Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I am always on the lookout for a photographer. While I enjoy snapping photos, I'll leave the {yearly} family photos to the professional. I truly believe I struck a goldmine when I found Amy Furstenau Photography. I want a photographer that captures my family's personality {daughter especially} so that I can look and say This is us. She does just that.

She is based in Utah, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that she gets enough interest from Southern California to plan a trip here. And I'd be booking a session immediately. If not, I may be visiting Utah.

You can find more on her blog and additional information on her website. Don't you love?


  1. Let us know if you get her to come to Southern California. I would love to have our family pictures taken professionally.

  2. I love her pictures! She is really one of the best I have seen in a long time, so inspiring.

  3. beautiful pictures! i'm ready to sign a petition to get here. but in the mean time, I have got a wonderful gal for you located in Orange County... Ana Brandt. I've loved every minute of working with her.

  4. Wow, she does awesome photography.

    Amy, come to Cali!

  5. We are in Santa Monica, CA and are desparately looking for a photographer for our 8 month old. I will try that link to Ana Brandt, but if we could all get Amy here, that would be amazing!

  6. You must check out another Amy, whose work is quite stunning (she is also in Utah, though). See her photography site here:


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