Saturday, May 5, 2007

bag love

I'm such a lover of bags. I usually stray from purses to find unique messenger bags {or the like}. They are a better fit for my lifestyle.

first: a Mahar Drygoods exclusive- the Paper Plane Messenger Bags, Ice-Blue created by Anatomy of a Skirt. Vinyl, vintage-inspired, hip.
second: Aspen Messenger by bellaserababy. Canvas, urban, style savvy.
finally: zid zid kids Bus Backpack for a washable, modern, cool alternative. Sure, maybe not necessarily "adult" by your child's style parallels your own, right?!

{via babygadget.}


  1. I like the second one best. Never heard of them either. I'll have to check them out. I love bags too. I tell myself not to buy more b/c I already have too many, but I can't help myself. And worst part is that I usually only use my one diaper bag.

  2. My favorite is the second too!

  3. I am a bag person too. Love them. I use them instead of a diaper bag. I love all of them really!


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