Wednesday, April 30, 2008

shabby baby.

It is always refreshing when a company you know and love adds a child line to their product mix. Shabby Apple has recently launched Shabby Baby and I couldn't love it more. Made with my favorite of all designer fabrics, both Amy Butler and Heather Bailey. Each dress is hand made and can also be found on Crystal Jones' etsy site selling all the Shabby Baby dresses as well as accessories to go along with them.

The Oopsie Daisy Flower hair clips are a fun addition to any of the Shabby Baby Dresses. They add the perfect touch of femininity and whimsy. They are a fun design I haven't seen before and look so darling in Lily's hair. I wish I had a picture to post!

Their newest addition to the Shabby Baby line is Shabby Baby To Go. Made specifically for moms on the run. This accessory is versatile and convenient. It triples as a pacifier clip, bib and burp cloth. How great is that? Perfectly packaged in a take out box and available in her etsy shop (soon to be added to the shabby apple website as well) $15.99 and available in two color choices.

Receive free shipping by ordering through the Shabby Baby etsy site by using code "true and shabby" in the description to seller box. Shipment will be refunded within 24 hours. Happy Shopping!

sock and glove.

I'm in love with the idea (because I haven't seen it.. yet) of Miyako Kanamori's Sock and Glove book!  
"Thirteen delightful softy projects that are quick to make-and certain to amuse and delight. Full of individuality and mischief, these stuffed creations are all pieced together from ordinary socks, gloves, and mittens." --Penguin Group
Wouldn't it make a delightful resource for thoughtful + charming birthday gifts!  See here for free step-by-step instructions for the bunny and dog.  

spelling bee garland.

I've been searching and searching for children's garland that will just work for me and of course Anthropologie pulls thorough.  (Brad always laughs that I don't call it Anthropologie, but rather "my favorite store."  As in, "let's stop by my favorite store for a hostess gift."  Can't you see why!)  These spelling bee pendants snap together in any combination you choose.   $8 each.  

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Today, we bring you the ultimate new mom + new baby giveaway package from a company we've loved since the beginning.  That's right!  Puj (remember the pretty/practical/modern Go Slings?) has just released the Booti and we know they'll find fans in each of you because who doesn't love shoes?  Especially symmetrical ones ("no more getting it on the wrong foot!") that are made of beautiful buttery leather by a master boot-maker, have form and function and are designed to fit your newborn.  Because even newborns deserve amazing shoes.  

Available in Maude, Will, Stella and Benjamin styles, they're guaranteed to arrive (in a mod gift box) sans appliqued bears or soccer balls and come in the coolest of colors to fit your fashion-sensitive taste.  


Most importantly, they're incredibly soft, flexible and all natural.  "...You can be assured your Puj's little toes will be nice and cozy."  I couldn't think of a more perfect product: the ultimate addition to any layette; the most stylish of baby gifts; the perfect first (celebratory) purchase when you learn of your calling to parenthood/family expansion.  ($75.) 

As you may have guessed, one of you will go home with a pair!  The winner will receive the Will style Booti (chocolate color), size 0-3 months and the Heather style Go Sling, winner's size of choice.  That's nearly $125 worth of Puj product that has been proven to "simplify parenthood"!  Jackpot.  Plus all can leave happy with the offer of free ground shipping with promo code "True" through May 31st.  I love a deal.

See below for our behind the scenes with Puj.  If you haven't already, you'll become a quick fan too.

Which is your favorite Booti?  Why do you love Puj?

Would you love to win? be sure to:
*enter a comment on this post - with your name
*answer the question above
*please only enter once
*entry will be open until 12 am Thursday morning (5/1)
*winner will be announced Thursday morning
note: winner must contact us by Monday (5/5) in order to claim prize.

behind the scenes:

If you're anything like me, it makes a world of difference to know the woman or mom or parents behind an already incredible company.  Our enthusiasm about Puj (see above giveaway!) comes from believing in their Go Sling and Booti as well as knowing (and celebrating) Katie as a person and friend.  We thought you could do the same!  Meet Katie:

*Katie, these new shoes are fantastic and very newborn Camper-esque (but with plenty of originality of course).  What did you pull from for inspiration when designing the Booti? 
I have always had a great admiration for all things simple. My favorite flower is the calla lilly because it's one pedal and so beautiful. I have always admired European/Scandinavian design because it was so minimal and had such beautiful clean lines. Originally I was a furniture designer and I always admired a design that could stand the test of time. Charles and Ray Eames were masters at this and have created a number of classic chairs that are both beautiful and functional. When I spend my money on something I don't want it to just look good but it must work well. I want it to last me a long time.

*So, what's the process for creating designer baby booties?  How long have these been in the works?
I started working on the booti pattern soon after my son was born (he just turned four).  Originally they were made from fabric. But when it comes to durability and simplicity the leather was a natural material for me to gravitate toward. I just kept thinking that most of the baby shoes on the market were either too stiff or had no form to them. I wanted a form that would be sophisticated and classic and yet have some character to them, without sewing on a lion or duck to be so literal. And the idea of a symmetrical shoe was just another way for me to make a parent's life that much easier. I can't tell you how many times I have wrestled my kids to get their shoes on, only to discover I put them on the wrong feet. It's these little things that can send a parent over the edge. And so Puj's mission is to eliminate these little daily hassles and make your time with you own "puj" more enjoyable.

*Congratulations on being en-route to becoming a mother of three boys!  What are the benefits and/or trials of being a mother-run business?
Being a mother-run business I feel I have a huge advantage over the large corporations because I am the customer. I am living the life of a parent every day and I experience the joys and frustrations that come along with it. In the Fall I will have 3 boys at home all day for one year before my oldest starts kindergarten. So I have plenty of little ones to test out my ideas. I also keep a notebook of ideas because there are times when I think "I wish I had one of these, or this would work so much better without all the extras." Of course, being a full time mother is an overwhelming task in itself and Puj would not be possible if I didn't have people around me who supported me and wanted to help out. My husband is a huge help and a BIG part of the company. He is a product designer as well and we're always bouncing ideas off each other. We also just hired our first employee who is helping to oversee manufacturing so I can focus on design of new products.

*Tell us a little about your family.
My husband and I met in the Industrial design department at BYU. We moved to the Portland Oregon area when I graduated and were working for competing design firms. Now I stay home full time as a mother and am LOVING it! We love going on adventures and playing outside. My husband introduced me to riding a road bike (bicycle) and now we go for rides with the whole family. We also like to grow a garden and have been doing a lot of work in our yard to expand it.

*I have the advantage of knowing you (and of course am a solid Katie fan), but for those who don't:
-your daily routine?
I am up and back from a morning run before my boys get up (most of the time). I am loving granola with yogurt and berries for breakfast these days! My husband works close to home so he usually joins us for lunch. I try and answer emails and get some work done while the boys are napping. Almost every afternoon we are usually at the park, even if it's cold and rainy! We also love the library and reading fun books before bedtime. I don't really get solid working time during the day and so I have had to learn when to put it down and go play hide-and-seek. I do also work at night after the kids are asleep, but sometimes I am ready for bed too after 8pm. 
-what are your passions?
Passions?  Hmmmm! I love fresh squeezed orange juice and a cold glass of lemonade! I love looking through all my fabric and thinking up a creation and making it up right then. I really like carpentry and welding but I don't have access to a shop these days and so the sewing machine has become my new passion. I use a 1968 Bernina with all machined parts. You can't believe how heavy it is but it is such a tank. I've been amazed and what it will sew through. It is always fun to explore new materials and try making something new. And most importantly I love seeing my boys get along and share with one another. It is so rewarding to be with a family I love and watch my kids learn and grow.
-an unfulfilled dream?
I really feel like I am living my dreams. Growing up I use to tell people "I wanted to work with metal." Though I do still love metal, really what I wanted to do was create with my own two hands.  I do like to compose on the piano and as a kid I dreamed I would be on the Oprah show and she would ask me all about my compositions! But, anytime I try to play the piano these days I have two little "helpers" playing with me.
-your favorites?
One of my favorite albums of all time is "David Gray: Lost Songs." He is such a sincere singer/songwriter and plays from the heart.  I love Vietnamese food. It is so fresh and flavorful without being greasy.  I am really liking non-fiction these days. "Dare to Discipline" by Dr. Dobson and Andrew Carnegies "How to Win Friends and Influence People" is great for business relationships. I have a pair of red "Shelly" shoes that look kind of like a flat dutch clog + are super comfortable. The best part is they were originally $80 and I bought them for $10 at this great store in Phoenix (where I grew up).  Designers: Marc Newson, Charles and Ray Eames, Phillipe Starck, Scott Wilson, and the like.  And vacationing in Southern Alberta. This is where my mother grew up and it was so fun to go and stay with my Grandparents and enjoy the farm country, Watertown National Park, Banff, Glacier National Park, there is just so much to see.  
*Is there anything we can anticipate from Puj in the future?  Where do you hope to take your company?
We do have a couple products we hope to introduce sometime this summer. And of course there are many more we are pursuing. I really feel like our brand could branch out into not just parent products but people products. We all can appreciate something simple that makes our lives better. 

Katie, you and what you've created are pretty fantastic.  I can't wait to see what's to come.  Congratulations on the Booti!  

Monday, April 28, 2008

bedtime bra.

This sounds like an amazing solution: smooth, supportive, comfortable and stretchy. The new bedtime bra can see a woman through 9 months of pregnancy and still perform perfectly. No underwire makes it ideal for that miserable need-to-wear-a-bra-to-bed (while pregnant and nursing) dilemma. And I just like the idea of a sexy and multi-purpose cami. Any testimonials?

I really wish I remember where I saw this recently, but I don't. Ooops. I'm not taking the finding credit.)

repurposed candy wrappers.

An Ecoist is an individual that lives a modern, eco-minded lifestyle. "Ecoists" have no particular age, race, nationality, nor a particular style.

These coasters make a perfect conversation piece, or just a fun eclectic feel to your home. Made from repurposed candy wrappers, food packages and soda labels in fair trade, sweatshop-free environments. Set includes four extremely durable coasters that wipe clean with a damp cloth.

At Ecoist they are hoping to "inspire more people to become "Ecoists" and think differently about the things they buy, how they are made, where they come from, and vote for a more sustainable world.

There's no doubt they are accomplishing that one "Ecoist" at a time.

morning wake-up.

My age is officially catching up to me and there are far to many mornings when it takes everything in me to roll out of bed. While browsing the Martha Stewart Whole Living section I ran across these great morning wake-up yoga moves. On the mornings I am struggling to get out of bed this is now one of the first things I do, my energy increases and the whole day seems to go a bit smoother.

photo via marthastewart

Friday, April 25, 2008

the BIG winner!

Thank you to all who participated in our grand giveaway. Each company is stellar for giving big and we hope to have motivated each of you to give back in a big way.. beyond your normal routine and responsibilities... always. There is a big need and honestly, it's a big feel good. Little compares.

There was one application that stood out above the rest. And although I'm thinking that many of you may think that she's pulling off a give that would be impossible for you to match, I believe that there was much thoughtfulness, sacrifice, planning, faith and compassion that allowed this to come about. That was our point. This is huge and we're thrilled to honor her. And hope that she may motivate you to do even more. But more than anything, we're excited for her and her family and all those who will be changed by their service on multiple levels.

Justyn's "big give":

I think it should first be said that I think giving back, especially if you involve your children, can be such a wonderful experience that I am not fully certain it feels as if you are giving much away.

A year ago my husband spend 6 weeks in Kenya working with an organization providing medical care to underserved HIV positive patients. Technically he was "giving" but the experience proved to be very personally rewarding to him. When he arrived home we began talking about going again as a family. At first we began thinking in terms of another 6-week visit. He is in a fellowship and has not yet had a chance to begin his career so a short stint in between fellowship and a "real" job. As we continued to think about it the ideas got bigger. We finally decided that the gap between training and career would be the best time to make a move and allow our children to live in a radically different culture and develop a real understanding for how very full their life in this world has been and it would also give my husband a chance to practice medicine in a way that is truly rewarding to him in rural Kenya. Finally, with the help of his program, we were able to arrange moving our family for a full year in 2009. Doing this will involve selling our home and our car and storing our things…. We have four children there are a lot of things ;)

That is my husbands give – although the children and I will be helping where we can and as a home schooling family with four small children I can not help but feel that my work wont change much – just in a very new place. I had been trying to think of a way to be involved and to let my children feel that they to were making changes in their lives for the betterment of the world. After reading about this challenge on tangled and true the wheels started turning. I started discussing with my children what we could do as we prepare to leave in the next year that would make the world a better place….. My daughter Isabella (age 7) suggested we "give away all of our things". Hmmmmm.

After a couple of days of considering the idea it began to make sense. We had already decided that we would pack for this year long move with no more than two pieces of luggage a piece - only the essentials – shipping nothing, but that leaves the matter of storing all of our things (beds, dining table, piano, shelves, and so on) for the year that we are gone. Why? We began having children when my husband began medical school – we were poor. Really poor. It was the help of our friends (and programs like WIC) that allowed our family to thrive, that allowed me to be home to nurture my babies and nurse them and that allowed my husband to pursue medicine. It seems amazing that after starting our family life with only (REALLY) a king size bed and box spring that we would store dressers and beds and tables for over a year when there are so many who don't have these things. So we began thinking about what we would keep – a few mattresses so that we have beds when we get back, photographs, a few special textiles that I collect, my husbands hand tools for the day when we hope he will be able to spend more time woodworking, a few special baby toys we would like to share with our grand children – it really was not coming to much.

So we have made it into a home school project - discussing to whom we would give our things. The girls insist that the piano go to someone who has little girls who want to play but no piano. My three-year-old son, Basil, wants to see his toddler bed go to "a wild boy". I have someone in mind for our dining table and computer desk and the children did a bit of Internet research (with help) to find a local organization that would really use and appreciate a lot of their playthings. Everyday we have a new idea for a new home for one thing or another. We know that coming home and starting over in 2010 is possible for us, an adventure really, and seeing our furniture and dishes, and beds and toys going where they will be used and appreciated will only add to the adventure.

Sooooo - We commit to give…. well, pretty much all of our possessions to organizations and families that can use them before moving our family to Kenya in 2009. This means of course that if we win some of the prize items will also go to new homes but I think this is part of the lesson of the environmentally friendly companies you have chosen.

Thank you and congratulations, Justyn and family! Be sure to email us with: 1. The color of Oeuf Lounger you would like and 2. Your choice of 30 FLOR Toy Poodle tiles.

And THANKS Fawn and Forest, Sprout Basics, Boon and FLOR!!


Shop fawn&forest with 10% off by using code "fawn". Or Sprout Basics with 30% off by using code "tangledandtrue".


Many more of you have the giving spirit we were hoping to see. Clearly, it was a hard decision to pick one winner. Some of our favorites...

inspiration board submitted by Missy
(photo credits: Martha Stewart)

Lindsey defines (and lives) it perfectly

Many who hear "give big" may feel a little discouraged if we don't have $10,000 to donate or breastmilk to send off to needy newborns in Africa. To me, the term give big does not necessitate large monetary donations or amazing logistical feats. It simply means listening to my conscience, or being guided by that voice within that tells me when and how to give. It means not driving by the homeless man with an "anything you can give would help" sign. Because I can see the sorrow in his eyes, I know that more than my dollars, a genuine smile and kind word mean something. It means bringing dinner in to a young mother who is feeling a little overwhelmed. Not because anyone pointed the need out to you, but because you noticed she was acting a little frazzled, and you know her husband is out of town for the week. You know what it feels like to need a little extra help with the daily tasks. It means spending a couple of hours in your daughter's kindergarten class each week, helping an excellent teacher who is doing her best to teach 20 5-year olds on her own. It means bringing the twelve days of Christmas to a young widow and her son because the holidays mark an especially unpleasant anniversary. It means spending hours each week on lessons and activities for the children at church, knowing that many of them come from broken homes and look forward to the time they spend together each week. Giving big means giving of yourself, even if it is inconvenient or uncomfortable. It means believing that you can make a difference and putting forth the hard work to make it happen. Giving big is a state of mind that I am trying to achieve, and I resolve to listen to that inner voice. To not deny it or rationalize it away, no matter how busy I am. I resolve to give big in a way that lets people know someone cared because it is always worth the effort.

As a family,
Andra will be organizing a widespread gift drive in the Salt Lake Valley to drive a truck full of gifts, wrapped by her family, down to Mexico

Missy has a long list of gives she will accomplish by the end of 2008, including:
*plant a tree: give back to the earth (we did this already and love the idea of new growth)
*send a random package to a friend: give back to my dear friends (who doesn't love a package, anything other than bills in the mail?)
*make a dinner: give back to one that needs it (having been there myself, I understand how welcoming this can be)
*recycle cupboard: give back to planet (we moved at the start of 2008 and dedicated an entire cupboard to recycle. it makes it so easy to remember to just toss it in there when I don't have a small bin that is overflowing)
*little, love notes to my husband: give back to my husband (sometimes those that are closest to you are easily forgotten. i know that little notes of appreciation, love and affection are special to him and i try to do this often)
*daily happiness: give back to my daughter (simply being happy myself and doing things for my daughter that she enjoys makes her day. it's the simplest things for her that take precedence in my day)
*donation to ONE: give back to those in need (this is my goal for September since i am due with baby girl #2 that month and getting out might be difficult with a newborn. i am going to be able to easily give my new daughter her vaccinations, something that other children simply don't have the luxury of).
*call my grandma more often: give back to ancestry (she needs it more than ever right now and i often forget that)
*join community emergency response teams: give back to community (once a month meetings, good to be "in the know")
*reusable grocery bags: give back to earth (reduce, reuse, recycle!)
*send school supply packages to children in Africa: give back to those in need (i'm still on the search for who i can do this through, but what a great opportunity to involve my daughter in making a care package for other children)
*set aside $20 for when a national disaster occurs and we have money to give right then: give to those in need (honestly, it's only april and not to be pessimistic, but something might happen i.e.: the tsunami or hurricane that will need donations and i want to be ready - $20 isn't much, but it fits into our budget right now)
*repaint dresser: give back to my family and reduce consumerism "wants" (i could draw up a list of wants, but i'm going to try to improve myselfand reach out and sand, repaint and reuse a dresser we have already for baby girl #2)
*purchase organic/eco-friendly when possible: give back to oneself by making healthy choices

Candice will be moving (back) to Asia with her family to volunteer teach in the "12th poorest country in the world."

Our services are completely free to the school and to the Lao government. We also have a Lao friend who will be living with us along with her husband, rent free.
I have 2 children, ages 3 1/2 and 8 months. I'm sure that in the next 2 years in Laos, we will give in a lot of little ways. But in 5 years of living overseas, we have always gotten back WAY more than we give away.

Miriam commits to helping at-risk elementary students.

My part-time job involves working with at-risk elementary students to raise their reading scores and help them to become successful readers, which in turn makes them successful people. This job will end in the summer, but I am committing to volunteering my time each week to tutor a child one on one. Also, I want to be more involved in the lives of the at-risk children in my neighborhood. My husband and I are going to open up our home to children this summer, and the rest of the year, as a safe place for them to hang out. This will be in addition to giving our time each week at City Impact's Bible Club ( At City Impact we hope to empower kids with social skills and strengths that will make them successful in school and life.

Alexa says:

My daughter was adopted from Guatemala last year, and there is a fabulous grass-roots charity called Mayan Families run in Guatemala by two American families who have also adopted Guatemalan children. The charity sponsors children to go to school (about $150 a year) and encourages families to send letters, photos and packages back and forth to the sponsored child or family. ... We're ready to start giving and make this organization in my daughter's birth country a big part of our lives.

Meg is organizing a scholarship, with the goal to raise $1,000 this year, in the name of her brother in law, Talmage, who "died at the age of 24 due to a heart defect he's had since birth."

My plan is to open an account, and thru familial fundraising, earn money dedicated to this scholarship. The rest of the family is already excited to give. The fun twist is to keep the dedicated account a secret from my mother-in-law until we reach our goal of $1,000, and then to present it to her as a little boost to the scholarship fund. I want to show her how much we loved Tal and how excited we are to help other students in his honor for years to come.

Suzanne is doing the "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" walk on May 4th with two of her daughters.

Rachel is traveling to India with her family to spend Christmas with 300+ children who live in an orphanage her family has been connected to and volunteering in for over 50 years. "..That's how I give back, for this year and for always."

Amira will start her give big by "distribut(ing) food and basic goods at homeless and battered women shelters around the Chicagoland area."

My sister has already taken action to arrange food to be delivered to a family that have come to America as refugees of war. We have also learned that a family with 7 children fell victim to a fire that destroyed their house and all of their belongings. Later this summer we hope to have a fund raising event to help this family back on their feet. To top it all off, we are organizing a Habitat for Humanity event to get teen agers involved in giving back and helping those in need.

Lynette says,

I've been wanting to do something humanitarian in Chile for a while and I've even contacted a few companies (like Oneity) to get involved to no avail. So the other day when my Spanish teacher asked me if I would like to join Damas de Escondida (a ladies group that does charity work here in Antofagasta) I quickly said yes. At first, I was a little worried about joining a group of women that don't speak English (especially since my Spanish is rudimentary at best), but I quickly learned language is not a barrier for love and charity. Our desire is what connects us -- a desire to make the world a little bit better, in whatever capacity we can.

Anna will be involved with a microcredit program called Enterprise Mentors, Inc.

This group gives out small loans to people in third world countries. Along with giving the loan, they teach them how to make their business more successful. For example, A lady who makes purses or earrings in the Philippines can get a small loan to buy supplies. Enterprise Mentors teaches her how to help her business and eventually her business has grown enough to hire people from her village. This small loan has then helped many people from her village. This group has a loan re-payment of over 90%. I feel that helping this group is so important. It does not give handouts it gives a vessel of learning and independence. Doing a fundraiser to give big to those who do not have the current means to help themselves or their families is a way I can help. The wonderful part of this group is that helping one or two in these villages ends up helping many more.

Sarah will host a book club in Buffalo, "in which all the members collect books to giveaway to a local charity... I'd like to give big by helping to promote literacy and giving the gift of a book."

Emily will become a foster parent (to children under the age of 3) this summer.

There are 500,000 children in the United States waiting to be adopted. Most people adopting would rather have an infant so these kids stay in the system till they are 18 then are supposed to be "adults" with no family to back them up. We can't wait to bring a child into our home once again. This isn't what we expected our life to look like but we are making the best of it.

Crystal and her husband will be "helping to build a well in Africa so children can have safe drinking water and survive." And.. they are "in the midst of starting a child abuse prevention company to go in and help new Mom's who have either been abused or just want to talk to someone who is not part of the government."

And Nicole will be volunteering at a local animal shelter once a month.


We are currently at Disneyland celebrating the girls birthdays, so we've been using the stroller and diaper bag non-stop for the last 2 days: Airports, theme parks, restaurants and the one thing that I wish I had are the stroller clips that I've been seeing everywhere. They clip your diaper bag right to your stroller. The Beconnected clips by Ju-Ju-Be are my favorite. They are "custom designed cam locks with curvature to fit around stroller handles. Extra grippy undersides keep them from slipping, and a secure "snap" lets you know they're locked into place". Your bag hangs up high for easy access and it's out of the way. So much better than cramming it into the stroller basket or carrying it around.

While we're on the subject of Ju-Ju-Be, their diaper bags are among my very favorites. I love their bright fun designs and the option of so many styles and sizes. My pick? Be small. The perfect size for all your baby necessities.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

bored, inc.

This new webstore, inspired by Japanese pop culture and created by a mother and daughter team with a background and passion in art, is all but boring.  Bored, Inc. is best known for their cheerful and playful Decorama (vinyl wall art) that sails high above all other alternatives in creativity and childish charm.  Easy to apply and easy to remove makes it easy to love.  

But be sure to look beyond the walls when browsing.  The newest toddler tees and onesies are a kick in the pants.  

(If poo and sushi are your thing...)

shopping cart.

This wooden shopping cart would make the perfect addition to any toy collection. Height adjustable to fit your child and comes with a stopper in back to prevent overturning. Now they just need to make them in adult sizes!

baby in a blanket {winner!}

Congratulations, Olivia Carter who said... "I love them all but if I had to pick one it would be the pink hippo shirt- SO CUTE!"  You've been chosen as the lucky Baby in a Blanket giveaway winner!!  Please email us ( with your choice of graphic tee and blanket and pillow set by Monday and we'll be sure to have your package sent off shortly!  

Everyone else, be sure to take advantage of the Earth Day Sale through April 27th (or any of their other amazing products)!  

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

hang tight.

We appreciate your enthusiasm, but to keep the emails from crowding the inbox-- the winner of the Grand Giveaway will be announced on Friday.  :)  

petit patapon.

I am fast becoming a fan of Petit Patapon's clothing line. Designer and founder Noelle Tutenuit believes "a passion that lies within the soul is the beginning of the vision of an artist" and she herself is moved by many passions:
children, nature, culture and social issues. Still it is certainly the joyful spirit of children that has mostly captured her soul. There lies the influence of all her creations for Petit Patapon.
Her passions shine through in her designs. The clothes seem to capture the spirit and innocence of childhood. Simply, they are beautiful clothes made from the highest quality materials.

Editor's picks:

olive and blue striped shorts from layette.

"authentic" white and aqua leather sneakers from baby boy.

junior girl- gray canvas blazer from girls.

deal + discount: 10% discount on all products + free shipping with code: OFFER10TT  Valid until May 4th.  


I just learned of the TykeLight for the first time.. and I'm glad that there is an alternative to my very favorite night-light (Cole's bedroom accessory of choice.. by far).    Rechargeable, runs for 10 hours on a single charge, impact resistant plastic, easy to clean and oh so friendly looking with 6 great color options.  Sounds like a bright idea!

p.s.  It looks as though TykeLight is sold at Target ($19.99) and Land of Nod ($23.95) for an easy get-to.

not a paper cup.

Are you a regular big-name corner coffee store customer, but like the idea of cutting back?  This Not a Paper Cup cup is double walled porcelain with a silicone top.  Eco-friendly and sought-after-chic.  Save some trees!  $22.50

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

baby in a blanket {giveaway!}

At Tangled and True we fully believe in giving back, and what better day to do that than EARTH day? We're bringing you the ultimate in giveaways today, there was no better choice than a brilliant company who celebrates the earth year round! Baby in a Blanket contributes to protecting the earth without skimping on style. Their graphic tees are 100% certified organic cotton and the art is printed with 100% organic based ink, and all blankets, mimis and bibs are lined with natural and organic fibers, we are thrilled with their line of products. Bright colors, fresh designs, you can't get much better than this!

Today they are giving back to you by offering one lucky reader their choice of a graphic tee and blanket and pillow set.

100% organic tees. 100% organic soy based ink. Fresh fun designs. Available in sizes 12-18 months and 2T-4T. (a $32 value)

Pillow and blanket set in their modern yellow and green design. Lined with 50% bamboo/50% organic cotton. The bamboo fiber is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and mildew resistant with a silky smooth texture. (an $80 value)

In celebration of Earth Day, Baby in a Blanket is offering everyone 50% off all graphic tees today through April 27th.

What Baby in a Blanket item are you hoping to add to your collection?

Would you love to win? be sure to:
*enter a comment on this post - with your name
*answer question above
*please only enter once
*entry will be open until 7 am Thursday morning (4/24)
*winner will be announced Thursday morning
note: winner must contact us by Monday (4/28) in order to claim prize.

Good luck and thank you Baby in a Blanket!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lullabies & Wildflowers.

Anyone who is a mother knows that sleepless nights and crying babies can lead to levels of high stress and tranquility can be hard to find. I can honestly say that Melissa Errico's new CD Lullabies and Wildflowers (out April 29th) would have been a much needed and frequently played CD in our home when the girls were babies and even now we've found it receives a good amount of play-time.

Singer and Tony-nominated actress Melissa Errico has a distinctive sound that is clear and calming and extremely refreshing. I find myself heading for my itunes library on stressful evenings while making dinner or getting the kids ready for bed. Once I (and the girls) hear the rhythmic music and the crystal clear voice, you can instantly feel a change in the stress-level. Her voice has an incredible power to soothe and calm.

She performs a good variety of songs on the CD, classics like "Mockingbird", nostaligic "Someone to watch over me", soothing "Hushabye" or upbeat and jazzy "Walking Happy".

Melissa is a dedicated mother who says "I can't think of anything I'd rather sing about in the whole world right now".

The CD's release date is set for April 29th, just in time for Mother's Day! But perfect for baby showers, good friends or just because. You won't be disappointed.

"happy things for kids"

From the super cool blog Oh C-Chou!, a neat + simple (Ikea influenced) do-it-yourself  project:

Paint wooden clipboard with white acrylic paint. Let dry and make a second layer if necessary. Drill the cups at the bottom, center, with the help of a drill. Place the cups on the clipboard at intervals of 15 cm, and secure them with screws. Make a hole at each end of the clipboard so that they can attach to the wall.
What you will need:
*1 wooden plank
*6 colored plastic goblets (Ikea style)
*White acrylic paint
*Roll or brush
*Per├žeuse (?)
*8 screws

note: the instructions are automatically translated from French using Google Translate.  

burp armor.

I had one of those constant spit up babies (yes- acid reflux.  big time) and ARMOR would have been nice!  Burp Armor, "organic by nature. cool by design," is triple layered (triple absorbent), ergonomic and stays in place.  Made of 45% organic cotton and 55% sustainable hemp, even pre-washed with organic soap, I think we've found the formula to happy burping for both parent and baby!  

Available in 8 styles from $25-27.  

(As seen on Design Mom.)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

give big = win big!

$900 worth of modern baby gear up for giveaway.. ending Monday at noon MST.  See here for details of how to apply.

Your chances to win are grand.  (Think 77 comments versus our typical 300+.)  Our challenge to you: think big to win big.  It feels good!  

Friday, April 18, 2008


This is Bu-Lou.  He is a kind soul who is often tripped by his own clumsy two feet. He is always daydreaming about other places and other things. He's a accident prone & things never go his way. 

And meet the Hooligan.  He is a playful and knows how to be funny and have fun. He works hard to do impressions and sound effects to make other's have a good time. He has a magically contagious giggle that can make others laugh for no real reason. When in doubt "smile", he says. He lives by his motto: "The fun starts here".   

They both belong to a clever 100% handmade, no-two-are-alike collection of sock dolls called Sok-O.  It's the best stuffed anything I've ever seen, each coming in their own "box" (think Cabbage Patch Dolls) and unique birth certificate.  They make you want a reason to adopt the entire collection they're that good!  (That's 8 Sok-O dolls!)  We take care of Trumbo, who my son thinks is a monster, but a monster he needs to sleep and eat with.  The kind that's caring and loving and a special friend.  

Really, a perfect gift for your one-of-a-kind someone.  $49.

paper globes.

The perfect centerpiece for a springtime (or summer) gathering. In fact I think they are so great they may just be the center pieces of a little girls birthday party right around the corner. Download instructions on Heather Bailey's website.

image via
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