Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Let's talk skincare. I've never been a "brand-loyalist" meaning my make-up bag is filled with a variety of brands. There's my Clinique moisturizer, MAC eye shadow, Sephora lip gloss etc. Until about two months ago. I've become an Origins junkie.

Origins will become USDA certified organic in June. They study plants and take from them the essential ingredients that can clear up blemishes, prevent future breakouts and smooth fine lines from aging. Origins uses Ginger to improve circulation, Peppermint as an anti-inflammatory {think puffy eyes}, Eucalyptus to smooth fine lines and more.

We do whatever we can to protect the earth and its resources. We use no aerosols. We opt for recycled materials including papers, cartons and packing materials. And we always favor packaging that's easily recyclable. So you can feel free to indulge in and enjoy our products without hesitation.

My skin feels healthy, fresh and clean. My favorites {below}:

  • Modern Fusion Serum: Apply before your moisturizer. Dullness, roughness, sallowness, brown spots, finely etched lines and signs of sun damage appear to disappear. Sign me up.
  • A Perfect World Moisturizer: Firms, brightens and helps even out skin tone. Love it
  • Ginger Bath Soak: Stiffness subsides and the tensions and tightness of a harried day miraculously melt away. Kelli's favorite. Yum!
  • Modern Friction: Dermabrasion that removes sluggish cells, uneven patches and surface skin damage.
  • Night-A-Mins Eye Cream: Reduces fine lines {crows feet}, dark circles and puffiness. Perfect for a new mother, no?
  • All and Nothing Powder: A mineral powder that creates a flawless look without the make-up feel.


  1. Wow Missy, I am glad you found these and liked them now I will go and try some of these. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us.

  2. I wanted to try this Origins stuff. Thanks for the tips on what is good!

  3. I LOVE Origins! I am such a fan....and the Ginger bath soak is definitely my favorite. (But you've picked great choices too. Especially the Perfect World moisturizer.) Great that they're going certified Organic...making Origins feel even better.

    p.s. their gumballs are so good too!


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