Wednesday, May 30, 2007

domino loves

I am a Domino fan by and large. I feel like most of the magazine is filled with design which one can easily implement into their own home.

Paint one open area with two different colors sectioning off the
two areas - {very doable.}

Who needs a foot board? Grab some chic moo-like cubes
{or your own color choice.}

Design your own headboard. Savvy + Space Saver.
{I think this would be a great idea in a child's room too}


  1. fun ideas. Domino is my subscription of choice and I anticipate my new issue! I really love the idea of a painted headboard for a kid's room. (And an ottoman at the end of my bed..)

  2. Wow a painted headboard is such a great idea. I will definitely check in the subscription for Domino.


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