Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Ok, not quite renovation. But, I'm in the middle of transforming my kitchen {ie: rearranging all my kitchen cabinets and drawers} to house a little "play kitchen" of sorts for Aves. As soon as I start making dinner, I hear a clip-clap of her little hands smacking the floor as she starts crawling over {to help of course!}.

Right now, we have a drawer filled with plasticware and tupperware that she heads straight to and opens. But, the other day she pulled herself up and the drawer shut on her chubby nubbins before I could get to her in time. I know! I'm a terrible mother. Don't remind me. I tried really fast, even dropping the hot noodles in the sink, but not in time. Luckily it wasn't too forceful and no bruises appeared.

I digress. My point being that I'm trying to build a little kitchen for her in my kitchen. And I when I came upon these {pictured below} I decided they were a must have. They are sold out right now, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they restock.Or maybe I should Google them and find them elsewhere {?}.

Anyway, think with me. They are childproof, teach the baby to "peel" and also keep their little minds and hands busy as you saute mushrooms. I'm a fan.

PS: I'll post pictures when our mini-kitchen is finished.


  1. those are amazing. I love creative products! Cole does the same thing. If I'm in the kitchen, he HAS to be. All the cabinets are locked..but the drawers are free to explore. {With the dangerous things out of reach..} He LOVES the cups and measuring spoons.

  2. I love them! They are so cute + clever. If you find them somewhere else, let us know. I hope your little one is doing ok!

  3. Those are great. Izzy loves the kitchen too. She can entertain herself forever going through the cupboards.


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