Wednesday, May 16, 2007

forever stamp

It's called the Forever Stamp. If there were ever a time to buy in bulk, now would be the case.

I'm sure most everyone knows the United States Postal Service upped their price on stamps from 39 to 41 cents. I went to the post office yesterday to stock up and learned about these beauties {shown above}.

Notice, there is no price on the stamp. That is because no matter when you buy it, the stamp will be valid at the cost you purchased it. So, while the stamp price may increase in years to come...this stamp remains constant at your purchased price. Buy now, save later.

Read more here.


  1. I bought some of these too. Unfortunately I don't have $100 plus to put down on stocking up.

  2. You are right - $100 on stamps wouldn't help the budget, but possibly right before stamps go up in price you could stock up {a bit} on the 41 centers.

  3. I was listening to the local public radio station yesterday while they were having stamp and coin hour (seriously!) The "expert" pointed out that with the amount of money you could earn in interest by investing your extra pennies it would be cheaper to forgo the "forever" stamp. I still love the idea though--no more buying all of those 2 cent stamps!

  4. Thank you DrBRock. Always good to hear from the stamp experts!


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