, we would like to offer an exclusive 25% discount today (until midnight tonight.) Just put Tangled25 in the comments section on your order and it will be deducted once we receive the order (you will receive an email confirming your order with the 25% discount as well.) Again, thank you for your interest in Papage.

Jennifer Peters
owner, Papage"

I'm so excited for you {each our lovely readers} to become owners of the product which has truly reorganized my life. I am so pleased with my diaper changing clutch and am thrilled that you can join the frenzy for an amazing $15 off. Make sure to place your order by midnight tonight with "tangled25" in the comments section of your order.

Thank you, Jennifer, for honoring our readers! And thank you, readers, for appreciating amazing product like Papage.

{Feel free to email us with questions. Or to post testimonials in the comments for other readers.}

domino loves

I am a Domino fan by and large. I feel like most of the magazine is filled with design which one can easily implement into their own home.

Paint one open area with two different colors sectioning off the
two areas - {very doable.}

Who needs a foot board? Grab some chic moo-like cubes
{or your own color choice.}

Design your own headboard. Savvy + Space Saver.
{I think this would be a great idea in a child's room too}

the warehouse sale.

If you are a designer jeans lover, I've got sweet info for you. It's called The Warehouse Sale.

The About Us on their website is charming, We started with humble beginnings, being the only sale event to offer 7 for all Mankind, Citizens of Humanity and Juicy Jeans at wholesale prices. Now we’ve grown to carry every brand in the denim market at a significant discount.

"Significant discount" equates to below wholesale. Three cheers for afforable designer jeans! Sign up to find when the warehouse will be in your surrounding area.

{Note: the website says invite only, which means you simply sign up for an email invitation}

more little lark!

We've been a fan of little lark since the beginnings of our blog. Great, unique {and simple and soft} shirts for our little babes. The great news is: not only has little lark updated their site with new summer tees, but they've added a small collection of little lark for us adults! Let me share:

my favorites for mom {or woman}.

great customizable summer suit for baby {infant only}.

fiddlehead print in
collared shirt and newborn gown.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

wren eleven.

Wren Eleven. Their slogan reads Redefining the Art of Living & Giving. I love the slogan, and the products inside are just as endearing.

wall candy art

The walls in my daughter's room are white. Pearly white. I've debated back and forth between painting, modern art, trendy wallpaper or simply leaving them white until we move. I recently found the perfect solution:

Wall Candy Arts. I'm inspired to do something creative with these products. They are peel-it-off and stick-it-on anywhere-surface products. 100% kid friendly, mom-likable, and modish decor all in one.

{Think: on the refrigerator, in a home office, wall in the playroom, bathroom border, child's room/nursery, treehouse even...}


Let's talk skincare. I've never been a "brand-loyalist" meaning my make-up bag is filled with a variety of brands. There's my Clinique moisturizer, MAC eye shadow, Sephora lip gloss etc. Until about two months ago. I've become an Origins junkie.

Origins will become USDA certified organic in June. They study plants and take from them the essential ingredients that can clear up blemishes, prevent future breakouts and smooth fine lines from aging. Origins uses Ginger to improve circulation, Peppermint as an anti-inflammatory {think puffy eyes}, Eucalyptus to smooth fine lines and more.

We do whatever we can to protect the earth and its resources. We use no aerosols. We opt for recycled materials including papers, cartons and packing materials. And we always favor packaging that's easily recyclable. So you can feel free to indulge in and enjoy our products without hesitation.

My skin feels healthy, fresh and clean. My favorites {below}:

  • Modern Fusion Serum: Apply before your moisturizer. Dullness, roughness, sallowness, brown spots, finely etched lines and signs of sun damage appear to disappear. Sign me up.
  • A Perfect World Moisturizer: Firms, brightens and helps even out skin tone. Love it
  • Ginger Bath Soak: Stiffness subsides and the tensions and tightness of a harried day miraculously melt away. Kelli's favorite. Yum!
  • Modern Friction: Dermabrasion that removes sluggish cells, uneven patches and surface skin damage.
  • Night-A-Mins Eye Cream: Reduces fine lines {crows feet}, dark circles and puffiness. Perfect for a new mother, no?
  • All and Nothing Powder: A mineral powder that creates a flawless look without the make-up feel.

mod green pod.

For the crafter + decorator + environmentalist, Mod Green Pod set out to "take organic from hippie to hip." They did it well.

From 100% organic cotton fabrics to vinyl-free wallpapers, they not only support organic agriculture and manufacturing, allowing for a non-toxic home, they give an beautiful fabrics, wallpapers and prints!

Look here for pretty fabric, charming wall papers, and a colorful print collection.

Read more here. {via Sprig}


We have a winner! "jmg " who said "another excellent giveaway. I wish, I hope I win!" is the lucky winner of the generous package from One Wish World. Please email us your shipping information + size and color choices so we can get your goodies sent off to you.

Thank you One Wish World!

If you didn't win, you get another chance at a fabulous giveaway this Friday. It's an exciting one so stay tuned. And you can always get the insider scoop on upcoming giveaways by joining our hello friends! {confidential} email group.

Monday, May 28, 2007


Just a reminder that our One Wish World giveaway ends today at midnight PST. Comment on the giveaway post to be entered. Winner will be announced tomorrow morning!

hide & {seek}

I like bags, of all sorts really. But, with my commute from NYC to Greenwich, I tend to like them bigger & a bit more casual. I just bought the Le Sport Sac sling bag on the right & think that it is fun {and perfect for when I need free hands}. The Longchamp bag on the left is my absolute favorite. I have it in two different sizes {and colors} and tend to neglect my other bags in favor of this carry-all. It is among the most versatile I have found and fulfills all of my requirements for a perfect bag- That is, can look professional, and is able to fit a water bottle, book, cell phone, blackberry, wallet & camera. Even better- I can squeeze in a sweater or light jacket. Obvious conclusion- I prefer my bags large{er}. I'm sure most moms feel the same way.

The problem is- I carry a lot of small things with me, too, and small things + big bag = a lot of time rummaging through trying to find it. My solution has been a lifesaver since I discovered it over 2 years ago.

Meet the Le Sport Sac zip cosmetic pouch. I keep it in whatever purse I am carrying. It is small enough that it fits in all of my bags, but big enough that it fits those things that I want to carry with me every day, but don't necessarily want to use a flashlight to find. It allows me to find things quickly and easily. My goals of organization and cleanliness go beyond my apartment- I like my purse to be in order, too. I like to be prepared. A few of the things I keep in my pouch, just in case:
  • An extra elastic hair tie {or two}
  • A few band aids {especially for the blisters that are sometimes inevitable on long walks in the city}
  • Mini bottle of hand sanitizer to de-germ after riding the subway, etc.
  • Tampon, just in case
  • My favorite lip gloss, so I can look more put-together in 15 seconds
  • A Tide to Go pen {I always have trouble with white shirts & berries for some reason}
  • A small pill box with one of each: allergy pill, Tylenol, and Pepto. Perfect for hay fever, an afternoon headache, or a suddenly not-happy stomach after a night out
  • Safety pin

Two additional bags that can hold it all- whether it be diapers or books.

This Banana Republic Hobo bag is on my wish list.

Wishful Thinking Tote from Anthropologie.

sleep tight.

I had a recent conversation with a friend who needed a little bit of direction with boy's bedding. And she's ready for a little bit of color and pattern which makes the search all the more fun!

Really ready for pattern? I love the 3 options below. They each prove perfectly boy and perfectly creative:

Friday, May 25, 2007

one wish world GIVEAWAY

It's Friday again and we {of course!} have a wonderful giveaway for you. I have been excited about this giveaway for quite some time. These are products just for you, no baby/child products included...hip, hip, hooray! We have One Wish World to thank...

The winning package will include:

A Women's T {you choose size & color}

A tote {you choose the style}

A make-up bag {again, you choose!}

A Marta Designs {original} Journal

A package retailing over $100! Lovely, don't you agree?

Even more so is Mindy Relyea's story. As an art major, she was destined to work in the textile industry. She says, Walking into a really nice fabric store is truly my candy shop! Evidenced by the products sold her shop, Mindy designs with others in mind. One Wish World houses thoughtful and unique gifts for any occasion.

Mindy doesn't stop there. Several products in One Wish World include a cherub symbol. Representing children across the world, the cherub offers hope through charitable donations. Ranging from children in Africa to children with Autism, every "cherub" product purchased goes towards helping others. View a few of them here.

Inspiring to say the least. Just browsing her shop fills my head with ways I can make the world a better place. A grassroots effort at it's best.

Some of my recommendations from One Wish World include {but not limited to}:

The aprons {yes please!}, the jewelry {beautiful} and the journals. Give me all three and I'm set.

I wrote about the journals a while back, remember? Made by Marta Dansie, these journals are my favorite. Already seen on Decor8 and hosting her own giveaways, you'll likely be seeing more of her. Keep an eye on her blog.

As usual, we are all winners. If you buy from One Wish World by June 1st, you will receive free shipping on your order {simply reference Tangled and True in your order}.

[life in the nest giveaway rules:]
*you must enter a comment on this post-with your name.
*please only enter once.
*entry will be open until midnight PST Monday. {comments posted after this will not be considered.}
*at this time, we can't guarantee international shipping of giveaway prizes. {do you have a friend with a domestic address? is he/she nice enough to accept the package for you? comment away.}
*winner will be announced on Tangled and True on Tuesday morning.

Don't forget to check in Tuesday morning for the winner!
-Tangled and True
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