Thursday, May 10, 2007

gift list.

It's birthday time. My Isobel is turning one this Tuesday. Tuesday!

It's cliche, but I can't believe it's been a year. We've learned a lot (and still are) while experiencing every possible emotion and whole lotta love. Whole lotta.

And with that, I'm looking for the perfect gift for Izzy. I'm not into just providing a new toy with a home. I want to find something that Izzy will that possible? To find something a one-year-old will love for more than 15 minutes?

Izzy's perfect gift list
(all things she has loved, okay, been obsessed with, over the past few weeks.
Past few weeks > 15 minutes.)

a toilet paper roll
the toilet brush (yuck)
coal from our open fireplace
rocks (preferably small enough to fit into her mouth, but she'll take either - thank you)
a waste bin with no lid (that's a trash can)
unprecedented access to the freezer (she's particularly fond of the frozen chicken)
a bath plug
everyone else's food
an un-swept floor

Seriously? This would make her day. Of course it is not happening. But I'm just saying...if she could write her own list, then this would be it.

on a side note: Missy, how is Avery liking her Wheely Bug?


  1. Sienna LOVES her water table! I got it for her first bday since we already have two walking toys from the other kids' first. (Izzy is already walking so well, that maybe you should just skip that type of toy!) The table I got is from Target and is actually a water/sand table. I skipped the sand and filled both sides with water. All three kids love it! Highly recommended! Let us know what you decide to do.
    The wheely bug looks fun too!

  2. I ate coal when I waw her age too. Good times. I also can't believe she is almost one! Good luck with shopping for her (running shoes? ;-))!

  3. Definitely an easel or something else that is her own little outpost, like a desk or a table...

  4. Hi Ladies,
    I have nominated tangled and true moms for BLOGGERS CHOICE AWARDS why don't you guys go and vote for them. Here is the link

  5. Thanks Zobars! You're the best!

  6. My boy/girl twins just turned one a month ago, and we were beyond excited to reach this milestone. We gave them wheelybugs (bee and cow), and they don't really have the hang of racing them around, but they enjoy it when we race them around on them! We also purchased the Target sand/water table, and like Kasey, we fill it with water on both sides and it's a big hit. Target was also the source of a bubble machine and other bubble related paraphenalia and a blow-up swimming pool with sunshade (we hope to use in a month or so). Have a terrific time celebrating!

  7. That's exciting, Lindsey. Cole's 1st birthday was SO much fun for me. He loves his radio flyer wagon and wooden blocks. Like I've said before, has been my best source for amazing toys. And they categorize them for age appropriateness too.

  8. She loves it Linds. I would highly recommend it. Like the anonymous person, she hasn't figured out how to actually push herself (and actually her legs don't touch the ground) BUT, she loves it so much.

  9. Happy Birthday, Izzy! Does she have the Music Blocks by Neurosmith yet? That it a big favorite around here for the toddler crowd.

  10. Thanks for all the suggestions! Love hearing what is (and isn't) a hit with other kids.


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