Monday, May 14, 2007

martha IS modern.

For a little Martha to balance out the Not Martha, I have a {maybe} favorite from the new Martha Stewart crafts line that is stealing a lot of talk lately. To be honest, I didn't think that the crafts line was going to be me. I'm not a scrapbooker. But this appeals to the appreciator of pattern and design and fun in me. It's not all floral and lace. It's part cool. {So much so that I left my "quick trip to Michaels" with a cart full of card kits and wrapping and tissue papers, among other things.}

The Kid's Birthday Card Kit includes:
*6 4x6in color-border cards and matching envelopes
*4 sheets of stickers: 88 stickers total
and "makes it fun and easy for kids to turn out creative, original birthday cards for friends and family."

I'm especially loving the modern-esque fruits, trees and flowers. Let me know if there are any birthdays to note coming up. I'm ready to create.


  1. isnt is great? went to michaels for the first time this weekend, and what great stuff! I love the stamps...particularly the bird stamps.

  2. Those are great Kelli. It's a little more fun to send out a card with a extra touch of "you" created in it. I'll have to check out Michael's.

  3. Nice collection I will have to go and check these out.

  4. I was at the MS Crafts debut at Michael's when in AZ. We got supplies for Izzy's bday invites which I love! I could spend a lot of money among her things. Love them.


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