Wednesday, May 23, 2007

time for change.

A changing table wasn't a need (or even an option, really) when we were preparing for Cole's arrival last year. We were living in a very teeny tiny brownstone in Boston (Beacon Hill = a tight squeeze). Instead, we became flexible and made due with changing mats on the bed, in the crib, or on the floor. Since, I've realized that come baby #2 when the time approaches, I'm ready for an addition to our nursery furniture. In my effort to save my back, I would like a changing table!

There are so many amazing options. I've picked some of my favorites with aesthetic, functionality, quality and price all in mind. My results {in order of what I would consider first}:

"With its clean, functional simplicity along with a unique versatility, the IoLine Changing Trunk is designed to fit anywhere in your home. It features storage space that is large enough to hold diapers, wipes, creams and clothing. Made with 100% all natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, the Changing Trunk fits standard and contoured changing pads (changind pad not included). The IoLine Changing Trunk is available in several finishes: basic bamboo with or without a delicately engraved, signature motif (Trumpet or Honey Suckle) or painted birch (Sage or Taupe)." {via Crib Candy}

cariboo classic changing table

lullaboo changing table {by Celery Furniture}

Any other suggestions?


  1. When I was preg with #2, I said the same more bending over...but that was also cause I was preg when my baby was only 5 months:) I have a pottery barn changing table what when I am through with it, will make a great shelf system in my closet for toys, etc. it's nice to have a peice of furniture that you are going to use for more than just the diaper years!

  2. PS: Where's lindsey? we miss you!

  3. I'm a fan of the changing trunk. It's clean and you can store diapers/wipes without a crawling baby getting their hands into it.

  4. We had a changing table and I never used it. I am just a sit on the floor kind of girl I guess. And with all this talk about #2, is there an announcement you want to make.

  5. my announcement is: I'm sure I'll have a sencond baby in the next couple of years. :)

  6. It seems like you're going for a modern feel, but if you would choose functionality over style, than maybe just a flat top dresser would work. We have an all in one dresser/changer and I love it. I can put a change pad on top and still have room for a caddy on the top. I put all my baby's clothes in the drawers, which makes for quick and easy changing! Plus mine has a side cabinet where you could keep diapers and wipes hidden away with the door in front!

    Another good thing is that it will grow with the baby!

  7. Thanks Jen. I actually do have a PB dresser that I could add a changing station (on top) to. That's not a bad option...

    I am interested in bringing a little more "Modern" into the room though.

  8. I used a console table that I already had. I bought a pretty basket to put at one end to hold the diapers, powder, etc. and it worked perfectly. Now that my kids are 4 + 2.5 I don't need one – so I have a very nice table to use :)


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