Monday, May 28, 2007

hide & {seek}

I like bags, of all sorts really. But, with my commute from NYC to Greenwich, I tend to like them bigger & a bit more casual. I just bought the Le Sport Sac sling bag on the right & think that it is fun {and perfect for when I need free hands}. The Longchamp bag on the left is my absolute favorite. I have it in two different sizes {and colors} and tend to neglect my other bags in favor of this carry-all. It is among the most versatile I have found and fulfills all of my requirements for a perfect bag- That is, can look professional, and is able to fit a water bottle, book, cell phone, blackberry, wallet & camera. Even better- I can squeeze in a sweater or light jacket. Obvious conclusion- I prefer my bags large{er}. I'm sure most moms feel the same way.

The problem is- I carry a lot of small things with me, too, and small things + big bag = a lot of time rummaging through trying to find it. My solution has been a lifesaver since I discovered it over 2 years ago.

Meet the Le Sport Sac zip cosmetic pouch. I keep it in whatever purse I am carrying. It is small enough that it fits in all of my bags, but big enough that it fits those things that I want to carry with me every day, but don't necessarily want to use a flashlight to find. It allows me to find things quickly and easily. My goals of organization and cleanliness go beyond my apartment- I like my purse to be in order, too. I like to be prepared. A few of the things I keep in my pouch, just in case:
  • An extra elastic hair tie {or two}
  • A few band aids {especially for the blisters that are sometimes inevitable on long walks in the city}
  • Mini bottle of hand sanitizer to de-germ after riding the subway, etc.
  • Tampon, just in case
  • My favorite lip gloss, so I can look more put-together in 15 seconds
  • A Tide to Go pen {I always have trouble with white shirts & berries for some reason}
  • A small pill box with one of each: allergy pill, Tylenol, and Pepto. Perfect for hay fever, an afternoon headache, or a suddenly not-happy stomach after a night out
  • Safety pin

Two additional bags that can hold it all- whether it be diapers or books.

This Banana Republic Hobo bag is on my wish list.

Wishful Thinking Tote from Anthropologie.


  1. Thanks for the bag tips Kathryn! I love the idea of keeping a tiny bag in the big bag filled with those "emergency essentials" - I'll have to go through mine again this week and add/take out some things.

  2. Kathryn, the Banana outlet right by my house has your bag (on the wish list) for half off.

  3. Kathryn, the mini pouch really is a great idea! And great choices on the bags. I'm looking for one for my birthday. I've been eyeing the new Banana line too and have liked Hobo bags ( since I've purchased {and LOVED!} one of their wallets. I'll have to talk to soon to get more ideas though.


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