Friday, February 29, 2008

baby emi jewelry.

Lily has worn a bracelet since the day she was born. I remember the first baby bracelet I ever saw, so tiny and perfect, dainty but not over done. I knew my future girls would wear bracelets from that moment on. I had that same feeling when I saw the baby emi anklets from their cambodian line.

The History Behind Cambodian Jingle Bells Jewelry: For thousands of years Cambodian mommies have adorned the feet of their precious babies with silver anklets that have small bells attached to them. This tradition is still alive as Emi's grandmother (who is from Cambodia) gifted her with her first baby anklets at her birth.

Jingle Bells Bracelet

The Cambodian Jingle Bells jewelry is simple and timeless. The delicate jingle will delight young girls of any age (including you!). Along with Kelli, I love internationalism, and believe baby emi jewelry is a great way to share the Cambodian culture with my girls.

All Tangled and True readers receive 10% off your purchase with code "TNT10" {enter at checkout}. Thank you baby emi jewelry!

clementine art kits.

reader tip: I just came across this the other day and thought I'd pass it on. They're cool organic art supplies with (I think) really simple, kid friendly packaging.

Thanks Sarah! We couldn't agree more. Handmade, organic soft dough scented in 6 mouth watering flavors; Lemon, Orange, Key Lime, Blueberry, Strawberry and Grape. Kit contains [6] 4oz tubs, [2] patterned rollers a hammer and rolling cutter. Buy the kit here.


I am all for organization in the pantry and am loving this easy and practical way to store baby food. Chow by Skip Hop saves space, displays jar labels and each shelf rotates separately making it the ultimate in baby food storage.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

toddler cookbook. {GIVEAWAY!}

When I was small, I have memories of a favorite children’s cookbook. I spent hours turning the pages, looking at the pictures; to this day they are embedded in my mind. Some of my best memories are cooking with my mom out of that book. Annabel Karmel has created the toddler cookbook, and I'm hoping my girls will love and remember it for years to come.

The glossy pages full of pictures already have Lily announcing the many recipes she and I will be making from the Lettuce Boats to the Peanut Butter Bears. The pictures show step-by-step directions that are easy for toddlers to follow, helping introduce them to the joys of cooking and baking, nutrition and creativity.
Annabel Karmel is a best-selling author on nutrition and cooking for children, and her books are published all over the world. She is well known for providing advice and guidance to millions of parents on what to feed and cook for children, as well as getting families to eat a healthier diet with an emphasis on fun.
Any mother knows, finding nutritious food to feed their toddler can be a challenge. I welcome Annabel's introduction to new ideas and nutritious options toddlers and parents can make together creating positive memories and teaching them at a young age to love cooking.

Today five of the toddler cookbook ($11 each) are up for giveaway. Giving you even more chances to win!

Would you like to win? be sure to:
*enter a comment on this post - with your name
*please only enter once
*entry will be open until 12am MST Monday
*winner will be announced on Tangled and True on Monday morning.
note: winners must contact us by Thursday, 3/6 (8am) in order to claim prize. Read more about this policy here.

Good luck and thank you, DK publishing!
-the Tangled and True team.

Be sure to view Annabel in action here.

corn quesadillas.

From Annabel Karmel's the toddler cookbook.

1 small red onion
1/2 red or orange pepper
7 oz (198 g) canned corn
1 cup (100 g) cheddar cheese
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp honey
4-5 flour or corn tortillas
1/4 cup salsa

1. Prepare ingredients
Chop up the red onion and the pepper, drain the canned corn. Have an
adult grate the cheddar cheese.
2. Stir, stir, stir
Heat oil in a pan and stir-fry onion and pepper for 3 minutes. Add corn and cook for 2 minutes until onion and pepper are soft. Add vinegar and honey - after 1 minute remove from heat.
3. Spread the mixture
Spread half of each tortilla with a heaped Tbsp of salsa. Then add some of the corn mixture.
4. Sprinkle with cheese
Scatter a little cheese over the salsa a corn mixture. Make sure you don't use too
much since you will need some cheese to put on top of each tortilla.
5. Roll and cook
Roll the tortillas up and put on a cookie sheet. Scatter over the rest of the cheese.
Broil the quesadillas for 1-2 minutes until the filling is hot and the cheese topping
is lightly golden.

*Be sure to enter to win one of 5 of the toddler cookbook in our current giveaway.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

tiny tales.

Tiny Tales offers up a perfect solution for busy mothers. Documenting your baby's adventures can prove a difficult task. Every time I talk to my mom I tell her funny or memorable stories from the past few days. She frequently has the same response "you need to write it down". While I have the best of intentions, for the most part those stories and memories are forgotten before I know it.

The Tiny Tales alternative to the more traditional baby book is brilliant. Two 4x6 notepads small enough to fit in your diaper bag and attractive enough to sit on your counter are always an arms length away, giving you no excuses. Once you jot down baby's first slobbery kiss, or your toddler's unique way of saying I love you ("I wub you much" at our house) drop your tiny tale into one of four themed dividers (ranging in age). The Acrylic box with easy flip up lid safeguards your Toddler's cherished memories for years to come. No matter what stage you are at with your children there's a tiny tale for you. (baby, toddler, personalized and expecting).

Until March 3rd Tiny Tales is offering all Tangled and True readers 2 free notepads with purchase. Simply enter code TANGLED at checkout.

jane, jack and chiffon banks.

Pigs are too mainstream. I prefer (and love) orange jack rabbits. These pretty ceramic banks (Jane, Jack and Chiffon) are $26 each. Pull the plug on ordinary.

how-to applique onesies.

Martha Stewart recently shared a fun dog appliquéd onesies how to on her show (and website). If you're anxious for an easy but brilliant project, this looks like a perfect option.

Tool and Materials:
Tools and Materials
French Bulldog Template or photo of a dog in profile
Sewing machine
Damp, clean cloth
Card stock
Patterned fabric
Trans-Web or other fusible webbing on release paper
Black marker
Blank baby onesie
Machine-sewing thread in a coordinating color for decorative topstitch
Hand-sewing needle
Button in coordinating color (optional)

See instructions here.

But if you're in the mood to skip the project and head straight to the shopping cart, visit Bella Blu designs: the inspiration behind (and demonstrator of) the craft.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Congratulations, mellonkelli (who said, ""I like the triangle and circle pillows in the "Recess" colorway.")! You are the winner of 2 Live and Learn pillows of your choice by Deseta. Lucky you! We hope they help you live blissfully.

Please contact us ( with your shipping information and pillow choices by Friday morning.

vbs #4

"Several weeks ago, we discovered that we are expecting our first child. My husband and I could not be more thrilled. This baby is something we planned for. This baby has two parents who will love him more than life itself. This baby will know my story. This baby will be the center of our universe. This baby will be another gift beyond value. This baby will call me 'Mama'......I can hardly wait."

Congratulations, Sara
. We admire your compassion, honesty and endurance. And we're thrilled to shower you today in celebration of your life and the new life you're welcoming on (or around) August 13th. Sex unknown.

Since we like a good party and all that comes with a new baby best resembles an exciting balancing act, we present our modern circus themed shower:

yay lion! invites by egg press

Now, for my favorite part: gifts! Several fantastic and modern companies are excited to celebrate you. Happy virtual opening, Sara! From them (and us) to you:

Mango Ink: $75 gift certificate for birth announcements or thank yous of your choice.
For a truly modern and refreshing take on photo cards, Mango Ink creates the perfect templates for your picture-perfect moments that deserve the spotlight. We love the Pom design to celebrate a new baby.

Hands down my most used baby gear item, this diaper changing clutch ("unfolding into a clean cushioned surface for little bottoms") is the most sturdy and functional I've seen. "It features 3 pockets with enough room for at least 2 diapers, ointments and includes a wipes container." The ideal size to throw into your favorite chic, leather Hobo bag that you're not ready to live without.

babysparewear: fashion fix in pistachio tie dye
babysparewear is the most brilliant of solutions for any on the go baby/toddler. "We call it functional fashion: cozy cotton separates packed in ready-to-go travel kits. It's everything you need for those pint-sized fashion emergencies." It's on the top of my badly want list for baby #2!

the baby bunch: yellow baby bunch, size small.
The most simply styled and originally packaged of an entire newborn layette collection, this baby bunch includes: one yellow bib, one white t-shirt, one yellow hat, two pairs of socks (one yellow pair and one white pair) and one pair of white leggings. "All clothing is 100% super-soft cotton in snowy white and lemon yellow hues, generously sized for infants 0-6 months, or up to 16 lbs."

Puj: Go Sling in Florence.
Tangled and True loves Puj, whose purpose is "to make your life easier by doing our best to simplify parenthood." The Go Sling is the most stylish (think designer fabrics) and streamlined of sling designs. No straps, no buckles, no zippers and no metal rings. Just throw it over your head and you're good to go. You can even put it on while holding your baby.

MD Moms: baby silk to go travel set and baby silk delicate skin comfort liquid powder
Their philosophy: only the most gentle, pure and effective ingredients (marine silk, botanicals, Vitamins E and B5) formulated just for them. This set of perfectly packable diaper bag must haves comes in a convenient reusable carryall. Travel friendly sizes of Gentle All-Over Clean Hair and Body Wash, Daily Skin Protection Moisturizing Balm, Delicate Skin Comfort Silky Liquid Powder, and Soothing Bottom Relief Diaper Rash Cream go everywhere you do.

Ju Ju Beane Boutique: cherry red guitar long sleeved 2 piece set by Orange Cupcake
Orange Cupcake is among our Ju Ju Beane favorites. It clearly strays from pastels and baby bunnies, embracing imagination and fun "that come so naturally with childhood." Hallelujah! Their alternative clothing blends modern, iconic art with soft, comfortable materials that your infant will love.

Quilt Baby: one regular minky blanket of your choice.
Style conscious parents are safe with the bold cotton prints and ultra-soft plush minky that make up the best of baby blankets. "Double top stitched for durability and pre-washed for minimal shrinkage," Quilt Baby makes it clear that fashion and function can come hand in hand.

Chittypulga: Fleurville - Black Re-Run Micropod
Chittypulga not only proves the source for casual elegance for extraordinary kids, but also for parents with Fleurville diaper bags: "intelligent functionality, durable construction and strong fashion appeal." The Re-Run Micro Pod is great for those quick trips in the neighborhood, a last-minute errand or the fast coffee in the afternoon... Take just the strictly necessary (2 diapers, wipes case and changing mat) and leave the huge diaper bag for the all-day outing.

Sweet Taia: bean 01, flora 05 and fawn 01 hairclips. (In case you have a girl..)
We love that these are a perfectly modern and simple (read: far from frilly) way to tame the "do" for girls of any age. "Functionality proves as paramount as style does- with a velcro lining insuring that they won't slip out of even the finest baby hair."

essential organizers: the essential baby organizer: birth to one year
The simple and clean design of this proven essential organizer makes tracking the important details and memorable events of the baby's first year easy and enjoyable. (It) provides plenty of pages to track baby’s feeding, sleeping, and diapering patterns—popular topics for parents, friends, caregivers, and pediatricians during the newborn months along with useful benchmarks for what to expect as baby grows. A perfect help to capture every detail.

Rockin' Baby Sling: pouch #373, "I'll stop the world and melt for you." {For dad}
A baby carrier, marked the "fundamental baby accessory," is a must have for any parent that chooses to function with an infant. "The pouch can be worn in 5 different carrying positions to match baby’s mood and development." Read: the most rockin' (hip) of carriers.

That's a $570 modern baby essentials package!


deals and discounts for any Tangled and True reader:
babysparewear: 10% off any purchase through February 29th with code: "tangled"
chittypulga: 10% off through Sunday, March 2nd with code: "TRUEFEB08"
papage: 10% off and free shipping with code: "TANGLED08"

For those new to Tangled and True's virtual baby showers: read here to learn what they are and how to be considered to win.

Monday, February 25, 2008


you're invited:
virtual baby shower #4
tuesday, February 26th
tangled and true
celebrating happiness

Also, be sure to comment to win on our fantastic $160 Deseta package giveaway. Ends tonight at midnight. Good luck!

coral camellia.

When I shop for my girls, I strive to find their own distinct styles. I don't want them wearing what I'll see on every girl in the neighborhood. I like the look of handmade and I am particularly drawn to one-of-a-kind. Coral Camellia incorporates all that I look for when I'm dressing Lily and Stella. Their Anthropologie-esque style caused my heart to almost skip a beat. Brilliant combinations of bright colors and vintage fabrics make every piece truly unique.

Sarah Ross, the creative genius behind Coral Camellia, began sewing when she was pregnant with her daughter. Unsatisfied by the lack of quality choices many stores had to offer along with her desire to create superior clothing lead her to the sewing machine. What started as a project blossomed into a passion and Coral Camellia was born.

Among my favorites:

Betsy Birdseed Dress

Mena Coriander Branch Dress

Organic Birds Tee & Chestnut Pant Set

While using the highest quality fabrics with unique designs, Sarah works in vintage buttons and fabrics where possible, giving each item it's own individuality and guaranteeing no two items are the same. If you see something you really love, but it is in the wrong size, send Sarah an email and she'll be happy to work up something special for you.

extra goodness: Coral Camellia is offering Tangled and True readers a 20% discount on all orders. Simply enter code TT20 at checkout.

wash elephant with water.

The perfect child-friendly yet adult-conscious budget bag solution. "The roomy shape, comfort padded straps, and zippered top also make it really practical!" Imported from Japan, $39.99.

plover organic.

I love the idea of knowing how to "tread lightly".. because why wouldn't you? I'm definitely not a class A environmentalist, but I would love to be there at some point since more than anything, I love all things natural. So, if I (and my family!) can wear and sleep pure.. I will! Especially if it doesn't look like hemp (not a bad thing, just not something I would choose to snuggle with).

Plover Organic is beautiful textile (a marriage of modern and retro), "produced from the best quality 100% organic cotton, making it better for you and your family, for your home, and for the environment." Block printed and quilted by hand, this super soft bedding even comes in pint sized packages with their baby collection.

Brown Leaves and Confetti is my top pick. So gender neutral, yet organic and cheery. Plover is currently available online here.

p.s. Not sure why you should buy organic cotton?
A few things you should know about conventional cotton crops: they currently account for 25 percent of all insecticides used worldwide. Nearly one-third of a pound of chemical fertilizers and pesticides (some of which are among the most toxic classified by the Environmental Protection Agency) are applied to every pound of cotton harvested. Growing cotton organically means avoiding those toxic chemicals and their fallout, improving soil fertility and protecting farming communities at the same time. Buying organic supports environmentally and economically sustainable production, which is vital to the welfare of the planet.
Read more right here.

Friday, February 22, 2008

deseta {giveaway}!

We know a good thing when we see it. A company named after and on a mission to find and deliver happiness is one to pay attention to.
deseta "comes from Ethiopia, but it celebrates all things blissful, all things beautiful. its for you, your kids, and your home. look, and let it put a smile on your face."
Immediately apparent on their site, beautiful Ethiopian prints and patterns are in the making:

"From the marked symbols and motifs found in its magic scrolls to the geometric patterns found in traditional dress, crosses and paintings (a style found all over Africa as well, known as the “African fractal”), deseta has taken this style and has given it a very modern and contemporary twist." They're peaceful and well done and I'm anxiously awaiting the unveiling of products that can become a part of my home.

But all the more exciting is the news that deseta has already created baby goods for the home and nursery... now available. And more unique and modern and 5 star than anything I've seen yet.

The Live and Learn pillows, currently available online in 12 colors and shape combinations, are sold singly or in a pack of 3. They're made of high quality, super soft ultrasuedes, making this learning experience (each colored square pillow has a removable and mini shape pillow in it's center) both brilliant and gentle.

And.. after shapes and colors have become second nature, embrace and capture creativity with pillows-by-your-tyke.

Is your refrigerator getting full of your favorites? Transfer some of your baby Picasso's doodles to textile art that will last a lifetime. See instructions here.

(Drumroll...) Deseta wanted to share some bliss and offer up 2 live and learn pillows {a $160 value!} of one winner's choice.

Wow. I think that's enough happiness to see anyone through these winter blues! What's your favorite deseta design?

Would you like to win? be sure to:
*enter a comment on this post- with your name
*answer question above
*please only enter once
*entry will be open until 12am MST Tuesday
*winner will be announced on Tangled and True on Tuesday morning.
note: winner must contact us by Friday, 2/29 (8am) in order to claim prize

Good luck and thank you, deseta!
-the Tangled and True team.


Please note: If you are choosing to enter our fantastic giveaways, please be sure to return to the blog to check to see whether or not you're the winner. Tangled and True does not have time to track the winners down via emails or visits to personal blogs and will not do so. If a prize isn't claimed by the stated "claim by" date, we will need to choose an alternative winner. Thanks!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

ay caramba!

Reason #87 to live abroad (especially Europe): the over all multi-lingual brilliance. It really is so impressive to know several languages, which you quickly learn is often common place. I grew up desperately wanting to know Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Mandarin, and on and on. I'm still working on Spanish... but luckily I should have plenty of years to deliver. And I have Professor Pocket pulling for me. It's a bilingual hayride. Truly: seamless bilingual (Spanish and English) storytelling and songs on a silly farm adventure meant for children, ages 2 and up.. but clearly suited for any enthusiast.

Learning a new language finally steps outside of flashcards and vocab drills. Professor Pocket (the trusty English translator with a fool-proof American accent), Desi the Dinosaur and Chico the Chicken (both who "often sing and speak full sentences in Spanish to enable greater contextual understanding") make their debut with catchy and original tunes, a silly story made easy to follow, and an itch to keep coming back for more.
Experts agree that the earlier you expose your children to additional languages, the better! Why? At a very early age, children start to prune away sounds that they do not hear regularly. Exposing children to additional languages early on builds a basis for proficiency later in life. In addition, children who are exposed to multiple languages often show superior cognitive skills, creative thinking, problem solving and math skills as well as broader global awareness.
My favorite? No Hay Dinosaurios. Professor Pocket sells for $15.95 here.

album di famiglia.

Few moments in life can compare to holding my brand new babies for the first time. They are fresh and new. Their skin so soft and silky smooth. I find myself wishing I could hold on to those first moments forever. I have plans for my next newborn to be dressed in clothing that is as soft and comfortable as their bare skin.

Album Di Famiglia is classic and pure. Everything I want in my newborn's wardrobe. Founded by Italian designer Monica Rusconi, their subtle earth tones are simple and refreshing. Made with only the softest and highest quality materials, your babies clothes will be as soft and comfortable as their delicate new skin.


Michela has two kids: Tomasso (nearly 3) and Beatrice (2 months). She is Italian and living in Milan.


What's a typical breakfast for you and your family?
*My 2.5 year old son has a bottle of milk and then snacks on a couple of biscuits (cookies), I’ll have a cup of tea (no milk) and biscuits my husband has an espresso at home and then a cappuccino with croissant at the café next to the office.

*I’m not very regular, but I like a Total Body Workout in a local gym that is taught by my sister’s dance teacher. She is tough and the class is never boring. I’d love to have a treadmill at home though (jogging in Milan is everything but healthy).

Clothing style?
*Boot cut jeans and a turtle neck, with camper shoes.

Your #1 makeup/skincare item?
Touche Eclat by YSL.

*I like my children’s clothing to be without weird prints, rhinestones or cheesy embroidery… so I’ll shop around for simple plain stuff which is not too expensive. I’ll mix and match from Petit Bateau, Du Pareil au Meme, Benetton, H&M and Zara. Will get some GAP, Old Navy or Ralph Lauren stuff from american Ebay or on the odd trip to London. Here and then I would treat my kids (and me!) to some nice piece from Moe.

What you don't leave the house without?
*Bottled water and my mobile phone.

What's the cost of a cafe lunch for you and your kids?
*In a cafe we could spend between 5 and 10 euros each.

Your favorite day time city activities?
*Walking around town doing a bit of shopping (if I just have my newborn daughter with me, and I’m not working).

What do you do on a bad weather day?
*Stay at home, read books and watch a Pixar dvd with my older son.

What's your creative outlet?
*I’m not very creative, I love to cook and do a bit of cross-stitching.

*I read Italian newspapers everyday and I also like the Observer website. I read their Women and Food Monthly regularly... It makes me feel closer to London!

Is it easy to live "green" in Milan?
*Not too easy, and not really encouraged. We recycle plastic, paper, glass and cans. We try to use a lot of energy saving light-bulbs and when we finally bought a car we got a petrol Euro4 (low emission).

I make dinner, even though my husband is a decent cook.

A typical menu?
*A nice pasta and a salad.

How do you kick back at the end of a long day?
*Having a white beer as an aperitive and if kids allow me by surfing the web, watching Grey's Anatomy or Ugly Betty or reading a nice book.

Your favorite film?
*Difficult to choose, I have to admit that 4 Weddings and a Funeral is probably the one. Sex and the City (the movie), it's not out yet... but I know I will love it!

Visit Michela on Babyccino.
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