Thursday, May 31, 2007

over the counter beauty finds.

I'm definitely a department store beauty product shopper. I value quality and am willing to pay the little extra {every 6 months} for the extra boost of confidence that the products {makeup, face lotion, hair care} are going to do their job correctly. I love Origins and Aveda and trust Lancome. And I'm anxious to try Bobbi Brown. But I also get enthusiastic about the occasional drug store beauty finds during a perusing through Target isles, for example. You've got to love a good deal. Especially when it feels just as good as the pricier options.

Here's a look into Tangled and True's drug store beauty favorites-

maybelline mascara {missy}

neutrogena mineral sheers loose powder {missy}

biore self heating face mask {kelli}

botanics skin brightening toner {kelli}

What's in your cart?


  1. My newest favorite- St. Ives Mineral Therapy lotion. I got a small sample the other week and I LOVE using it on my legs. It makes my skin SO soft.

    Self tanner- L'Oreal's version is great, and it doesn't have the icky smell that many have. It never streaks, and gives my skin just a tiny bit of a sun-kissed glow (especially good since I sit inside at a desk all day long- my skin does not get to see the sun. ever.).

    For cleanser- Cetaphil is recommended by just about everyone. I really like it, although if it's a make up day, I typically have to use it twice.

    My favorite "fancy" brands- MAC & Bobbi Brown. I'm fairly loyal, but with some things, it makes sense to NOT spend that much money. Target's makeup line is supposed to be great, and my sister swears by it.

  2. Kathryn, doesn't self tanner scare you a little? Does L'Oreal avoid the orange hands problem? If anybody needs to give self tanner a's me!

  3. Kelli, it used to, defintiely. When it first started coming out it was all orange and streaky. Not good.

    When I say "self tanner", I suppose what I mean is "moisturizer with self tanner included". This helps with the streakiness issues. No orange hands, no orange legs. I would try L'Oreal's "fair skin" version, which is what I use. It's very subtle. I put it on before I go to bed (you have to walk around sort of naked for a while- about 10 minutes to let it dry), and wake up looking just a tiny bit less pale. Origins also has a proudct (something about being bare- I can't remember the name) that is a shimmery moisturizer that will give you a glow after a week or so of application. And- it smells delicious.

  4. i have to admit, makeup is where i splurge. i tried target (walmart, rite aid...) mascara for a while....but switched back. my grandmother started me on clinique make-up as a small child...she wouldnt let me use cheap make-up for play (my grandmother was miss kentucky and it sometimes shows :). so needless to say, i'm hooked. HOWEVER. Ebay. do you guys ebay? i buy a lot of my bobbi brown off ebay, at a FRACTION of the price. often cheaper than it (say, eyeshadow) would be at target!

  5. I've been wondering about self-tanner these days. Are the chemicals that turn your skin darker REALLY that safe? I get kind of nervous with doing unnatural things to myself.


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