Thursday, May 17, 2007

bright eyes.

If this song doesn't make you grab your thirteen-month old, {or insert your child or husband's name/age here} and dance around the living room, then I'm not sure what will.

Because I just did.



  1. i love this song - and bright eyes. what a darling blog! thanks for some fun ideas!

  2. yup. I like Bright Eyes too. First time I've seen the video though. definitely a feel good song.

  3. I have a funny Bright Eyes story actually. I'll share:

    Several years ago (in university) I lived in a neighborhood made up entirely of Indie Rockers. I loved it but was completely out of the loop. There was a specific incident where several {guy} friends stopped by to hang out. It was reassuring exciting, where I thought to myself that maybe I'm not so black in a world of white. MAYBE even though I can't skank really well and don't make my own messenger bags and don't know hundreds of underground bands by name..I can still be part of the scene. Anyway, they were music geniuses and of course, the conversation quickly became one about music. They mentioned Bright Eyes and I suddenly perked up like I knew what I was talking about. My part of the conversation went something like, "Oh wow. I didn't realize that they were still big. I LOVE that song. I'm glad I'm not the only one." They gave me blank stares. And then I realized that they were probably NOT talking about TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART by Bonnie Tyler. ("Turn around Bright Eyes..."} Sigh.

    Good memory. :) And since, I've done my research.

  4. Kelli! That story made me laugh out loud. Of all the artists you chose Bonnie Tyler to mistake Bright Eyes for. Classic. I wish I could have been there.

  5. Missy! That is so fun you found my blog. Whitney doesn't have one, I keep trying to get them to start one. Anyway, cute blog!


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