Thursday, May 17, 2007

chic {and cheap!}

{floral} pillows:
I love new pillows. I love fresh, colorful, floral pillows for Spring. I love finding good deals

first: {green epiphany pillow} from Anthropologie, $19.95

second: {kori pillow} from Crate and Barrel, $26.95

third: {silhouette ocean pillow case} from Dwell, $18.00

fourth: {flocked flower pillow} from Pier1, $15.00

finally: {red orla cushion} from skinnylaminx [etsy], $15.00


  1. Really good prices on beautiful pillows. I will have to get some for my new couches!

  2. Those are good prices and since I'm in a pillow upheaval, this was the post for me. Thanks!

  3. I loved so many of those- thanks!

  4. I need to take a trip to crate and barrel. oh wait. there isn't one in Utah. what's that about? I love the colors you chose...I am thinking about changing my colors for the summer:)

  5. i love cute pillows. good picks.


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