Wednesday, May 23, 2007


With a demanding job, attempts at staying in shape, and simply managing life in general- I'm busy. Oftentimes, this means getting dressed in a hurry. However, a lack of time doesn't have to result in a shortage of style.

Luckily, headbands aren't just for schoolgirls anymore {and are among my favorite accessory trends}. The addition of a headband can make a simple outfit look chic- and, it's easy, affordable & foolproof. It's amazing how a small accessory can transform your style from simple & plain to sophisticated & fun in no time. Even better- it works for business {or} everyday casual and can quickly tame the unruliest of coifs.

A headband doesn't have to make you look like you are back in 1987. I'm loving the trend right now of the wider headbands with fun prints or bold solids, but also like the more dressy super-skinny versions. Either way, headbands allow you to show off your face, eyes and jawline and give a fresh, fun look. Tip: Keep the rest of your accessories to a minimum. For a more modern look {and to avoid making your forehead the focal point of your face}, wear your headband close to your hairline. Finally- make sure the majority of volume is behind and not in front. Side swept bags look cute with the wide versions as well.

{Go Wide

I love Anthropologie's Prisma, Boulevard & Spots designs.

{Go Skinny}

Skinny bands are chic and easy. From left to right: JCrew's Braided Cotton, Anthropologie's Charmeuse {one of my favorite recent purchases} & JCrew's Skinny Plaid.


  1. Kathryn, I love accessories! I've used scarves (in place of wide headbands) quite a bit...but I think I'm ready for some change and go for the skinny bands. They will be especially great for summer...when you can't do much to pull back short hair. Thanks!

  2. Kathryn, thank you for the tips on 'how to wear' a headband. I have a few skinny ones, but think I might break into the wide ones sometime soon.

  3. I love the wide ones...i have a few and wear them every day! (and so do my children:) but i love all the possibilies:)


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