Thursday, May 3, 2007

patemm pads

Welcome to patemm pads, a round changing mat that allows you to place your baby in any direction - especially fitting for the wiggly babies that always seem to scoot off the rectangular mats.

What I love about Patemm Pads: the unique circle design coupled with fun, stylish prints. And like always, I had to check out the About us section. You can read for yourself.

from the website: "The round patemm™ pads come in 2 styles and sizes (24 and 30 inches) — patemm™ pads (with no inside pockets) and the complete patemm™ pads (with inside pockets). It has 4 outside handles allowing you to unfold/fold it with one hand. Once folded, an exposed handle flips over the top and an adjacent side handle is used to carry the closed patemm™ pad. It cleans easily — simply wipe down and dry."

The pads also double for a playmat. You can also add pockets to the inside to carry your wipes, diapers and even an extra set of clothes. I may go for the patemm pad next time - my only dilemma would be which print to choose. I love them all.

A nice patemm accessory? The Pitaka, aka a little purse or pouch. I'd even carry it all by itself.


  1. So it's like a diaper clutch, but circle? Nice...I like the idea and that it could be used as a playmat at the park!

  2. I have seen these before. Thanks for remindind me. I will have to get one this time!


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