Thursday, May 3, 2007

fabulous flats {for Spring!}

All for less than $81. All available at Piper Lime.

hush puppies $70.

nine west $69.

Report $60.

kenneth cole reaction $80.

chinese laundry $60.


  1. I love, love, love flats, especially in the city. I have gotten over the (what I thought was a) need for the extra height that comes with uncomfortable heels. I still wear them, but I am definitely a flats or wedges girl now. I love your choices and think I've tried most of them on. :) The Nine West ones are among my favorites, but unfortunately really uncomfortable. I've almost bought them about 3 or 4 times, but I keep thinking, "Could I really walk in these for the afternoon?" The answer is unfortunately no. The Report flats (Nordstrom always has a cute selection of the brand) are really comfy.

    I love shoes.

  2. I'm a flats lover too and am so glad they are in style.

    Kathryn, good comments on the Nine West shoes. I was going to say that the polka dots ones were my favorite especially thinking of wearing them with a black dress, but I need comfortable shoes while chasing my toddler at church.

  3. I cannot wear heels with my bad back so thank you for sharing all the info on these cool flats. I might have to make a trip to Nordstrom. I am a fan of flats too and I think I have been wearing the same old slip-ons (just because they are comfortable) and need something with a feminine touch.


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