Thursday, May 24, 2007

simply charmed.

I am sort of obsessed with Helen Ficalora right now. I really like her alpha-charms and think that the initial{s} of a baby, husband or significant other would make for a sentimental and chic accessory. I wouldn't mind having the Smile charm around my neck. Even better- 25% of its profits go to Jacob's Cure. The Star and Mom charms are also on my wish-list (the "mom" charm being a perfect gift for me to give to a sister, mother or friend since I do not yet fit the category).

Really- the entire collection is simple, sweet & classy. I love it. I want my own charm. Actually, I want several. Soon.


  1. Do they only come in gold? I mainly prefer silver...

  2. I typically prefer silver too (my wedding jewelery is white gold), but I've learned that it is okay to mix it up...

  3. I like the idea of starting to mix and match. And gold is definitely making a come back! The charms are very fun. And I like that they help a cause.


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