Friday, May 30, 2008

yum brella.

You could make quite a statement at your next gathering with these on the table. They'd be the perfect accent piece for a "rainy day" themed party. Don't forget to throw in some rubber boots filled with flowers as your centerpiece.

Bruschetta Chicken.

We have visitors coming this weekend, so I've been browsing  my favorite food blogs hoping to find some delicious food, because honestly what's better than good food and friends? Picky Palete is full of amazing recipes, and I think I might add this chicken to the weekends menu.

happenings around the web.

For every pair of See Kai Run shoes purchased during the month of June, See Kai Run will match it with a donation to a child in need. It's a win-win, you get an amazing pair of shoes, and feel good knowing you're helping someone in need. Learn more here.

Twilite moon is giving away $2500 worth of prizes during the month of May. Enter here.

Baby Legs is launching their Sew Golden promotion running June 1 - June 15th. Purchase any pair of Sew Golden baby legs from participating retailers and you'll have a chance to win one of multiple incredible packages. It's a little like Willy Wonka and the golden ticket. Lists of prizes and retailers are available.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

slip ons.

Last summer my dad bought Lily a pair of slip on converse shoes. I have hunted this past year for a replacement pair and have had no luck. Apparently they no longer make them in little kids sizes? I just found these slip-on Vincent shoes and think they might make the perfect summer shoes.

ibiza folding chair.

I'm loving this new twist on the folding chair.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

bembo's zoo.

Without trying, we have an animal theme happening today, but I couldn't wait to share the greatest kids website I've found in a long time, bembo's zoo. I guarantee it will not disappoint even the toughest critics. My girls are mesmerized by it so be prepared to fight them for the best seat, you'll be surprised how much you love it too.

animal cards.

Paper Source encourages you to do something creative every day and I think their animal card kits are a perfect way to spend an afternoon with kids. They'll be proud of what they accomplished, you'll have something on hand for them to do, and the recipient of the cards will be impressed. It's a win - win - win.

homemade zoo.

Put your husband to work making the ultimate homemade zoo for your kids. I like the frog and the ostrich best, what are your favorites?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I think these would be the perfect addition to any craft or work space. Available in's etsy shop, or you could easily make your own if you're feeling ambitious. Which I am. I'll be sure to post pictures when they're done!

Instructions available here.

grobal baby.

Last summer when I found out we were moving, I was a more than a little sad about losing our garden. We had a perfect garden spot in our last house and moving to the high desert I knew gardening would not be as easy. This year I am really missing the whole thing. The shopping, the preparing, the planting and the harvesting. So my solution is container gardening, and some fresh herbs in the window sill. I can't have it all, but at least I can have a little taste. And fresh herbs.. my mind goes crazy just thinking of the possibilities. I think these little pots would be perfect lined up in my kitchen window. It's a perfect balance of style and function, includes a self watering system and comes in 8 great colors. 

Monday, May 26, 2008

dinner games.

Memories are made around the dinner table. It's a time when kids can let their guard down, tell you about the days events and maybe even what they learned that day. I loved (and still do) sitting around the table with my entire family, laughing and telling stories. That being said, I'm sure everyone has experienced the occasional "clam-up" from their children. I had my moments when I was young. These Dinner games are definitely on my list of things to have.

"No game board or game pieces required - just food and family. Kids learn creative thinking, social skills and more. The games even require kids to eat their veggies and finish their milk."

Designed to get your family to open up, share and grow closer together. Also available in beginner version geared towards younger children.

Food and family, just thinking about it makes my heart go pitter-pat.

Friday, May 23, 2008


It's been an exciting year and a half (since the very beginning of the project we call tangled and true) and it's now my time to say "goodbye".  I've loved the community, the interaction, being in the know about the best, the creative outlet and the challenge.  But Bradley and I are turning a new leaf (well, a couple) with some international summer traveling, a new move, etc. and I'm just needing some me time/a rest.  I'm excited for the transition from contributor to reader and am so looking forward to Brittany keeping this all coming! 

I'll leave you with my current inspiration:

Adios.. and happy summer to each of you!

[photo credits: 1. dwr, 2. sigg, 3. martha stewart, 4. aden + anais, 5. sundance resort, 7. pottery barn, 9. cariboo, 10. co bigelow, 11. martha stewart, 12. origins, 13. martha stewart, 14. evian, 15. (machu picchu)]

Thursday, May 22, 2008


As a mother, there is nothing I love more than pictures or art that serve as a reflection of my children. I think almost any mother would agree. Today I was browsing the new and improved Kirtsy site (previously sk*rt) and I happened upon this lovely piece of art.

The woman behind paperbean design started with this picture, that like she says on her blog, is not a bad picture.

But then she worked her magic and turned this seemingly ordinary picture... into this!

and suddenly it is no longer "not a bad picture" but rather this brilliant piece of art, that is a reflection of the child that you love so much. This is one piece of artwork I'd gladly display just about anywhere, and lucky for her admirers (me included) she'll make you one of your own custom silhouettes, now to find the perfect picture...

email for details.

zebra stripe swim.

Still searching for that swim suit?  (Different and simple but above all.. flattering!)  I think this is the find and a steal of a deal.  (Approve it in person: check.)  By Rogan Gregory and well under $50.  Hello summer.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

sub adventure.

I've slowly been making Cole's room exactly how I want it: creative, organic, happy, modern.  It's become a refreshing transition from nursery to big boy room, but finding the right toddler bedding has, over the last several months, proved a grand challenge.  I've found the options to be: pay $300 for one of the few modern toddler sets on the market.. that I don't even love, sell your soul to Dora the Explorer or Bob the Builder (neither of which Cole knows) or discover Kukunest!  

Kukunest is the perfect option and the only option I ever considered.  Case closed.
"Kukunest came from a dream to create extraordinary designs for children's spaces.  We believe that their living environment should be a reflection of such boundless creativity."

My Sub Adventure set arrived today and I'm giddy excited and beyond pleased.  It's exactly what I was hoping for: unique, free from harmful chemicals (oko-tex certified fabric) and "seriously happy."  The comforter is down-soft and the shapes and colors have already inspired.  This perfect fit comes highly recommended from yours truly.  Only $119 for the comforter, fitted sheet and sham case. 

nekko vase.

I've always been a fan of the single flower and I think these vases are the perfect compliment. The illustration of a root was made in 3-D form, creating a single flower vase. If nothing else, it's a definite conversation piece and even cool enough to sit on a shelf without a flower.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

on duty or off?

I'm pretty certain I laughed out loud when I clicked on babygadget today and found these pillow cases. While they are sure to eliminate the groggy fights in the middle of the night over whose turn it is to get up, I would always want mine to read off duty.


The hottest new layette find?  Kickypants takes the cake.  I'm especially fond of the sweet pea and jailbird striped coveralls.

 Complete with the vintage "drop down" butt.  (And I'm not seeing any powder blue or pink.  Hallelujah!)  

This was one of my trades for this swap.  I totally scored!  It's a Brittany (the Tangled and True Brittany) find.  She's good.  

Monday, May 19, 2008


I've always loved canvas slip-ons that we affectionately call "old school boat shoes" in our house.  They complete my summer (and often winter) wardrobe.  Just easy and comfortable and different.  My new favorite find is TOMS for 1. their simple and easy to wear design 2. their haven't-seen-around-much uniqueness and 3. their cause.  They have a "one for one" policy: for every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair to a child in need.  That's stellar!  And all for only $40.  "Changing a life begins with a single step."  

marshmallow favors.

I love planning parties and doing crafts with my kids. When I came across these marshmallow animals I thought they were brilliant on so many levels. A perfect party favor, kids craft or shower favor. 

Friday, May 16, 2008

zara inspiration.

I'm still trying to decide the color scheme/theme for Stella's room. While browsing Stephmodo's site I came across this amazing Spain-based shop, Zara Home Kids. I love everything about this picture. The hot pink high chair could be the perfect accent/playful piece in a child's bedroom, the rug is cheerful and colorful, the blanket and pillows are fun and cheery and it would make me happy every time I walked into her room.

lunch pak.

Speaking of lunch, I really like Fleurville's Lunch Paks:  entirely insulated, hidden nametag, heat reflective, project pocket (because it's not always about food) and pvc and Teflon free!  It's large, easy to clean, and the whole idea of your kiddo carrying lunch on his/her back makes me believe that there will be a lot less trips to the lost-and-found.  (Didn't you always loose your lunch bag?)  But it does look adult picnic friendly too.  $32 and available in silver and pink, blue or orange.  

well-petaled posts.

Anthropologie is my favorite window shopping store. I want almost everything I see, and when my sister got me these earrings (in cream) for my birthday I couldn't have been happier. They are the perfect accessory to almost any outfit. $32.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

how do you stroll?

I'm a happy owner of the Phil and Ted's e3 and have loved it for the last 2+ years.  It climbs amazingly (even one handed), maneuvers easily, folds well, can seat two (the selling feature for us), and comes from a company with excellent costumer service.  (Thanks to the airlines, we've already replaced the handlebar and bumper bar inexpensively and without much hassle.)  It's been the ideal option for us!  But.. it's heavy (23 lbs) and bulky which makes traveling or even quick day trips a bit difficult.  I'm on the search for something light- quality and cool- but the throw into your trunk or wheel through the airport and go light.  (And if I'm being picky- something that works easily with an infant carseat.)

What works for you?  Please tell.  

{The Bumbleride flyer is pictured above.} 
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