Friday, June 29, 2007

wall candy arts GIVEAWAY!

I'm sure you've probably heard of them. Wall Candy Arts is one of the hot ticket items in playful decor {and not only for children} right now. They peel, they stick, they unpeel, they unstick, they never leave a trace. They're genius.

One {random + lucky} commenter will win a full kit of chalkboard animals [see giveaway rules below].

Set includes 6 chalkboard animals: 2 elephant, 2 giraffe and 2 rhinocerous + chalk

Draw a picture, leave a note, let your imagination roam with these chalkboard safari animal shapes.

Simply put, Wall Candy is cool. They easily peel, stick without worry, instigate creativity all while adding a dash of fun to a room. Think of Wall Candy Arts as a combination of chalkboard paint {without the paint} and cork boards {without the pins}.

We have a Wall Candy Arts chalkboard square on our refrigerator. Not only is it a quick way to jot down a grocery need, but it's my favorite way to leave a {love} note.

Wall Candy Arts offers way more than only chalkboard peel-ables. In fact, they seem to be the only solution I have found to help my chronic indecisiveness in decorating Avery's room. One minute I want flutterflies and then I need dottilicious, no maybe candyland.
Wall Candy Arts says peel and place to decorate. Rearrange to redecorate. Remove later without a trace. Perfect.

Maybe you want to establish an outdoor feel inside your home. Check out the landscape {lawn care made easy}. Or do you have a boy that loves cars {get some extra vroom}? Or maybe you want simple lines without the painting mess?

Anything you can think of, Wall Candy Arts has it. Just look at the tokidoki.

Every Tangled and True reader can enjoy some Wall Candy goodies! Simply purchase from Wall Candy Arts directly and receive 10% off your entire purchase {with code TT GIVAWAY}.

Thank you Wall Candy Arts!

Wall Candy Arts is also available at:

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

pop quiz.

Hello! We are scheduling some thrilling Fall giveaways for you but need everyone's feedback! Please take the simple {and confidential!} poll below.

Thank you, thank you. We love our readers.

chic {and cheap!}

Let's get organized shall we? It's time to straighten up your office or workspace or filing system. You want it to reflect you {and you are not one to send receipts floating around the house right?} Below are some sensible items with a touch of sass.

First, create a filing system. Don't have a filing cabinet?
Try these at DWR[$6.99].

Pair the above with some stylish file folders Paper Source [$3.00-5 pack]

, know the date. Lotta Jansdotter [$8.00]

Lastly, grab some desktop goodies. My favorite is a pencil cup, mostly these [$18.00]

While these are not currently on sale, they end up there as they bring in new designs to the mix

You can create your own bulletin board {perhaps using a FLOR square?} and use the super cool push pin idea from Your Heart Out.

spare change.

Let me dish out some change purse heaven: Oktak does the feminine "frame pouch" well. So many colors, patterns, sizes my head is spinning. View them all here. I'm loving the apples in retro colors.

elephantito shoes.

I couldn't resist. I'm a shoe-y. I like them a lot. And I would collect them if I were in a position to do whatever I wanted with my money. Because I'm not, I love finding great shoes for great prices. Of course.

elephantito shoes available at Babystle.

Check here for the little shoes BIG SALE! options and prices.

headband how-to.

This "Headband How To" guide is 100% helpful + doable. I found it on According to Kelly {my fabulous swap partner}. Totally something I could do {I am very un-crafty and this seems manageable}.

serena and lily paint.

Since you're on the train with the non toxic cleaners, recycling program and organic layettes, let's talk paint. "Traditional paint with its high levels of volatile organic compounds (nasty inhalable gases that can compromise air quality) is obviously out." Serena & Lily Paints have brought us environmentally friendly {and safe!} wall color in 15 shades. They claim safe enough for nurseries and versatile enough for any room needing a green makeover. I was sold at "scrubbable finish."

{via Urban Baby}


Thank you to all of you who have showed enthusiasm for Baby Star's newest {and maybe greatest} release. We love the star blanket and are excited that jenn {who said "I love the blankets...they look so soft!"} will now own the luckiest, softest, and sweetest of blankets. Congratulations!

Please email us your shipping information {name and address} as well as your choice of color and we'll get that to you soon:

A new thrilling giveaway begins tomorrow {Friday}! We can't wait. Until then, join our {confidential} friends list for giveaway reminders, updates and a little bit of inside scoop.
[Details in the sidebar.]

Happy {almost} weekend!

T and T

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Just a friendly reminder for you, our readers. The BabyStar giveaway ends tonight at midnight! If you haven't already, simply leave a comment on the giveaway post {click here} and you're entered to win a new + stylish blanket!

Winner will be announced tomorrow along with some other new and fresh posts...

the latest {and greatest!}

Ink and Wit is just that. Brilliant art. Just take a look at the Summer-perfect art prints. Very cheery, yes?

The going rate is $40. Yes please!

zid zid kids

I first fell in love with the Zid Zid Kids Moroccan leather moccasins. They're a must-have for my daughter {see photo below, don't you agree?}.

Then I found this online interview {via Sprig} with the owners/designers of Zid Zid kids {American Julie Klear married to Moroccan Moulay Essakalli}. Some of my favorite excerpts from the interview below:

Q: What does Zid Zid mean?
A: Zid Zid means Let's go, let's go, kids in Moroccan.

Q: Some people say that it's not a good idea to buy something very nice for a child because they're just going to grow out of it. How would you counter that?
A: We like to think we make products that can be passed on from one generation to another. So the issue is not about making something disposable that a kid is going to grow out of, but making a product that can last many, many years.

Q: What does Green mean to you?
A: Having been raised in a country that takes its resources very, very seriously, I feel that green is a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle based on values that I feel responsible to pass on to my children. Our kids, at the age of two or three, know that running water as you brush your teeth is not necessary and is a waste.

{image via}

are you in a CEREAL relationship?

I read this article on Sprig and was embarrassed by the shocking amount of parallels I have with the author. What is it? Why do I have such a love affair with cereal and really cold soy milk? {Serve it to me in one of my colorful latte bowls and it's a perfect obsession.}

And then it hit me. How could I not have shared my favorites of the whole grain crunchy goodness yet? An irrational behavior on my part, really. So, here you have it: cereal at it's best!


Archer Farms: Strawberry Yogurt Granola and Flakes cereal.

{Sorry! No picture available.}

I'm open to a variety and I'll often house others than my favorite top two picks. But I always return to the best. Anyone have a favorite to contribute?

more reusable + stylish bags

I'm still on a reusable grocery bag surge from my I'm Not A Plastic Bag adventure last week. I think these bags are super cute from Lyla Blu.

{image from Lyla Blue}

favorite things swap

I joined in Kelly's Favorite Things Swap. Kelly paired each person up with another and we sent each other three of our most favorite things {but of course nobody would mind if they received more than three.} I was paired with Kelly herself. Hooray!

I was going down to the pool with my daughter when UPS drove up. We made a quick u-turn and I opened the box right there. Inside was a delightful surprise. Not only was a bag filled with way more than three things, but she even made me an apron! I already used it. Fun, fun.

Tons of goodies, right? Everything from stationary to luggage tags to Trader Joes yums. You can view everyone's favorite things here {and details of my new favorites!}. This was so fun...I just loved getting to know Kelly and sharing bits of things that I love and use daily!
Although, now, I'm hoping I did ok!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

baby star GIVEAWAY.

...I wish I may I wish I might.. have the wish I wished tonight!

I'm thrilled to present Baby Star- truly a wish granted for "the design-savvy parent and the texture-loving child." Baby Star is a Portland based baby accessories company, devoted to creating high-quality baby products that prove both stylish and functional in a simple and modern way.

The inspiration: "dana bach johnson started the company in fall of 2004 with the purpose of making her new little star shine. after the birth of their first son, dana and her husband bo tuned up the sewing machine to craft the accessories they desired. by joining together dana's background in advertising and bo's in marketing, they developed products that blended cool, hip designs with ultra soft textures. baby tested and parent approved, all of these elements fused together fueled the birth of baby star."

Let me grant you a tour of the designer line chalk full of amazing fabrics, clean lines and inspiring essentials:

beautiful blankets
{mod prints for both boy and girl}

stylish burps and fashionable bibs

cariboo classic bassinet
{with perfectly modern custom inserts}

Believe it or not... there is even more! Baby Star has recently added a line of boy and girl crib bedding and... the newest of stars? The Star Blanket. We were so impressed with the super soft material, luxurious waffle weave and the darling decorative {stuffed} star sewn to one corner that we couldn't pass up the opportunity to share it with you, our readers.

The luckiest among you will be chosen to win this very new and very perfect star blanket, $50. The winner may choose from among the 16 color combinations {see here} for her/his very own baby star.

I love that {for Baby Star} with design and functionality comes "responsibility, sustainability, and creating safe products for children." All blankets, bibs and burps are made from a combination of 100% cotton and formaldehyde-free fabrics! Make the bright choice and shop today!

Thanks, Baby Star!

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-Tangled and True.

giveaway {winner!}

For the best news of the week {as always}, we have a... winner! marie who said, "What bold and fun T's. I would wear it proudly the next time I got pregnant," will soon enough add some amazing maternity garb to her wardrobe or quickly be marked gift giver of the year. Either way, congratulations! Please email us with your Due and Sprout tank and tee of choice, including colors and sizes. Thanks, Due and Sprout!

Be sure to check in with today's brilliant new giveaway {above} and stay tuned for another opportunity to WIN on Friday morning. {Are you loving these double giveaway weeks yet?}

Have a great week!

Monday, June 25, 2007

buy this book.

Sometimes I worry that I'll forget what it's like to be a teenager. That I won't be able to sympathize with my daughter's latest fashion needs, boy trouble, best friend angst etc. I don't want to be that kind of mom. I hope to be supportive and available.

I just finished Notes On A Near-Life Experience. I've given it a permanent seat on my bookshelf because it reminds me of life as a teen. Which, let's all be honest, can be hard sometimes.

I'm not sure the author, Olivia Birdsall, wrote Notes On A Near Life Experience with a parent readership in mind, but I'm recommending it for just that. Sure it jogged memories of my own adolescence, but even more so, it gave me a fresh perspective on teen-hood and how life presents itself to a sophomore in high school.


I love small home accents. Dish towels totally do it for me. I'm especially in love with Tikoli. View all here.

{Image from Tikoli}

from the kitchen.

If you haven't discovered it yet, browse delicious days- a beautiful presentation of anything life in the kitchen. Matthew Drennan, editor of Delicious Magazine, recounts, "This is a really intimate food blog from a German couple in Munich, and revels in the personal nature of food. At first I wondered why on earth I should care about what the get up to, but after a while I just did, which is intriguing and worrying at the same time."

This month's most recent post: How to Organize Recipes, is inspiring. I love organization and I want to expand my collection of Burgoyne family meals: tried and true. Their methods of recipe organization are helpful and beautiful even.

The author says, "Despite my affinity to the computer per se and as much as I appreciate the web as a vast inspirational resource, I simply cannot become friends with electronic recipe organization." Read more here.

I love idea #3 for recipe organization: Successful, “to-keep” recipes are written down in a special notebook. And I really love the idea of going back to handwritten recipes, leaving a personal tale of passion and success among the batter splatters and greasy finger prints.

{In their own words}:

Here is how to turn your Moleskine notebook into a recipe book:
1. Decide which recipe sections you want to use for segmentation (I used the same as for my folder, see above) and how many pages you want to dedicate to each section.
2. Keep a few empty pages either in the front or back for other purposes, like general tips or information.
3. To separate the sections use self-adhesive tabs or design your own choosing a decorative font as well as different colors. If you’re happy with my way of categorizing recipes you can download my tabs draft here » (PDF, 371 KB, print in 100%)
4. Stick a couple of Post-it notes on the inside of the cover to be able to easily and visibly comment previously written recipes.
5. Write down every keep-worthy recipe as detailed as possible - ingredients, instructions, yield, preparation time, tasting notes, ideas, tips, pitfalls, source, etc. - and try to develop a consistent style.
6. Mark your favorite recipes with color markers, little icons or stickers.

Read more for a more thorough tutorial and step by step photos.

How fun does this piece of furniture look? The perfect floor seating/lounging system with a bolster to support while you read, watch tv, or listen to some tunes. At the same time, it would a gem of a piece when your kids {or husband} build a fort.

{Image from the NYTimes}

playroom + studio mood board.

Studio Space by Starlee Matz

I know that Decor8's Amy Butler Mood Board contest {submissions and winners} have made their rounds among us bloggers. Old news or new news alike, I am amazed with this first place winner! Starlee Matz's playroom and studio vision is amazing: beautiful, refreshing, calming, clean and hip. I could easily build a playroom/studio from her ideas alone.

Friday, June 22, 2007

due and sprout GIVEAWAY!

"From the moment a woman conceives, the questions never stop. Introducing... Due and Sprout. Fine knit, sexy tanks and tees with all the right answers. It's that simple. Due and Sprout without question."

The products are as clever as the company's introduction {see above}! Once again, a couple of brilliant women {and moms!} have put their heads together to create a solution that we've been hoping for: compelling answers to the dreaded, embarrassing, funny, and shocking questions that inevitably come with being pregnant. Tanks and tees {made from the finest, softest cotton knit} that say it for you.

"Their 15 honest, witty answers have graced publications such as InStyle, UsWeekly, People Magazine and USA Today." To catch up with this maternity wardrobe craze coined, "perfect... for pregnant celebrities" {by CBS' The Early Show}, Due and Sprout is offering one Tangled and True reader a tank and tee of their choice!

Worth up to $88. [See giveaway rules below.]

Imagine a cozy chocolate tee with Not Finding Out in pistachio, Girl in pale pink, or Yes I'm Pregnant in tangerine. Mommies everywhere (including several A-list celebrities) are loving their Due and Sprout shirts- perfect for yoga, over a bathing suit, layered under a jacket or simply the stylish solution {standing alone} to a comfortable maternity outfit.

"The questions truly do not end. And no matter how we feel on any given day, famished or queasy, elated or weepy, on-the-move or utterly exhausted, we are expected to stop, accept our fate and provide answers." Give yourself {or a deserving friend} a break! View the collection here.

What's the perfect fit for you?

ask, then touch
foot tush head
just delivered
no name yet
not finding out
yes, I'm pregnant

Due and Sprout is offering a 10% discount to any Tangled and True reader. Simply enter "tangled and true" at checkout to apply this offer. There is also free shipping on an order of 2 or more tees. Time to stock up on congratulations! gifts. Or {almost} reason enough to get pregnant.

p.s. We would love to hear the craziest of questions {or comments} you've gotten!

Thanks, Due and Sprout!

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-Tangled and True.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

super stripes.

There was no way I could do a little boy clothing post without mentioning my love of stripes. They just seem quintessentially "little boy." Elliot owns more striped items than is probably healthy, but I'm okay with that.

Here are some of my favorites:

For bedtime, Hanna Andersson Zipper. 100% Organic cotton. Right now a few of them are on sale for only $15!

I love these pirate pants by Danish designer Katvig. They're the go-to company for an assortment of unique striped clothes.

Zutano makes the best hats. Elliot always gets compliments when he wears his hat.

This is a great striped viking shirt by another Danish company called Danefae.

And, even though they're not striped, every good outfit should have a cute pair of shoes. I can't wait for Elliot to learn how to walk so he can wear these. They are handmade in Poland, and come in a rainbow of colors. I bought a pair in navy blue.
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