Monday, May 21, 2007

get in shape {yoga}

June is around the corner. That means we're halfway through the year and it's time to review our 2007 resolutions. If get in shape is on your list, I'm here to help. This entire week I will be posting on exercise.

Looking for ways to tone your arms, buns and thighs? Or are you searching for the perfect yoga dvd? How about finding a race around you? And what about clothing + gear? Stay tuned. These are real tips; tips you can use from your own home sans gym pass.

First up: Yoga.

The number one question I get is Can you give me a recommendation for a yoga dvd. I recommend practicing at least three times a week. My top choices are below:

a. Rodney Yee - He has a wide collection of yoga practices {from beginning to athletic to power yoga}. I recommend his Power Yoga dvd. A full body workout that will leave you feeling sculpted. From beginning to advanced, he offers a good series.

b. Beryl Bender Birch - I received one of my yoga certifications through her. It is called Power Yoga for Runners, but obviously not exclusive for runners. She moves quickly through the poses providing an Ashtanga yoga feel. If you are looking for a workout-esque yoga, this is the one for you.

c. Shiva Rea - I'll be honest here. I didn't like Shiva Rea at first, but have grown to really like the Shiva Rea Yoga Shakti dvd. She provides four different flows that can be put together to provide a good workout.

d. David Swenson - For the advanced Ashtanga-yogi, The Practice is a good one. Period. Sun salutations virtually the entire time {repeating sequences}.

e. Baron Baptiste - I have not tried his dvd's, but had to include him because I've heard a lot of reviews. You can check out {and decide for yourself} what you think here.

Now onto the goods. What about gear? Dressing the part not only equips you for action, but gives you the confidence to train and the guilt not to stop. I suggest purchasing two to three bottoms {shorts/capris/pants} that you can mix and match with various tops. My top choices are below:

a. Power Studio Pant - My favorite yoga pant. I'm 5'7 and love a long pant. Available in lengths {which I love} this pant is form fitting with a slight flair at the ankle.

b. Chakra Pant - If you are shorter than 5'6 I'd dress you in this. It is snug. With flair {see a pattern?} If you are looking for a relaxed pant, I suggest this one or this one.

c. Paige Capri - prAna, yet again. My favorite yoga brand. This capri is savvy enough to practice in and run errands around afterwards.

d. Rio Short - Snug and Relaxed. How can it be? Somehow it does both.

e. Tops, I leave to you. It is difficult for me to suggest tops without a discussion. Varying bust size, shoulder width, length of torso, etc. What are you looking for? Email me if you need help. Sites I would recommend checking out for yoga clothing: prAna, Athleta, Title Nine, Lululemon, Lucy, Patagonia.

f. ECO Sticky Mat - You can't do yoga without a mat! Made using ECO friendly material, PVC free. This mat is great! Just remember to wash it before you use it or else it can be slippery {think shipping/handling oils}.

Extras - Hoodies are great to wear to and from class, especially to have "in case" your body cools during relaxation pose. Headbands are always nice to catch sweat and to look pretty. Yoga mat holders are great as well so you can just sling it over your shoulder.

Breathe. Did I wear you out? The thing about yoga is this: Your mind + body need to be in it. Think about your muscles lengthening, deepen your pose with each breath, fasten your gaze during balancing poses. It is one of the best cross-training activities. And I promise you'll reap the benefits.



  1. I have been waiting for this post!All of your tips are appreciated. I think I need some new yoga clothing, especially with my new Shiva Rea dvd.

    I'm intrigued by the Beryl Bender Berch yoga dvd too. Maybe I'll try that one next.

  2. Missy, is the Yoga for Runners video as hard as Amazon says it is?

    I have a hard time finding the perfect yoga video- I have one that is pretty good (Power Yoga), and another that is WAY too much relaxation. I want a great workout- is this the one?

  3. Thank You Missy! I have long wanted to get involved in Yoga and this will give me a great start to getting back in shape after I have my baby.

  4. thanks...I have been doing yoga for a while now, and love it. I have a shiva rea CD that I really's nice to not have to look at a tv and to create your own little environment sans lights from the tv. But, i have been wanting to know about others, so thank you!!!

  5. Great info. Much appreciated! I love prAna.

  6. Kathryn, yes the yoga for runners is a great workout! It is quick though - 30 minutes and she moves through the poses at a fast pace. If you are looking for a one hour dvd that is a pretty good workout, I would suggest Rodney Yee or Shiva Rea. BUT, I like doing yoga for runners when I'm short on time.

  7. I love the tips, I also have been excited to see posts on exercise! Thanks!


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