Thursday, May 10, 2007

one of everything, please.

Like I've said before, I love Habitat and it's "modern, simple, functional, beautiful and affordable designs." It's a less expensive version of the Conran shop (not Ikea cheap, but less expensive than designer). Yet they still produce and acquire some of the freshest designs.

We visited one of the stores last week and my love for (nearly) all-things-Habitat was rekindled.

Some fun items for a child's room or playroom:
Charlie Kid's Hanging Chair.

Geronimo Triangular Tent (canvas).

The Chalky Kid's Photo Frame.


  1. Love the hanging chair Lindsey. Have you bought anything from them before? It all looks SO fun.

  2. I like the hanging chair and the photoframe. Ikea sells something similar to the hanging chair.

  3. Thanks Zobars. I'll have to check that out at our Ikea.

    Missy, we bought some stuff after we got married - like kitchenware, bathroom accessories, etc. Nothing big. Most flats come furnished here, so we wouldn't have anywhere to put it. But, it's giving me lots of ideas and hope for the future (hopefully not so distant future).


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