Thursday, May 24, 2007

case study.

We received a fun question from one of our friends:


I'm on the search for a great book case for my daughter's room and I was wondering if you had any suggestions? We have cherry baby furniture so I'm looking for something that could coordinate well with that. It doesn't have to be an actual book case, just some type of storage for books that's kid friendly and at kid level. Oh and budget friendly would be good too! Her actual room is purple, so I'm okay with something colorful in pastels or any complimentary color. Thanks for your suggestions!


Hi Jen! I was excited to do a bit of research, as I'm needing shelving for my son's room as well. Although the research for your little girl's room is sure to turn up something different than if I was looking for Cole's room, it's given me some great ideas. I hope this helps your dilemma.

{I do have to say that the matching furniture to a cherry finish makes the task a bit difficult. With some of these choices, think about the option of staining or painting...}


design within reach
: I love the idea of stackable cubes for a playroom or nursery: Each kit contains 18 panels to create up to six attached cubes, depending on your choice of assembly. {Available in red, blue, white and orange.} Each shelf holds up to 55 pounds and the system can easily anchor into the wall {safety!}. Only $220.


bb2 shelf unit: the amazing bin-style shelf on the bottom allows for both book and toy storage. I think all parents are a fan of versatility, yes? "Made of environmentally-friendly, industrial grade euro color plywood." I say: very cool design, very usable product, very easy to paint to match your nursery. $290.


offi bench box: "Minimal in form and maximum in function, this finely crafted Bench Box is a fabulous solution for storing toys & books." Is available with base {pictured} or on wheels and has the option for a seat cushion. $349.


neighborhood book case: Obviously this one is a little more traditional and a little more child. {Perfect if you're looking for a traditional children's bookcase I suppose.} I appreciate the features of "clean, crisp lines and fresh, smooth finishes." Available in periwinkle, french blue, sky blue and white. $299.

Ikea and The Container Store always stand as good options for build-it-yourself shelving.

Let us know what you decide! Good luck.


  1. Jen, I think you might like this one too...for a traditional look.

  2. great choices! Just a hint, if you CAN, I would go with a bookcase with square compartments, or at least vertical breakups like some of the ones shown in the post. When you have a LONG row of kids books....believe me...they are ALL over the place. Especially the board books. I put books away AT LEAST four times a day which is fine, but I regret the WEAR That my books are getting from being tossed around so much. I am now in search of a bookcase that has sqaure or a narrower space. This will keep my board books together, and the larger books together. Plus it is much easier for the kids since they can access what they want a lot easier. oh...Ikea has some that you can always stain yourself to match your furniture...or paint and just go colorful! Have fun!

  3. four! i love four! this could easily be used as a changing table in the earlier months...just add the contoured pad to the top! love the look! thanks girls! good to know we have a place to turn to find answers! :)

  4. I LOVE THEM ALL! Thanks Ladies, what a great solution!

    Miss- I do like that one, it's great. And I can still put something on the top (lamp, pictures..)


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