Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I Could Have Used This

Without a doubt swaddling a baby is one of the techniques most used by mothers {right up there with Bjorn wearing and surviving on no sleep}. I don't care who you are, unless you are a maternity/pedi nurse, swaddling does not come second nature. I remember reading "Happiest Baby on the Block during my last trimester and can't be that hard. And it probably isn't when you have a perfectly content, non-flailing arm, zero spit-up baby. But, it's not always so simple.

So, I found a book in my travels earlier this week {pictured above}. And I'm sold. Buy one for yourself, your neighbor, your babysitter, your pregnant sister-in-laws cousin. It's worth it. You'll {they'll} get the swaddle down. And as lame as it sounds, I might recommend practicing on a Cabbage Patch Kid. I'm just saying...babies love the swaddle. They really do. And for my little Aves? The more snug, the better.

Takes practice, but if you are pregnant and questioning your skills, purchase the book. Tangled and True tested and approved. Find here.


  1. I have the book. I got it as a gift from friends in Boston. It's funny...I think it's made more for laughs than it is instruction, but good gift for sure! I'm a fan.

  2. after two kids I still am horrible at swaddling. I may have to check into this book1


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