Thursday, May 10, 2007

chic {and cheap!}

Who doesn't love a good sale? Check out the one's below. We're confident that you'll like 'em too {disclaimer: they are all "bags" this week as I couldn't get enough of them - women, men and children all to come}.

A. Is for Anthropologie. Hardly cheap, but certainly chic {and I did say sale}.

B. Think poolside, farmers market, evening at a carnival {or all of the above}. American Eagle for you.

C. A travel tote {to the beach/shore/lake?} from GAP.

D. Uber sassy clutch with a price tag all with enjoy {$10!}. Thank you Nordstrom.

E. Totally loving this cinch tote {available in stores, saw it yesterday}. Target, of course.

F. I told you I couldn't get enough of Lotta. A make-up bag with a modern touch.


  1. Can I please buy EVERY SINGLE one? I love your picks, Missy. I can't get enough of bags. I'll have to do some research on international shipping...thanks for the tip!

  2. The Target bag is cute. Target always {pleasantly} surprises me. I love the Nordstrom clutch too...but I'm not a clutch person. Maybe I should become one.

  3. I have the Target bag. I call it my leaf bag. As in "can someone get my sunglasses out of my leaf bag?" Love Target.

  4. I love the Target bag, but the link doesn't go right to it. I tried to sort through their bags but aren't having any luck. Do you have a vendor name or any other info? I'd really appreciate it.

  5. Oops. On my second try it worked. Thanks again.


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