Thursday, May 31, 2007

whimsy press.

As I looked a little further into Whimsy Press (creators of the lovely wall art that has made its rounds in the blogosphere), I have fallen in love with a company who has created such a fantastic vow:

"We, Whimsy Press, do whimsically vow to make our stuff hip and fun, for as long as we all shall live. We promise to love what we do, honor good design, and disobey rules as we see fit. We shall remain faithful to ourselves during start-up and growth, through spectacular hits and laughable flops, in busy times and slow. We hereby pinky-swear to cherish all customers and loyal fans until the end of time."

From amazing gift wrap and journals to stickers and placemats, Whimsy is simply rockin'.

"whimsy booty" pirate gift wrap

"write with whimsy" journals and notepads

"chow down with Whimsy" placemats


  1. Have I been in a closet?? I have never heard of Whimsy Press and I LOVE them. Kelli! All of these products are just fabulous.

  2. All I can say is WOW! I had heard of them but I had no idea how prolific they were with their amazing designs. Now Whimsy Press is a permanent bookmark for me. Did you see the wall art? Double WOW. Swoon!


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