Friday, September 28, 2007


I remember searching through my sock drawer when I was 6 or 7 for the swimsuit I could quickly transform into a leotard... to be geared for the Jane Fonda video I remember my mother exercising to several times a week. And when Jane Fonda aged and gym memberships became too pricey for my ever-changing undergrad, then grad school (now mom) budget, at-home yoga and/or Pilates videos seemed to work best. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who has run into the problem of a "one size fits all" approach to {at-home} fitness. Some are a bit too easy, some beyond my current flexibility or endurance and many just eventually boring. {Is anyone with me?}

And then I came across Push. is a PROGRESSIVE full-body personal training system that gets delivered monthly to your door on DVD. A revolution in the industry, partners the freedom and affordability of in-home workouts with the luxury and personalized attention of your very own world-renowned personal trainer.
They casually call themselves the Netflix of fitness. Sounds genius, right?!

The great news: Push is all about you! You select your trainer, area of focus, cardio session, length of workout, background music and intensity level. And "each DVD builds on the previous month's progress and gets harder as you get stronger to get you noticeable results." Simply, it's the push we've all needed/wanted.

I love programs that understand a busy woman/mom. And I'm pretty sure that Push gets it after reading about Push post natal, an intensive 2 month workout designed to shed that baby weight safely-- targeting the abdomen, obliques, glutes, and inner and outer thighs.

Not only is the Push program convenient, realistic and a little bit trendy {it's been featured in O Magazine, Shape, Glamor, Time, etc. ...}, it goes beyond the workout and offers nutrition and menu help and fitness articles among other valuable tools.

We're especially excited to tell you that rather than our typical Friday giveaway, with one winner, every single one of you can leave with one month free trial {no strings attached!} by going here [].
{If you choose to continue service, rates begin at $25 monthly to $225 for a year.}

Happy training!

coverall hat by Oeuf.

From the French-American husband/wife team who created the sleekest cribs and baby loungers around, comes a collection of sophisticated yet simple and practical knit wear. All made of 100% alpaca wool so it's super soft and warm.

It's beautiful {3 amazing non-baby-ish color combos}, practical {machine washable}, and pure genius {protect head, ears and neck and stays on!}. Available in 6mo, 1yr, 2yr, 3/4yr here.

red shoes

Every girl needs a pair of red shoes, right? I love the Geneva's from See Kai Run and my daughter doesn't own a red pair of shoes...yet. I've never tried See Kai Run before though, any feedback?

For real though, if I had a boy he would surely be sporting these this Fall/Winter season.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

holiday cards!

I'll admit it. I'm a terrible procrastinator when it comes to holiday cards. I set grand expectations in my head to make my own and have them look uber sophisticated. So far, it hasn't happened and I'm on year five of sending out December well wishes.

But! Remember when Lindsey posted about Mango Ink? Yep, they make holiday cards too. When I got their email announcing that their 2007 collection was in, I browsed and was sold.

Finally, I'll be on time and stylish for this years seasons greetings. Now, I just need to choose my template {they have so many great ones} and somehow get a recent family photo {that I want to send out}. Hmm...

I think my favorite holiday template is "A Red Bell" {pictured above} -- Chic and Simple.

jackson hook and loop.

How long until Cole wears a size 7.5?? Because these are 100% him {or me?}.

a kiss is just a kiss.

In the spirit of Fall, Domino Magazine encourages us to try "in-from-the-cold" cheeks. I love the idea of brush-less makeup. Fresh {the most perfect of makeup companies!} introduces a trio, "a kiss is just a kiss," inspired by 1940's glamour and created by Alina Roytberg, the co-founder of Fresh, herself.

The palette contains:
- Satin Luster in Moonlight is a weightless silver shimmer cream that instantly illuminates the face. It can be used as a highlighter on brow bones and cheekbones as well as a sheer shadow on lids. It is enriched with rejuvenating evening primrose seed oil and nourishing meadowfoam seed oil.
- Blush Cream in Love is a cool-pink, easy-to-blend cream blush that delivers a sheer dewy rosy flush to the cheeks. It is enriched with jojoba seed oil as well as extracts of rose and cornflower.
- Lip Shine in Glory, a silver-spiked burgundy, has loads of shine and vibrant color. This highly pigmented gloss is never sticky, and is free of mineral oil, lanolin and fragrance.

Doesn't it sound divine! And for only $45.

fretzels by jill.

I just came across Fretzels by Jill, a company specializing in {GIANT} chocolate covered pretzels of every variety. They truly look amazing.

Next time you're stumped about a sweet hostess, thank-you or appreciation gift- look no further. {I especially love the Back-to-School PB&J Lunch Box Gift Tin: $24.95 pictured above.} And the Fretzel of the Month Club?! Yes please!

belle and boo

I love the Etsy shop from our blog of the week: belle and boo. Mostly, I find this print fun and whimsical and just what I picture my daughter to be like when she turns two.

**Plus, proceeds from the Super Princess series go to the Ava Florence-Beth Rosemeyer foundation.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I'm all for peace. Even more so for supporting causes affecting women worldwide: from breast cancer to the female sex slave trade. So naturally, hearing about the natural cosmetics company Peacekeeper, I'm instantly drawn in. They donate all after-tax profits to organizations that support women's health advocacy and human rights issues. Just brilliant. "Pretty is as pretty does."

I'm most excited about the lip gloss. "Light on the lips and not tacky, thick or sticky..." They're made with minerals, green tea extract, vitamin E and a vanilla/citrus base. Sounds delicious. And a great way to "make(up) a difference."

{via Real Simple, October 2007}


I'm really excited about Peekaboobaby. They're a brand new company with a perfect product done well: nursing covers. Made from the highest quality cotton prints by top name textile designers such as Kaffe Fassett, Robert Kaufman and Amy Butler.

I had nursing-in-public anxiety with Cole. He wasn't a calm or patient nurser and the attempt to feed him under a blanket on a park bench always proved near impossible. Throughout the five months of our nursing success, I timed being out of the home around his 2 or 3 hour nursing schedule. On the occasion that we wouldn't be able to return to the comfort of my bedroom on time, I packed a bottle and felt at ease. If only I would have known about this product that I will forever more call a necessity!

Peekaboobaby covers are available in a one-size-fits all with plenty of room for any mom and any baby. With 14 fabric options {acanthus, french wallpaper or pom pom please!}, thoughtful features, including a "window" between mom and baby as well as a interior terrycloth pocket {solves the where to put the breast pad problem}, and lovely organza packaging, this is your go-to.

Peekaboobaby's prices are encouraging: $32 for one cover or $58 for a set of 2. {Beats competition...} And free shipping on all domestic orders!

And for already fans... matching burpcloths with the same Peekaboobaby standard, style and function. {$8 each.}

Tried and true. A must for any expecting mother. A perfect {grab and go} gift. Three cheers for Julie Sivley {owner}.

van gogh, on the go

These look pretty darn cool, especially if you are a busy mom {who isn't?}. I'm thinking these nifty chalk mats could double as placemats at restaurants. Keep them busy while you wait for the food...

For your mini van gogh on the go. special chalkboard fabric that easily wipes off and it all rolls up nicely for stowing in the diaper bag. Chalk not included.

$30 at Twilite Moon


Would you pay to keep baby's beverage cold for up to 6 hours? The Foogo Leak Proof Sippy Cup looks pretty amazing!

... Features the TherMax double wall vacuum insulation for maximum cold temperature retention, keeping beverages cold for up to 6 hours.

Stainless steal, spill proof, soft spout, dishwasher safe. It's basically the top-of-the-line.


I'm currently really enjoying the blog 3191 a year of mornings. Two friends that live 3191 miles apart, they say they like to get up early. They share their early morning photos with us {their readers}. I'm so glad they do.

See here and check in daily.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

mi amore

This mommy care pack looks like something I would love to be gifted with. Naturally, it would be the perfect gift to give as well. Made by the organic and sweet-smelling company Mi Amore the mommy care pack comes with: oh baby! belly butter {to keep the stetch marks at bay}, natural glow face complex {um, yes please!}, and moisture me after shower body oil {sounds divine}.

Full size bottles last approx 3 months with daily use...perfect.

$75 at Twilite Moon

more from peek keep.

Floral Purse from Finland. $70.

This Peek Keep boutique is a new favorite. I've always loved these snap clutches. So great that the handle is removable. And that the print is green. And that I found a bag that makes me want to carry purses.

anne black vase.

Anne Black's art is beautiful. These Danish vases are available with various perforated patterns and red silkscreen prints. {11.8” x 2.75”} So tall. So skewed. So lovely.

It's called the garbage free lunchbox and I'm loving it. Made by Lunchopolis,get a lunch box, portable containers and bottle. You'll never need ziplocs again {in your lunch}...just make sure your child doesn't forget to bring home the containers.

They even give you a weekly menu {here}. It's green, it's stylish and it's compact. Hooray!

[via cool mom picks]


Katie you won! Thanks for commenting, "My daughter lives for soft/cuddly blankets. Please sign me in!"

Simply email us {} your choice of pink or blue and pig or cat and we'll get the animal and blanket out to you.

Thanks for reading, look for a giveaway this Friday where everyone becomes a winner!

Monday, September 24, 2007

potty trained?

These are possibly the coolest {unisex} underwear sets I've ever seen. I love Fig Kids!

black + white

Black and white board books? I'm in. They are the perfect distraction for newborn "tummy time." Newborns need tummy time, can only see in black and white {is that true?} and can't see very far. Prop some of these up in front of them and {hopefully} they'll love it.


We've talked stationary and letterpress.. but there's something about every day paperpads and notebooks. They're necessary and it's exciting to make the necessary cool. I've used Rhodia and I'm a solid fan. So simple (maybe that word is overused on our blog?) and stylish but an equally great deal!

The Curiosity Shoppe sells an amazing Rhodia treasure box. "The box (which looks like a giant notepad!) includes two 3" x 4" pads, one 6" x 8" pad, one 3" x 8" pad, and two pencils." For only $15. Wowza!

three potato four

I found this fun shop off sf girl by the bay. I think this pillow is so, so fun. It would be perfect thrown into a crib when naptime was over {just for looks} or in the rocking chair. It could even be used teaching a busy toddler their letters and numbers.



The black, pimped out Escalade of longboards, this one seems just right for you Kelli.

Hop on this upholstered vinyl longboard with custom embroidery for a soft cushioned ride down your hallway or around the house. When not skating, Indoor Longboard is cool art; it is sculpture you can ride!

$650 {yikes, pretty pricey!}

Friday, September 21, 2007

moncalin GIVEAWAY!

In French, Moncalin means "my cuddle." The company itself makes the most classic, and contemporary line of blankets and stuffed animals around. Even more than that, Moncalin products are simply cuddlesome with their soft-ness and quality. Truly, the excellence of their products can be felt when you take the blanket {or stuffed pig/cat} out of the package.

Keeping with our love for the "all natural" Moncalin fits the mold. Handmade here in Los Angeles, Moncalin does not use any plastic parts or beads.

All of our toys, blankets and lovies are meticulously designed and sewn in our studio in Los Angeles to insure quality control. We are dedicated to creating unique and innovative toys with superior materials and fabrics.

My initial love for Moncalin products came when my daughter needed a bigger "blankie." I found the Moncalin Striped Blanket {in candy pink and orange} and fell in love. Luckily, my daughter did as well. It is now her go-to blanket for both naps and bedtime.

And you know, when we're fans, we like to share. Moncalin wants to give one reader a fabulous package from the Jardin Pistachio Line including 1 Stuffed Pig/Cat and 1 Star Blanket [retails $110].

You choose {Blue or Pink}

Happy cuddling!

You can find the Moncalin products at:

[life in the nest giveaway rules]
*you must enter a comment on this post-with your name.
*please only enter once.
*entry will be open until midnight PST Monday. {comments posted after this will not be considered.}
*at this time, we can't guarantee international shipping of giveaway prizes. {do you have a friend with a domestic address? is he/she nice enough to accept the package for you? comment away.
*winner will be announced on Tangled and True on Tuesday morning.

Enjoy your weekend!
Tangled and True.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


It's one of the newest diaper bags out there...called the Zoom Kit by Loom. It comes in a variety of colors and offers a bag for the woman (or man) on the go.

Round handle clips on to strollers
Detachable porthole pouch
Large external pocket with matching changing pad
Pocket for bottles or sippy cups
Metal carabiner key, card, and cash organizer
9.5" wide x 13" tall x 1.5" deep


keychain party favors

How About Orange offers up a tutorial on how to make your own keychains. Sounds easy enough to be able to change out the keychain when the season {or my mood} feels like it. I'm loving the pink tree one {view the tutorial here}.

And then Hostess with the Mostess suggested using the keychains for a party favor. Double super!

orange peel enamel

My husband bought me a necklace from the Etsy Shop Orange Peel Enamel for my birthday last year. I love it. I love the oversized pendant, I love a pretty piece of jewelry and I love that each one is unique and one of a kind. Check out her items sold page - she will make one especially for you!


barbara's bakery

Kelli's post {below} highlighting snack foods got me thinking. I have lots of favorite snacks, but Barbara's Bakery Snackimals are in my top three. Made with organic grains and use no artifical flavors/colors/preservatives/trans fat they are divine.

My personal favorite is the vanilla flavor, but if you or your child have a wheat allergy, they come in wheat-free as well!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Add this to the list of amazing man bags: the Scout collection by Petunia Pickle Bottom. The Journey Pack {in heathered gray} is featured. Isn't it amazing?!

Available at Baby Petunia. Or look here for your local retailer.

healthy handfuls.

With kids in mind {most who "prefer candy coatings"}, the Real Simple team set out to find grab-and-go snacks that weren't loaded with fat, preservatives, and calories. They left us with a list.

Tangled and True tip: snack in style with Mobi designer lunch bags.

best granola bar: trader joe's chewy coated granola bars (chocolate chip)
*$2 for a box of 6.

best chips:
popchips original potato chips
*$1.30 for a one-ounce bag

best cheese crackers:
my family farm cheese baked crackers
*$5 for a pack of nine one-ounce bags

best fruit leather: 365 organic cranberry fruit strip
*50 cents for a since .65-ounce fruit strip

best freeze-dried fruit:
crunchies pineapple
* $5 for a 1.5-ounce resealable bag

best snack mix:
nabisco 100 calorie packs (ritz snack mix)
*$3 for a box of six one-ounce bags

best flavored cookies:
snikiddy banana nibbles
*$4.50 for a box of five .85-ounce bags

best plain (vanilla) cookies:
heaven scent natural foods eco-planet organic cookies vanilla
*$1.30 for a 1.5-ounce box

kaboost vs. booster?

The Kaboost. I haven't tried it. But, we're nearing the "booster seat" time in our household so I'm looking into options.


Fits any chair in seconds, just stretch and snap into place
Easy to travel with, no need to use the sticky restaurant boosters
Gives my child confidence as she sits in a chair just like mine {with the Kaboost below her of course}
Pretty stylish
Kaboost can hold up to 300 lbs. {wow}


Is it really better than a booster seat? And would I seriously travel with it?

for older kids {parents too}

Give your child a creative outlet. Let him/her play on the computer using Or master your spouse/friend's portrait and make their day by emailing it to them. Or maybe just a way to waste time at work? Regardless, it's a fun site to visit to create.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

give a little bit.

Today's Real Simple family post: a brilliant gift guide. I'll give you a slice of the coolest of their selections.

newborn to 1 year
burp-cloth set by retrofit baby, $45

Your spitting image can get messy. Clean her up with a pack of three personalized cotton cloths inspired by vintage soap boxes.

ages 1 to 3
reversible hoody by babysoy, $28

Can't get her to try tofu? Best she'll try it on. This sweatshirt is made of soybean fibers, manufactured from soy products. It comes in green, blue, and pink, all with a brown lining. Sizes 0 to 24 months.

ages 3 to 5
galoshes by trumpette, $29

Puddle jumpers will make a splash in these boots.

ages 5 to 7
coliseum block set by haba, $45

Architects can easily stack the 110 wooden blocks in the Coliseum Architectural Block Set into a circular stadium. Gladiators not included.

ages 7 to 10
the sunlight print kit by chronicle books, $23

This kit lets kids "photograph" objects such as leaves using sunlight, water, and light-sensitive paper. All supplies included.

ages 10 to 14
colorKu by mad cave bird games, $30

This version of number-based sudoku includes 104 color puzzles. Follow cards to set up boards, then solve the puzzles by moving the 81 balls so that one of every color rests in each row, column, and square.


dVider offers another sleek collection of wall stickers. I like these. 12 color options and a mini price tag. ($21)

via Real Simple family.

twist on t's

Does your little one live up to the classic phrases like:

Boys are made of Frogs, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, that's what little girls are made of!

Check out these modern/funky T's made my Droopy Knickers. Let your child "wear" who s/he is with style.

monkey bread.

I grew up making monkey bread at campouts.

A 20th-century American classic, monkey bread is a rich, yeast-leavened bread formed from balls of dough that are dipped in melted butter, sprinkled with seasonings and baked in a mold like this one. Recipes for both sweet and savory versions of the golden-brown bread first appeared in women’s magazines and community cookbooks back in the 1950s, and it has remained a favorite ever since.

Maybe that's why I think this baking mix is an amazing idea. Hostess gift or thank you gift perfection. And who would have ever guessed that there is such a thing as a monkey bread baking mold? {Has anyone tried this?}
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