Wednesday, May 2, 2007

suiting up.

It's an age old question: what swimsuit to buy for your body type. I can't figure out what my body type is...let alone figure out a swimsuit that will flatter it.

Problem #1: I've given birth. And went overdue with a big boy. I'm left with the {probably all too common} excess skin on my belly. And stretched out belly button. I'm over it {really!} but it rules out anything that will show my stomach.

Problem #2: I have lost 2 breast sizes since the before mentioned birth--leaving me at size 34a. That's small. Does it rule out strapless?

And then I read some advice found in Real Simple's May issue's I Wish I Could Wear...
I liked the "...strapless dresses: but I'm too flat chested." Their answer?

To some, strapless translates as "shapeless." But a dress with pleats
or gathers on the bust or a neckline that dips in the center will give the
illusion of a fuller bust. Also, many designers add a silicone strip or an
interior strap to help keep the garment in place.

Now think strapless swimsuit rather than strapless dress. Or swimsuit in general, strapless aside. It's motivated me to do a little looking with my new found knowledge {i.e. pleats or gathers or dips at the neckline}.

Does that mean this one {below} is out of the question?

boden {dips at the neckline}

jcrew {pleats and gathers}

Any help with some two piece {tankini} options?


  1. I don't think a flat chest makes strapless (anything) look bad- especially swimsuits. As a matter of fact, I think a smaller chest makes strapless look BETTER. Think about Grace (from Will & Grace)- totally flat chested, and Debra Messing refused to wear "falsies", despite the pressure from NBC execs.

    This being said- I like the brown the best, or the top strapless. I think you would look great in both, especially because you are petite.

  2. I agree with Kathryn. I think strapless may even look better on smaller chests.

    I have the top one (Jcrew) in black. I've had it for a couple years and love it.

  3. I'm a 34a also and I find Targets swim suits actually fit me, after 5 kids I also like some tummy coverage so I sew on a lycra middle panel, It has been fun to mix patterns up too, that way I feel like I have a suit that not every one is wearing.

  4. I agree with Kathryn and Lindsey- strapless looks better with smaller chests. A larger chest just doesn't get enough support from a strapless.

    You asked about tankini's- if you don't want to show skin, then a great option are the Modbe or Shade swimsuit lines. Modbe is a little cuter I think, but both have some variations you might be interested in and the tops are long enough to cover the the tummy.

  5. Kelli, get number 1. You've been eyeing it for a while now. I think everyone above is right. You'd look fabulous in it.


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