Monday, December 31, 2007

happy new year!

Start 2008 with a celebration on Tangled and True! We're bringing you a giveaway-a-day for two full weeks, starting January 1st. Come to party with the best of company (and companies). New products will be featured, new winners chosen and new enthusiasm born. Let's get this party started.

[homemade party hats]

t-shirt bag.

Third, a t-shirt bag: Turning an old T-shirt into a reusable shopping or grocery bag is a simple, clever craft to help everyone be "green." It's a Good Thing that will help protect the environment.

If you're loving this but want to skip the craft, buy an already made t-shirt bag here.

custom coasters.

Second: For the hot drinks that are sure to need a coaster while cooling-- custom coasters. I'm excited about a project that only calls for 2 materials, comes with a template and is very mod and practical. Wouldn't this make a fun hostess gift... along with your favorite drink??

button magnets.

As you know, I really like the idea of handmade. And crafting. I want to spend more time doing that. So I started searching through the go to website for all things creative and crafty and found several projects (easy starter projects) that I'm excited to start on sometime soon.

First, button magnets: Years after that shirt has gone out of style, the buttons often remain fashionable. Here's a way to get them out of the button box and into view. Look through your stash for charming old buttons (if you don't have any, start perusing flea markets and garage sales) to turn into kitchen magnets. Just hot-glue a button to a small magnet, and it's ready for the fridge, where it will give new meaning to the phrase "cute as a button."


I really love guest bloggers and this last week has been such a treat. Thank you, thank you Allison and Brittany. The posts were fantastic, the interaction pleasant and I'm glad to know both of you.

Be sure to hear more from Allison by reading her very new and lovely blog petit elefant. I think it will have an exciting future with plenty of goodness. And Allison, I'm pulling for you to make it overseas sometime soon.

I'm also beyond thrilled that Brittany has chosen to stick around for a bit to continue to write on Tangled and True. It will be refreshing and perfect. She too has a potential project underway. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, learn more about her family and her (and her husband's) incredible "side project" {I love this stuff!}.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


This weekender bag from Dwell
makes me want to go away,
if nothing else, so I can travel
stylishly with one of their
cute bags.

$265 each.

puddle jumpers.

Puddle Jumpers
offers these darling shoes for
little and not so little girls.
If you want these ones hurry,
they're on sale.

$20, limited sale.

But don't worry,
if you don't get there in time to get
the green ones
they have lots of other darling ones
like these brown and green polka dots.

$42 sizes 8-3L

bare escentuals

I was recently in New York City, where I happened upon Sephora. I immediately fell in love with everything in the store, but I particularly loved Bare Escentuals, and their bare Minerals foundation. Not only does it make you look amazing, (and who doesn't need a little help after a long night with a little one?) it's made with crushed minerals which are actually good for your skin, and it's SPF 15, so you're covered on both counts. I have my eye on their 'Get Started Kit' which includes everything you need to look & feel beautiful. $60.

Check List.

Have you ever gotten home from the grocery store and halfway through your dinner preparation only to find you are missing a key ingredient? The last thing you want to do is pack up your kids and head back to the store.

Don't let it happen again.
With the All out of Notepad you simply check the box as you run out of items. They have it all covered from fruits and veggies, to beverages, to household items. Simply stick it to the fridge and you have an on-going inventory. They've even left you room to add items for the times you need okra or rutabaga.

Winter Accessories.

How adorable would your little one look all bundled up in these?
Available through Garnet Hill.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Trash Ties.

Heather Bailey, designer of Fresh Cut Fabrics, has just unveiled her latest product. Trash Ties are the latest craze in the world of hair accessories. The possibilities are endless. Here's to your next bad hair day.

see jane work. work jane work.

are not only simple & pretty
{two things we all enjoy}
they are eco-friendly as well.

Made from 100% recycled paper, they are
"...acid free, chlorine free and printed with
vegetable based, biodegradable inks.
Even the paper mill they are produced at uses
recovered landfill gas as a power source."

yael naim.

New {amazing} song recommendation from Sarah Jane:.

I LOVE it. Thanks, Sarah!

a little aromatherapy please.

The presents have been opened, the ornaments are put away, & the bleak grey winter is upon us. Now is the time to indulge yourself with a hot, lovely aromatherapy bath.

I love everything from Aveda,
but their
Camomile Sauvage Oil
is my favorite.
Put a few drops in your hot bath,
and you will be transported to a
happy place immediately.

Aveda is a company
I love to support.
They believe in
"...conducting business in a manner that protects the
Earth, conserves resources and does not
compromise the ability of future generations
to sustain themselves."

Enough said.
You can also take comfort in the fact
that all of their products,
are all natural,
and smell amazing.

Relax away.

An Invitation.

Custom and personalized invitations would make quite the statement for the next baby shower or party you host. Sold in increments of 12.

Found in the Flood Street Curiosity Shop via Etsy.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Schlep Luggage Tag Set.

With so many look-alike bags floating through the airports these days, why not attach these bright luggage tags to your suitcase?

At only $12 for a set of six, your mind can rest at ease knowing your luggage will be waiting for you when you get to the baggage claim, instead of being thrown in the trunk of a taxi cab.

the 3 r's.

is a magazine after my own heart.
They offer ideas for simplifying your life
while making your home stylish at the same time.
Here are a few of my favorite REAL SIMPLE ideas
giving new use to old things.
Isn't that what the 3 R's are all about?
{Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle}.

A dish rack used to hold art supplies.
{I'm going to start using this today. We have
loads of coloring books and markers I can organize
with this fabulous idea!}.

Use your empty Christmas wrapping paper tubes
to roll up and store your fabric.
Isn't this great for urban living? A major space
saver and amazing organizing idea.
Perfect for getting my sewing room in order.

Reign in your unruly {and unsightly} electrical cords
using an old toilet paper tube.
So clever.

Party Dress.

Looking for the perfect dress for New Years? Shabby Apple won't disappoint. "A return to what dresses were always meant to be - a one-piece outfit. No need to add tank tops, no cardigans, nothing (except accessories, of course!)."

While you're browsing their dresses, don't forget to check out the amazing accessories. Happy Shopping!

deceptively delicious

I'm thrilled about Jessica Seinfeld's {wife of Jerry} newly published cookbook: Deceptively Delicious. She brilliantly disguises pureed vegetables in regular kid friendly food {think: chicken nuggets coated with sweet potato}. Now you can sneak vegetables into your children's diet, and they will be none the wiser. I'm definitely on board. {Shh...don't tell my kids} $25.


Raspberries are one of my favorite things to eat in the entire world.
I love most anything with Raspberries.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Mostly because it starts the holiday season.
I love getting the girls dressed up, having a big halloween party with friends,
the crisp fall air, the smell, the pumpkin patch, corn mazes,
hay rides, apple cider, pumpkin chocolate chip bread,
I love it all.

Cannon Beach, OR. is my favorite place in the world.
I love skim boarding and building sand castles in the summer,
and curling up with a good book by the fire in the winter,
listening to the pounding rain and howling wind. I love the sunsets
and fires with smores, I love the trips we've taken with friends to the beach,
and nothing beats the 4th of July parade. We love Pig n' Pancake and Fultanos, the bakery, riding scooters, eating ice cream and shopping. There is no place I am more comfortable or happy and there is pretty much nothing I don't love about Cannon Beach.

I love to create. All kinds of things. Sewing, Scrapbooking, Photography,
Embroidering, you name it, I like it. Right now I love playing around with
photoshop, editing pictures and making announcements.

I love throwing parties. In my next life I will be a party planner. I plan them months in advance. They have themes and menus. They make my life happy. I already have the theme for Lily's next birthday which isn't until spring. Sad I know but I love it.

I love old things. There is nothing better than finding some cool old antique for next to nothing at a garage sale. I love open air flea markets and scouring Craigs list for good deals on old stuff. I incorporate my old finds into my decorating and it makes me smile.

Macaroni Grill is my favorite restaurant ever. Their Honey Balsamic Chicken is to die for. It melts in your mouth and tastes soo good. They cook the broccoli perfect every time and the pasta with sun dried tomatoes is yummy too (it comes with the chicken and broccoli). If you are ever there try their Lemon Passion cake, I promise you won't be disappointed. Ryan who doesn't even like lemon flavor loves it.

Other things I enjoy are blogging, cooking, reading, shopping, being with friends and family, traveling and snow shoeing to name a few.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to appear on Tangled and True! I hope this week will be as fun for all of you as it will be for me.


{Merry, as in Christmas}.
Don't ask.

I am actually a bit shy, so blogging is a perfect medium
for me. But since I'm shy, I am at a loss of what to
say about myself. Therefore, here are several
random interview questions
to illuminate you as to who I am.

Q: What was the last thing that made you belly laugh?
A: I can't remember, but it was definitely something
one of my two kids {girl age 8, boy age 3} said.
They are both hysterical.

Q:Where do you do your best thinking?
A: On the treadmill, or the pavement. I have so many
great thoughts and ideas while I'm running!
It's got to be all those endorphins pumping through my veins.

Q: Of what moment or time in your life are you most proud?
A: Graduating from college. I marched across the stage 5
months pregnant carrying my I.V. I made it across the platform
without passing out, and I was so pleased not to have used a
wheelchair! It was a tricky pregnancy, and I was so proud of
myself for sticking it out and graduating.

Q: What are your most prominent personality traits? Which of
your children seem to have these traits? Are there any you
wish your kids wouldn't develop?
A: I'm definitely compassionate, and articulate. Two
things I'm happy to say have rubbed off on my daughter.
She is a procrastinator for sure though,
{definitely something she learned from me}.
Hopefully I can break her of this before college.

Q: You are stranded on a desert island and only have 3 books to
read. What would you like to have with you?
A: Only three?!! A Separate Peace,
Franny & Zooey, &
The Norton Anthology of American Literature
{there is so much good stuff in there}.
But honestly, I would need someone to ship me
a few crates full. And even still, it would be
very lonely without all my books around.

Q: What TV shows are you embarrassed to admit you watch?
A: Ugly Betty, Backyardigans
{I have to beg my 3 year old to watch it}.

Q: If you had the ability to travel/live anywhere with no financial
limitations where would you go?
A: Definitely Greece. Although hopefully in the very near
future we will be temporarily relocating to Warsaw, Poland
{the home of my husband}. I am anxious for my children
to be fluent and speak with their father in his native tongue.
{And urban international living has a nice ring to it doesn't it?}

Q: If your life were a movie, what genre would it be?
A: Definitely not a romantic comedy. But probably a really
sweet romantic drama. I am so settled, peaceful, and
utterly happy with my 2 beautiful babies,
my amazing husband,
my home
{wherever they are}.

house guests!

Like I promised- 2 house guests to welcome us back to blogging after a nice break. Both are readers with nice ideas. Both are friendly and both are excited to contribute to this community of women and mothers that makes up Tangled and True. Welcome Brittany and Allison. I'm excited to see what's in store!

Friday, December 21, 2007


p.s. Do be sure to support handmade before the deals/discounts end December 31st.

happy, happy.

Phew. I (we) survived December for the most part. I'm so, so excited about family coming in and our approaching Christmas celebration and hope you all have a brilliant holiday {for those who haven't already worshiped/celebrated}. Tangled and True will be on vacation both Christmas Eve and Christmas {we're a celebrate-on-Christmas-Eve type of family.. presents, dinner and all} but do be sure to come back on the 27th for short week of 2 lovely readers turned guest bloggers. I can't wait. And.. and... I'm bringing in the new year with two full weeks of a giveaway a day starting January 1st! So far, there's an incredible line up of new winter products with several chances to win big. I'm all about a happy start to 2008! Until next week...

[photo via marthastewart{dot}com]

handmade portugal.

This house tour is incredible. There is nothing I want more for my future dream home than color! Graca Paz, the owner and bold decorator of this small Portugal home, says it simply: "I'm passionate about how color plays with mood." She understands that "not everybody likes this type of house," but I'm definitely among that 80% loves it.

I'm thrilled to hear her advice,
"Never buy a complete set of bedroom furniture, never! I hate furniture sets where the bed combines with the wardrobe and table, and the curtains have the same flower as the bed pillows. Ahh... Things must start slowly so your house can grow with you."
Eclectic is beautiful and gives those of us {me} who can't furnish an entire house all at the same time.. hope. Better yet, Graca has an etsy shop of beautiful handmade accessories. This is the place to get started on the road to color.

{via Cookie Mag}

folk plates.

My theory: you can never go wrong with folk-themed melamine. I love this set and would easily add it to our small child-safe dishes collection.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

slipper season.

Just received a lovely email from Lisa of Sweetbeets with an amazing tip about enfant terrible, an online boutique recently featured in Small Magazine {a brilliant small things for small people source!}. (Apparently I'm crazy for adjectives tonight.)

Anyway, it's a dream of a shop. Among my favorites are these slippers.. available in 3 sizes {baby, child and adult} and several color and pattern options. Nothing worse than cold feet. On the contrary.. nothing better than a perfect slipper.

Thanks, Lisa.

nesting kit.

Searching for the ideal welcome gift for a winter baby? The infant nesting kit by Westcoast Baby, complete with Infant kimono Wrap, Infant Beanie Hat and Cocoon Blanket, 100% satisfies. It's available in 4 colors and sells for only $50. Ultimate newborn comfort clothes.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

cotton idea studio.

Cotton Idea Studio is Tangled and True standard and style to a "T." "In the thoughtful pursuit of a fresh, simplistic line of social stationery, Mindy Gayer sought out fellow aficionados of sophisticated correspondence." And she did so very well.

From custom correspondence {peace cate pictured}

to a collection of greetings, note sets and extras from similar visionaries,

this may become my one stop shop for all things lovely paper.

reader post: comfy and cute.

i have searched and then i have searched some more. can it really be that difficult to create a pair of fabulous flats that are also comfortable? i was beside myself when flats became the “it” shoe. as a mom of two young boys i need shoes that are comfortable enough to chase my boys around in at the mall but i want style and fashion. i had exhausted my search until i happened upon born shoes. i own a pair of oh so comfy thong sandals from them but have not been 100% impressed with their casual style. that is until now. fun, hip, and metallic. the perfect holiday pair. how could you not want these little numbers adorning your shoe rack? happy shopping!


(molly elmer)

mama bling.

The perfect splurge for a new mom or mom to be (or any proud mama, really):

Childish Clothing's new baby necklace: 18" yellow gold chain, 1" gold disk and 2 point diamond. Simply wow!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

bella bee.

Update: Bella Bee Designs, has joined the Handmade Fair and I couldn't be more excited about this Atlanta based company that offers the best of vintage inspired handmade aprons, potholders, tea towels and other accessories.

Wendy, Bella Bee's creator, says,
"I create functional yet whimsical and vintage inspired aprons for those of us that love to cook, or those of us that sometimes just want to look like we do.

Each piece is handmade with designer fabrics that are 100% cotton and created with quality in mind that will withstand many years (even generations) of use and washings."
I attest to the quality and coolness and can't wait to get my cooking on! Just in time for Christmas...

deal: For the whole month of DECEMBER anything purchased from Bella Bee's store will be complimentary gift wrapped in pretty tissue paper and sealed in a band of decorative wrapping paper with a handmade notecard and delicious recipe to make while using your new goodies.
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