Wednesday, May 16, 2007

{green} erbaorganics.

erbaorganics is now on my list for reasonable solutions to the worry of dousing Cole with chemicals during bath time. "Handmade in Southern California with certified organic ingredients, the body wash is free of harsh chemicals and parabens (synthetic preservatives that some scientists think are linked to breast cancer), and it's packaged in an earth-friendly recyclable bottle. "

body wash, $13. 2. travel kit, $25. 3. baby shampoo, $12. 4. baby lotion, $13.]

erba has a good selection of baby and mommy products that are all gentle enough for young skin. {Think moisturizing aloe, healing echinacea, nourishing lavender, and soothing chamomile.} Even better about feeling good about harsh chemical-free products is the fact that "erbaorganics is donating 15% of the proceeds from the body wash (and the Baby Body Oil, $13,) to the Worldwide Orphans Organization, which provides orphans around the world with health care, education, and more ("

I love clean and natural. And doing good feels good! Check out erbaorganics here or at your local Target store.



  1. Avaialable at Target {a store I love}? I'll be checking for it next time I'm there.

  2. GREAT that they sell them at Target...I agree!

  3. I love their design. Nice colors and simplicity.

  4. i discovered this awhile ago and posted it. it totally puts dotty to sleep and I love the smell! I'm sad you posted how much it costs because I chose to ignore is well worth the cost.

  5. Oh, good. I love when people have already tried things I want to try. And you like it?! Was it a Target purchase? Hmmm. Even more appealing.

  6. I had a hard time finding it. It wa in the Bath & Body section next to Cosmetics. My new baby loves it!

  7. oh, perfect Debbie! would say it's a worthy purchase?


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