Monday, March 31, 2008

shipping deadline.

lalapanzi bed in chocolate/cream:
isn't it a pretty alternative to a moses basket or bassinet?!

For those participating in our modern layette swap, please remember that the shipping deadline for all packages is on Friday (April 4th). Good luck and have fun wrapping up the details. Can't wait to see what this turns up for everyone...

sweet dream totes.

Just got word in the mail of new Joys! Joy by Mel Lim has released pretty recycled totes (so in and even necessary) available in three Spring-ish and Joy-unique designs.
Made with 80% recycled cotton & 20% recycled soda bottles, our totes are made in USA with Fair Labor Association
$29 for one or $80 for all three. I love Sweet Dream 3!

I love david fusseneger.

Owls + muted, natural colors + Austrian design = baby blanket lust. 95% cotton for $29.50.


My last taste of wallpaper wasn't a good one. Dusty rose and country blue floral vines climbed my walls like an old english garden from ages 10 to 14. I swore I would never have wall paper in my own home from that point on... Until now. I am loving these new wallpapers coming out from olli & lime. So much so, that I'm considering going back on my word.

Friday, March 28, 2008


I sort of dread the monotonous motions of laundry day, which comes way too often in our home. Today's green product highlight is exciting as it dispels the myth that green takes more effort and more money. Eucalan is a non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate free no rinse delicate wash. This makes laundry safe, quick and cheap as you can by-pass the rinse cycle in both a machine and hand wash (using only half of the typical amount of water). Gentle enough for the most sensitive of fabrics, it also proves an eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning... perfect for those delicates, wool sweaters and baby layette. Simply add 5ml/1 teaspoon of soap to every 1 gallon of water, soak and gently ring (or spin) dry. Available in naturally scented eucalyptus, lavender, grapefruit and natural. Such a simple solution.

Check here for a store locator near you.

faintly lemony handbag.

I have been loving these bags for awhile now. They are made from 100% recycled pillowcases and can help you tote around up to 15 pounds of groceries, the perfect picnic lunch or your diapers and wipes. Highly functional and eco-friendly.

bit by bit.

We've had fun these last three weeks celebrating green for March. Domino Magazine's editor might have said it best in March's issue when she concludes her letter titled "an ode to the little things" with:
"We're all making a difference, bit by bit. And in that spirit, it's good to remind ourselves that many of the world's biggest changes have begun with small steps."
We hope to have passed along a little motivation to do just that: change bit by bit. Good luck with your own green efforts.. something I'm excited to embrace.

As a reminder, several of the fantastic green companies we've highlighted this month are offering all tangled and true readers worthy deals + discounts:

Tomo & Edie: 20% off [email with a mention of Tangled and True]
Fierce Hugs: $5 off with code D05FTTB (note: that's a zero between the D and 5)
Happy Green Bee: 25% off [call 1.800.209.0094 and mention Tangled and True]
Natty Girl: 15% off with code Tangled
Blooming Lotus: 20% off with code truegreen
bioME5: $5 off + free domestic shipping with code Tangled

Thursday, March 27, 2008

spot on square.

I've never been one to have a celebrity crush or a need for things, but Spot On Square makes my stomach flutter. They truly did get it spot on!
"Spot On Square is on a mission to bring eco-conscious, quality furniture to modern families while making sure above all that these pieces uphold the best design quality."
With a commitment to sustainability, safety and purity in design, it's a breath of fresh air to know that our new modern children's furniture options are not only beautiful, but healthy, affordable and functional.

Bob and Nicole Springer, the lovely faces behind the products, have no doubt reached superstardom. They started their family with 3 under 18 months, sought out a new furniture option for modern tots, and soon after birthed Spot On Square by utilizing Bob's industrial design brilliance and Nicole's genius know (as an award winning teacher and mom) of what modern parents want. "It's a perfect collaboration that brings our loves and educations together; good design and children."

As a parent, it's exciting to reach major milestones, feeling the accomplishment of doing something a bit difficult (and even dreaded.. for the first time) well. With Cole's second birthday came The Hiya Toddler Bed. It suits us perfectly! The birch wood and white easily matched our pre-existing furniture, the simple design compliments our lifestyle and the easy assembly (I did it- on my own- during Oprah) and eco-friendly, non-toxic paint allowed me to breath easy. That's huge given the circumstances.
The bed has high sides to help keep your child in while sleeping; but allows you to sit at the foot of the bed to tuck them in. Choose your own color and wood finish for the head/foot board to create the best fit for your childs room. $449-625.
It was actually an amazingly gentle transition and after just 2 weeks, Cole doesn't remember anything different. He LOVES getting in and out on his own. I love that he's close to the ground at night. From crib to toddler bed (my vote over twin for many reasons) is behind us. Now we're simply left to enjoy his room that has transformed into modern gorgeous.

The Spot On Square collection also includes the hiya crib, hiya dresser, hiya nightstand, hiya shelving, and hiya changing tray. It's finally a reasonable and thrilling go to. Beware of potential furniture crush.

green toys.

With all the buzz about unsafe toys going around these days, Green Toys offers a refreshing alternative. I am completely sold and already have the Tea Set pre-ordered. The entire production process start to finish is done in California, who is known for their strict safety and environmental laws. Green Toys is also extremely energy efficient, so much so that "every pound of recycled milk jugs used in the making of Green Toys: saves energy equal to 3,000 AAA batteries, saves enough electricity to power a TV set for 3 whole weeks and saves enough electricity to keep a laptop computer running for a month."

Green Toys uses recycled milk containers as the main ingredient in creating their toys. Yes the ones you drink out of every morning. These milk containers are reprocessed into super clean fresh plastic. The plastic material they use is called high-density polyethylene (or HDPE). This is considered to be one of the safest, cleanest plastics around.

But they don't stop there. They minimize packaging using boxes that require as little material as possible. All Green Toys are packaged in recycled corrugated boxes. No plastics, cellophane or annoying twist ties and every box is 100% recyclable.

If the environmental factors aren't enough to convince you. Perhaps the toys themselves will. They are brilliant. Perfect for imaginative play. From the Cooking & Dining set to the Sand Play Set.

View list of retailers and online vendors here.

peas on earth.

Reader Tip: I was shopping for my nephew and came across this cute eco-friendly site. I decided to get his present from there and I am very happy.

Thanks Kai. We think Peas on Earth is great as well.
The Dream Green Collection offers environmentally inspired tees for babies and kids. Tees designed to inspire kids taht they too can aspire to make a difference in anything they dream to become.

So Dream Green............

View entire collection here.

see kai run (winners!).

It looks as though there are several See Kai Run fans in you all as well! Thanks for participating in this exciting giveaway. (Because... who doesn't love shoes?) The 3 winners of any See Kai Run shoe available in their new online shop are:

1. candace
: "tough choice, but June & Sadie are both really adorable."
2. elizabeth moon: "My son lost his shoes in the airport last week and I've been wondering where to find some really cute new ones...thanks for the post.
I am going to say my favorite is the Elias. Love the faux laces and the cool grey color--he can match Daddy."
3. emlizalmo: "C'mon, seriously? These are the cutest things I've ever seen. Favorite? Stella, Ashley Maija, Geneva to name a few. My Molly needs some non-hand-me-downs pretty desperately!"

Please email us by Monday with your *size and style of choice as well as your *shipping information in order to claim your prize. Thanks and enjoy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


bioME5 tees are inspired by the "visual learning process inherent in all children," yielding playful, cheerful and positive designs. It's called the animal alphabet project and it's awakened an appreciation for and understanding of the animals that inhabit the earth's natural biomes (desert, grasslands, aquatics, forests, and tundra) in the youngest learners. Even their site is child-friendly and enlightening. note: be sure to turn your sound on.
"Vibrant colors, large letters, and easily recognizable animals create intriguing graphics but also serve as recognition and learning catalysts for children. To be sure, the inverse orientation of the words on our products is not a mistake. The animal name is clearly readable from your little one’s vantage point…"
We've talked about them before and I've been excited about them from the beginning, but I just saw/felt/used them for the first time and am floored. 100% certified (undyed and unbleached) organic cotton, made in sweatshop-free environments in the USA is just the start of their goodness. Tagless and preshrunk makes them exceptionally great. The originality and like-it's-been-worn-for-years softness put them over the top. This would make for one exciting hand-me-down.

A limited edition polar bear design was just released, with 20% or proceeds being donated to the Detroit Zoo's Arctic Ring of Life exhibit- the leader in the exhibition, management and breeding of polar bears since 1928.

Tees are available in size 2T - 6T and onesies (size 3-6 months and 6-12 months). Buy sustainable and fashionable and get free domestic shipping! $28-32. (Long sleeved styles are currently discounted from $36 to $28!)

I like Z. What letter would you choose?

Tangled and True deal + discount: Use code Tangled and receive $5 off your order plus free domestic shipping.

a good cause.

We've talked about tiny sprouts before, and you know we love them. Today they are donating 100% of sales to March of Dimes.
"This will be tiny sprouts 2nd annual walk to donate money for research for premature births and infant deaths. Last year we raised almost $2800 and this year we hope to beat it! this cause is close to my heart as my niece died on January 9th, 2007. We raise money in honor of her and in hopes of finding a cause for infant mortality." -Tracey Hageman, owner
If you've been thinking about ordering from tiny sprouts, what better day than today, when you know your money will be going towards a good cause! Here's hoping tiny sprouts meets and exceeds their goals for this years walk.

the dirty dozen.

Not everyone can afford to go completely organic (me included) so if you focus on the dirty dozen you'll eliminate the foods with the highest amounts of pesticides, hormones, additives and chemicals. If you're going to spend money on organic, these are your best bets.

The top 12 foods to Eat Organic

1. Meat
2. Milk
3. Coffee
4. Peaches
5. Apples
6. Sweet Bell Peppers
7. Celery
8. Strawberries
9. Lettuces
10. Grapes
11. Potatoes
12. Tomatoes

For complete list and the reasons why, view here.

pictures via

blooming lotus. {winner!}

jamie who said: I'd love to try that Moontime Cramp Oil. Also, all 4 of their body shampoos sound so nice. Pick me!

Congratulations Jamie! Please contact us at by Friday morning with your shipping information.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

(the new) see kai run GIVEAWAY:

the seans: $36.

See Kai Run has won over Tangled and True. It doesn't get much better than hand-crafted, family-owned and just cool. You see, Missy once posted about a red pair of shoes she wanted for her daughter, and our readers (many of you) offered exceptional feedback. So, both Missy and I got a pair for our respective children and loved them. As a matter of fact, Cole is still wearing these shoes I posted about 5 months ago and I'm floored that anything can outlast Cole's mileage and energy like these have so well. With their flexible soles, buttery soft leather and durable construction, they'll outlast and outsmart other toddler shoes. Better yet, they're built wide (or flexible) enough for feet like my son's that grow out before they grow long.
Our designs are sophisticated and classic with modern twists sprinkled throughout. And most importantly, our shoes are healthy for developing feet. The soles are made of extremely flexible rubber which is great for outdoor use while allowing the foot to flex in all the right places. They're also made of butter soft leather with a breathable leather lining and padded collars for comfort. Finally, See Kai Run shoes are easy to get on and off with Velcro closures that ensure a great fit.

So, we were thrilled to hear of See Kai Run's very recent launch of the You can now shop all of your favorite styles online, including the most recent 15 Spring styles and your favorites from seasons ago. Most shoes are available in sizes 3-9 (about 6 months to 3 years), although there is news of Smaller soft-soled booties for ages 0-18 months to be released August 2008. Perfect. Now we can nearly see See Kai Run through to adulthood. (Be sure to check out the Eleven collection as well.)

See Kai Run wants to help 3 of you celebrate the journey started by your child's first steps by giving three Tangled and True readers their choice of any See Kai Run shoe available in their shop! That's exciting! And, in celebration of their grand opening, free shipping will be offered to all orders through April 30, 2008. I love this company.
What's your favorite style?

would you like to win?
*enter a comment on this post- with your name.
*answer the question above
*please only enter once
*entry will be open until 8 am Thursday morning (3/27)
*winner will be announced on Thursday morning.
note: winner must contact us by Monday (3/31) in order to claim prize

Good luck!

Monday, March 24, 2008

blooming lotus.

"When you want to treat your body's largest organ to something yummy, remember this: what you put on it is as important as what you put in it. Your skin is a sponge. It drinks up whatever you offer it. So choose pure plant medicine over petrochemicals, organic love over toxic soup. Choose organic herbs, pure essential oils, and crystal infusions. Choose Blooming Lotus: all organic, pure positive energy"

Jen Denslow, the woman behind Blooming Lotus, spends her days blending essential oils from the heart of Kansas City's busy art district with her two year old playing on the floor nearby and friendly faces from the nearby market stopping in to say hello. Every batch of products is made with prayer and intention and the products are "pure bliss".

She is a lot like every other mother. Trying to find balance between family, work and play. We all know life can be challenging but Jen believes in doing what you love, and she's making it work. Quite well I might add.

What Jen loves are great body care products and she's on a mission to make them. Not the "natural" and "organic" brands used for marketing buzz, but authentically clean body care, it is the way of life at Blooming Lotus.

If you have ever had a child with a goose egg on their forehead you know how terrible it can make you feel as a mother. The answer I learned from a friend was in the form of arnica. Blooming Lotus's Bruise and Brawn Salve soothes bruises (literally) sore muscles and achy joints. It's made with organic arnica, organic St. John's wort in organic olive oil, organic hemp oil, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, essential oils, & love. As a mother this will become your go-to product. It's become mine.

Soulshine Body Shampoo is a refreshing way to start your morning. I look forward to it daily. It brightens my mood and leaves me feeling ready for the day. Also available in Fairy Fresh, Groundation and Sublime scents.

Blooming Lotus also has a large assortment of handcrafted soaps. Mixing blends of organic ingredients they are scented with interesting combinations that "sing of joy and happiness".

It's clear Blooming Lotus is all about sharing the "love". So they are hoping to pass some of that along to our readers. They are offering a collection of body shampoos in their four signature scents (a $60 value) for giveaway to one Tangled and True reader.

To everyone else, while browsing their assortment of apothercary, aromatherapy and bath & body products Blooming Lotus is offering all Tangled and True readers 20% off your entire purchase simply use code truegreen at checkout.

What Blooming Lotus product would you like to have?

Would you like to win? be sure to:
*enter a comment on this post - with your name
*answer question above
*please only enter once
*entry will be open until 12 am Midnight Wednesday morning (3/26)
*winner will be announced Wednesday morning
note: winner must contact us by Friday (3/28) in order to claim prize

Good Luck and Thank You Blooming Lotus!
-the Tangled and True team


I've had palonmasnest's shop bookmarked for ages now. It's such a simple accessory with many equally pure messages. And the beyond sentiments, it's the ideal solution for my jewelry that often sits on my bathroom counter.

I love Mahatma Gandhi's legacy, as it's proved very influential in my own life. He said, "be the change we wish to see in the world." And what a perfect motto for choosing to take on some green efforts. I would buy this tiny text bowl.

Caroline Colom Vasquez, the creator behind Paloma's Nest, says:
I use only all natural materials including fine clays, wood, paper, and cloth...

My inspiration lies in the purity of the materials that I use, and the idea that something so simple can be so bold...

...The studio is powered 100% by Renewable Wind Energy. I use recycled paper products in our pieces and packaging whenever possible.

myths about green living.

If an eco-friendly lifestyle seems overwhelming perhaps reading through these 10 myths about green living, might make it easier to sort through.

Myth No. 1: Small changes don't matter.
One of your biggest weapons in the green movement is your own wallet. Recent numbers demonstrate that a few smarter buying decisions translate to big changes in the planet. One that's fairly easy: When you buy household paper goods (like paper towels, napkins, toilet paper and copy paper), look for products that use high percentages of recycled or post-consumer waste.

If everyone in the country elected to buy one package of 100 percent recycled napkins instead of the non-recycled variety, that act alone would save 1 million trees.

Myth No. 6: Eco-friendly grocery options are expensive.

Not every green choice has to cost you extra green. Buying local grown produce is a good example. The average food item travels 1,500 miles to 2,500 miles to get to your store shelves, according to the Natural Resources Defense council. Locally grown produce -- usually grown within 200 miles -- saves all those transportation and fuel costs, along with tons of carbon. For that reason they are often less expensive and -- because they typically get to ripen longer -- tastier, too. What's more, many smaller local growers don't use pesticides, herbicides or artificial ripening agents, keeping petrochemicals out of the soil and reducing crude-oil usage even more.

View entire list here.

we add up (winner!).

Rachel, who said, "I really like the "buy local" and "eat less meat" tees!" is the winner of the We Add Up Act Now Kid's tee + free shipping. Congratulations, Rachel! Please email us by Wednesday and we'll pass along your shopping code.

To everyone else, get counted in.

Friday, March 21, 2008

wee*go glass bottle.

Not only are these bottles beautiful (available in pink, raspberry, orange, yellow, sky and ocean), they're smart. Babylife, a company grounded in the mission to "provide a new generation of babies and their parents a choice in safe, developmentally-appropriate, and eco-friendly baby products," created the wee go bottle in response to the recent concern of harmful chemicals in plastic baby bottles.
The bottle is covered with a modern sleeve that will help protect the bottle from breakage and also prevent bumping into other articles in your diaper bag. This sleeve is free of plastics and is 100% non-toxic. The bottle and the sleeve can be boiled or put in the dishwasher together. The silicone nipple is latex-free and non-toxic. The plastic ring, plug and cap contain no polycarbonates and are food grade, FDA approved and recyclable. The sleeve provides a good gripping surface during feeding and also a great tactile experience for your baby.

Babylife is proud to give you a choice in using a baby bottle that is bisphenol A, phthalate, PVC and polycarbonate-free.
Modern design fused with scientific research equals a sigh of relief. I like having options. I prefer to play it safe. Right now, it's looking like this is a product to invest in (because the sticker price might be a little high.. but I'll pay for health).

p.s. Not familiar with the toxins in plastic? View resources here.

grocery getter. {reader tip}

Next time you're at the grocery store, answer neither when they ask "paper or plastic". Instead use a cloth tote. You'll find plenty of brilliant designs in this Etsy shop.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

we add up.

We mentioned them when they first launched their company, but we saw our green month as a perfect platform to remind you of the all brilliant We Add Up.

It's a global warming awareness project, standing as a COUNT of people committed to reducing their carbon footprint. It encourages people to make small {or even large} changes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. WE ADD UP is an organic t-shirt campaign where each tee is custom printed with a number. Your number represents your position in the sequential global count!

In addition to a customized number, for every adult shirt, you can choose your action-- essentially stating how you will contribute. Maybe you'll go organic or drink tap, eat less meat or bike. With 25 doable options, there is sure to be something to suit anyone. And wearing your commitment is motivation enough to follow through.

We Add Up believes that "No one can do everything. Everyone can do something. And, WE ADD UP." In addition to the choose your action adult shirts, the "act now" kids tee allows the children to be counted in and spread the message. They understand that "leaving the problems created by current and past generations will cause irreparable damage to their ability to thrive. We can protect our earth and our children's futures..."

All tees are 100% certified organic cotton, grown, woven, and sewn in the USA using sweatshop-free labor. And the company does give back a portion of their proceeds to environmental groups that are working towards the same cause.

giveaway: We want all of you to feel like you can make a difference. In light of giving back, one reader will have a chance to win an Act Now Kid's tee with free shipping. Simply tell us your favorite We Add Up tee along with your comment. Act now. Make a change.

would you like to win?
*enter a comment on this post- with your name.
*answer the question above
*please only enter once
*entry will be open until 8 am Saturday morning (3/22)
*winner will be announced on Monday morning.
note: winner must contact us by Wednesday (3/26) in order to claim prize

positively organic.

I love the girls wearing good long sleeve tee-shirts on spring days and these are at the top of my favorites list. Positively Organic's Toddler Tee's are the perfect combination of bold and bright and are "made from luxuriously soft organic interlock cotton and feature beautiful earth-friendly prints".

green eggs.

We've been trying to cram all our Easter traditions into a very short amount of time with it being in March this year. I loved the idea of these naturally dyed eggs. I find them lovely and have added them to our list of things to do before Sunday.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

note about swap:

note: We're excited for everyone who has chosen to join our modern layette swap. All partnership emails have been sent. If you have sent in your request to participate and have not received an email naming your partner, please let us know. Have fun with it and we're excited to see what this turns up! Happy (almost) Spring! (As always, we're happy to answer any of your questions...)

natty girl.

There is nothing quite like meeting a person who is full of passion and life. It always thrills me to watch their passion and love of what they believe in shine through in everything they do. That is how I imagine the owner/founder of Natty Girl to be.
Our philosophy is to live in a lighthearted, yet conscious mindset where less is more. We have created a uniquely playful collection of result oriented, concentrated formulas and multi-sensory stimulating skin care products that offer a fusion of nourishing ingredients, while commanding a smile.
Struggling with multiple chemical sensitivities and allergies for most of her life, founder Brandy Zender started creating simple ointments from pure, natural raw ingredients that were effective and cosmetically pleasing. As she perfected her ointments her symptoms began to subside, her hard work, education and trial and error all paid off with the launch of NG Spa Collections (aka: Natty Girl) in the fall of 2004.

I have to say I am thrilled with the Natty Girl products. The story behind the company is compelling and their quality control is unmatched.
Our cruelty free products are created in small batches to ensure quality and absolute freshness. We list all ingredients on-line, so you know exactly what is in your products. We import natural and organic ingredients from around the world on a weekly basis in order to ensure the freshness of our raw materials. Many products have a multi-purpose usability and all are FREE from mineral oils, harsh detergents, parabens, talc, FD&C colors and paraffins. our packaging can be recycled or reused and our labels are printed on EarthFirst PLA, which is a biopolymer made from corn.
It's clear you can't go wrong with any of the Natty Girl products. Some of my favorites:

Aromatherapy Toner

A lightweight toner that hydrates and refreshes. Concentrated formula combining organic lavender and organic tea tree oils it can double as an aromatherapy experience, relieving tension and stress. A must have for every mother!

Butter for the body

I love a good body butter. 100% concentrated, deeply hydrating, this lightly whipped organic shea butter is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants. Your skin will thank you.

Be sure to browse through all Natty Girls phenomenal lines including their Apothecary Spa, Apothecary Face, Natty Girl Spa, Natty Girl Face and Natty Baby Spa. You're sure to find something that will delight and refresh you!

Extra Goodness. Enjoy 15% off your entire order by using code tangled and checkout.


Anamalz is a line now carried by Target, right next to our favorite Schleich animals.. so I took notice. They're an original and award winning animal range made from organic maple wood and textile products.
"anamalz have unique characteristics which make them warm and appealing. Each piece has its own wood grain and individual markings that make them different from one piece to the next. Handcrafted and integrated with textiles, we have given our range the ability to move.

anamalz look left and right, up and down and stand in different poses. This inspires hours of creative play. They are a unique gift, a story teller, a toy and a companion."
Amamalz come in the wild, farm or Australian variety, each with it's own cool facts and characteristics. For example: did you know that echidnas (also known as spiny anteaters) are good swimmers and are called "puggles" when they are babies- still in the pouch. I love clever learning tools.
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