Tuesday, May 29, 2007

wall candy art

The walls in my daughter's room are white. Pearly white. I've debated back and forth between painting, modern art, trendy wallpaper or simply leaving them white until we move. I recently found the perfect solution:

Wall Candy Arts. I'm inspired to do something creative with these products. They are peel-it-off and stick-it-on anywhere-surface products. 100% kid friendly, mom-likable, and modish decor all in one.

{Think: on the refrigerator, in a home office, wall in the playroom, bathroom border, child's room/nursery, treehouse even...}


  1. great idea for any size wall! I love the butterflies!

  2. I think this is a fun solution, Missy! Especially b/c it's not permanent. The chalkboard squares would be a great addition to the play room corner (or home office)!


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