Wednesday, May 16, 2007

welcome buzz

If there is such a thing as a stroller that grows with your child we have one for you. Enter Buzz.

And I think The Buzz might actually be the solution for the multi-stroller dilemma {think: snap and go stroller, umbrella stroller, and food-tray stroller combined into one}. Works with The Maxi Cosi infant seat and a bassinet is optional. Both are easy to snap into place and go. My favorite part? It collapses with the grace and ease of an umbrella stroller. Have I mentioned how much I love umbrella strollers? A lot.

And. AND! The material {which comes in a sleek black, funky blue, eager green and pleasing orange} is made of neoprene. Combine that with the light aluminum and you have a mult-functional stroller weighing less than 20 pounds.

My only qualm with The Buzz is that I can't run with it. But, maybe I could shuffle {it does have a locking front wheel}.

While it is on the pricier end {$500} for strollers, it is not all the way down the line with the Bugaboos and Orbitz'.

Available here.


  1. I want this. Wait... I don't have a baby yet. But I still want it (I really like to prepare).

  2. I really like the "capri" color. This does look like a good option. I'll have to do some research (although I'm not in the market).

  3. I've seen the buzz around lots in London. Do you have Maxi Cosi in the US?


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