Friday, September 12, 2014

dress code alternatives.

When we moved to the South, the girls were less than thrilled to find out their new elementary school wore "dress code".  Luckily dress code isn't as strict as full blown uniform, but they still feel like it is cramping their creative style. I promised them I would search high and low for things that felt a little more them and a little less dress code. They have been quite pleased with the result. If you're in a similar situation here are some items my girls are loving this school year.

best friends collar tee from Matilda Jane

Peter Pan Collar Zipper Dress from JCrew Factory

Tabitha Top from Mini Boden

cord  skirt from JCrew Factory

bow skirt from JCrew Factory

The white converse have been one of my favorite additions this fall. The girls wear them with skirts and shorts and they look cute with everything.

The girls don't know these are coming (I'm saving them for Christmas), but I think they will love this fun and bright addition to their rainy season line-up... and they are a great price!

With Finn starting kindergarten, I was very nervous about the dress code. He is a boy through and through and does not like wearing "church clothes" as he has dubbed the dress code. I found him some things that have worked and we've had very little complaining.

The Volcom shorts are my very favorite. I love the way they fit, he had gray ones from long before dress code was on our radar so he feels like they are just "normal" shorts. These look a little more skater than your typical Old Navy/Gap chino short.

With Finn being a t-shirt kind of kid, I knew the standard polo was going to be a struggle. At the anniversary sale I found this one quicksilver polo. Luckily it feels just like a t-shirt. Upon a little research I was able to find three more colors that work for our school on and amazon. He wears them with no complaint (and they look good!). Success.

Quicksilver 'Core" Polo from Nordstrom

These Volcom polos also have a similar t-shirt type feel.

We added these two shoes to Finn's collection this fall.

He looks pretty sharp every day as he heads out the door and I can't help but feel like we are making progress towards happy kids in dress code.

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