Sunday, May 20, 2007

drum roll...

This week will be an exciting one at Tangled and True. We have another week of double giveaway features {stay tuned on Tuesday and Friday} as well as our first “house guest.” My good friend Kathryn is stopping in for several days and has offered to share with us some of her wisdom, her favorites, and a friendliness that I guarantee you'll take to. It will be a treat! {Thanks Kathryn.}

Let me introduce you:
She is part-urban. Since her marriage to Mike (2 years and counting), their life together has been spent in New York City. She recently made a move from Wall Street to the Upper East Side, where she finds more parallels (i.e. trees) to her home of Washington State. “I love the mountains and the cabin at the lake, but feel a love for the city (almost) just as much.”

She counts New York as “beautifully unique,” with every day being a day of unexpected; a huge city that quickly narrows when you allow it to become home; home to a newspaper vendor that, through his daily exchange of “hello,” created a neighborhood out of Wall Street.

She is friendly. Like the girl next door who shops at Trader Joe's (she loves the edamame and spinach and cheese stuffed gnocchi) and would choose yoga pants and a Gap seamless tee with flip-flops over business casual.

She leads a very accepting existence. A friend regardless of circumstance or personal differences.

She's ambitious. She reads a book a week on her daily commute to Greenwich, CT. (“My favorite of late is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Smith.”) She manages Analyst recruiting at a hedge fund in said Greenwich. She anticipates motherhood .. “should everything go smoothly-sooner, rather than later.”

She has passion. “I love Central Park and running around the reservoir. Shake Shack is a favorite summer stop (outdoor cafe with hamburgers, shakes, etc.- open seasonally), and I always love going to the Farmer's Market at Union Square. I love the sale rack at Anthropologie and trendy deals at H&M.” Kathryn is training for her first half marathon (Nike in San Francisco) and is committed to life. “I really love my life, and I'm happy.”

I hope you enjoy her as much as I have the last several years. Welcome to Tangled and True, Kathryn!


  1. Hooray! Welcome Kathryn...I'm very excited to read your posts this week.

  2. WOW what a nice way to describe a friend and she sounds like a wonderful one too. Can't wait to read more....

  3. Welcome Kathryn! I;m looking forward to this week too.

  4. Personally, I have known this fabulous young woman for twenty some wonderful years. She is a marvelous blend of her mother and father, but most of all a unique, spirited and multi-talented gal in her own way. I learn from her each and every day, and am proud to call her my daughter!

  5. Thanks for the plug, mom. :)


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