Monday, April 30, 2007


Just a reminder! The Darlybird giveaway ends tonight at midnight PST. Comment on the giveaway post {here} to be entered. Random winner will be announced tomorrow morning.


Canvas Totes, Period.

I'm sure quite of few have heard of the bag above. If you haven't you can read this article. Or listen {read?} me give the gist of it:

It launched in London on April 25th and sold out within hours after release. Anya Hindmarch set out to help solve the plastic bag problem. When she heard that a single person uses 167 plastic bags a year, she wanted to make a difference. Why wouldn't it? It's fashionable, enviro-friendly and makes you look and feel like a PR rep for Mother Earth. Love it. Watch for the bag in the US in June. You can sign up to be notified for launch dates near you here.

But, this got me thinking. Using reusable grocery sacks is an easy way to help the environment. It ranks up there with changing your lightbulbs. Fairly inexpensive plus ultra quick results making yourself feel good. And if you're looking to make a difference today, here are some options below.
Target $12.99

JCrew $9.99

Delias $19.50

Lands End $19.00

bliss. in Jill Bliss. I bought this journal yesterday and am in love!

Would you like a look inside?

It's perfect... and so are the rest of her products: "affordable few-of-a-kind goods from recycled or sustainable materials, all made by artist and designer jill bliss alone, or in collaboration with a camaraderie of like-minded friends." Have a look.

the laundress.

Domino Magazine had an article in this months issue that I love: welcome to laundry camp. It's the story of Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Wieber, inventors of the luxury fabric care line, The Laundress. They give us "genius tips your dry cleaner doesn't want you to know."

But for those of you who are unfamiliar with The Laundress or who just enjoy a good tale of women-run company success {I'm passionate about supporting women with ambition and drive}, here's a little bit of girl talk, courtesy of Domino Magazine:
how did you become experts?
"'Lindsey and I had both studied textile and apparel design and management at Cornell, so we went back and took a crash course in detergency. We learned how to keep our line plant-based without adding dyes, sulfates, and toxic ingredients--because it's not only better for the environment but also for you and your clothes.'"
do you do your own laundry?
"'Yes, we even do other people's laundry. Our Sweater Service lets you send us your favorite pullover and we'll wash, soften and scent it until it looks like new, then mail it back to you."

Sounds heavenly to me. And the perfect gift for any woman, I think. For the products that make me dream of clean and fresh:

ironing water: I've always been a fan {and user}.

fabric fresh: can {and should} be used on everything.

wash and stain bar: think travel friendly and delicate enough for delicates.
Finally, for some laundry tips {welcome to laundry camp}, read here. Two pages of "clean little secrets" are also available in Domino's May issue.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

potty mouth.

Like we tell you in our sidebar, we are friendly. We like hearing from our readers. We got an email yesterday from Geneva, who says,

"I was reading through old posts and came across one on diapers and leaks. {Perhaps this one?} I saw that cloth diapers were mentioned in some of the comments and I just wanted to share some info with you all. I think of myself as being on the greener side of society, but I'm definitely not as friendly to the earth as I should be. We are expecting our first child in July and knew from the beginning that I was going to use cloth diapers.

First things first, I love doing laundry, so I think I have an unfair advantage in this department :) But when it comes down to it, I am so much more comfortable wrapping my child in cloth for at least 2 years straight, instead of the plastics, perfumes and chemicals that disposable diapers contain

She continues and shares the following links with us:
The first is an article from Mothering Magazine (the only parenting magazine I read). It addresses environmental issues and benefits of using cloth. The second link is the company website of the diapers that I will use. I am using the one size fits all diaper that grows with your child. The website has some good info about environmental and financial benefits of cloth.

I thought you guys might find this interesting....or maybe you think I'm crazy :) Most people laugh at me and tell me it won't last. Have you ever noticed how unsupportive women can be towards each other? So now all I need to do is figure out what laundry detergent I will use for our family. Any suggestions?"

Hi Geneva! Thanks for the tip and inspired discussion. Rather than crazy, I think you're admirable. How can I pose judgement on someone who is doing what they know best for both the environment and their {soon to be} baby? Cloth diapering sounds like hard work. I wish you luck and success.

If I'm being completely honest, I would admit to the world that as much as I try to be "friendly to the earth," I've only thought through cloth diapers once. I have chosen convenience and sanity over environmental conciousness. I have a feeling that if I gave cloth diapers a try, I would have an experience similar to the one Amanda Jean Clothier relates when she writes the bottom line: one mom's unscientific study of diapers. Her conclusion?

As my experiment draws to a close, here’s what I’ve learned: I’m impatient.
After trying out cloth diapers, I bow to my grandmothers and great-grandmothers
before me who managed to keep their babies clean and dry without the godsend
that is the disposable diaper. Having said that, I also bow to you women out
there today who choose to use cloth diapers. I see now that it can be done. It’s
not gross or disgusting. It just requires a lot of patience, more than I have.
And in all fairness, the Fuzzi Buns probably would have received a better review
if I had tried them last, after I realized what was required. This is definitely
a choice that only a parent actively committed to environmental consumerism
would make.
As far as disposables go, I’m switching to Costco’s Kirkland
Signature brand. Since we’re members of Costco, they’re the cheapest for us, and
I didn’t have any bad experiences with them. They also reminded me how much I
dislike the strong baby powder scent of Pampers. If on occasion I run out of the
Costco brand, either Pampers or Huggies will suffice.

But then, in my own research of cloth diapers, I found gDiapers, the cloth diaper with a 100% compostable flushable insert. So, they're the in-between for cloth versus disposable. Not a bad option, I think.

And they're pretty cute. Any experience with gDiapers?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

alternative nursery.

Missy posted about modern cribs here, but lets take a closer look at the NettoCollection. David Netto makes some of my favorite nursery essentials. Simple, modern, classy. The furniture is pricey, but they've also launched CUB by NettoCollection - "Cool Kids Room. Nice Prices Too."

From NettoCollection:
Moderne Crib. A daybed conversion kit is also available.

Moderne Changing Table.

Another favorite shop? The Conran Shop. If I had a home (and not an 800 sq ft rented flat, I could (more than happily) furnish my whole home with Conran). But for now I'll just stick with a couple favorites from the nursery.

Nara My Sweet Dog and the Julian Cat Chair.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Darlybird GIVEAWAY

We are so, so excited to announce our next giveaway, starting today! The prizes hail from a darling shop named, and appropriately so, Darlybird. Enter to win below for, what we consider, the golden ticket {nugget?} of all online shops, Darlybird.

The random winner will receive...

1 Bla Bla Doll {Clementine the Monkey} - These cozy dolls are sure to be a bedtime favorite. Handknit in Peru, made out of 100% cotton. They are exceptionally cuddly, squeezable and sure to withstand the limits of any baby, toddler and/or child.

1 Rings Dining Set {Essential, yet Mod} - The set includes one 8" dinner plate, a 5.5" bowl, a spoon and a fork! This serving-ware is sure to get the pickiest eaters to taste a bite of brocolli. It's kid-friendly {you'll love}, while looking oh so special {which your child will love}. Double win!


1 Bluette Bobby {Dainty, but Sophisticated} - For the mother of course! Whether you have short or long hair this bobby will add the finishing touch to a simple outfit. So, get a babysitter and go out {or just stay in}...

a package retailing over $70! Loving it? We are too.

So, how did the Darlybird shop became just that? Rachel is a stay-at-home mother {of two adorable girls} who needed a creative outlet. Darlybird is all about "must-have non-essentials." Sounds like an oxymoron right? But, it's not. We all need such things in life. The treats you'll find in the Darlybird shop range from chic pieces of jewelry to necessary baby products to entertaining essentials. Things that truly make life easier. Most of all though, Darlybird grew out of Rachel's desire to give. Immediately upon finding something unique, colorful and happy she wanted to share. And now she can, through her shop.

Here are a few of our favorites...

The Reversible Polka Dot Blanket: You can never have too many blankets and a stylish polka dot one makes bundling all the better! And every child needs a "blankie" to call their own.

Granny Smith Bag: Retro meets Functionality. Apple green to show off your style. Whether you are headed to the movies on Saturday night or to the farmers market on Tuesday afternoon, be sure to take this bag along.

Banner Cards: Receiving snail mail is a rarity these days. Surprise someone you love with not only a card, but one that unfolds into a banner. They can hang it in the kitchen or above their desk at work reminding them that someone special cares.

We venture to guess that you'll get lost in the shop with all the goodies to be found. Darlybird is the perfect site to fall in love with: filled with amazing product that isn't impossible to bring home. And the darling name? It was a nickname that Rachel's own mother gave her growing up. And it stuck. We love it, don't you?

The best news of all...we are all winners. If you purchase from Darlybird directly through the month of May, simply enter "I want a bobby" or "I want a gift tag" {your choice} in the comment section of your online order and one will be added free! Compliments of Darlybird's owner, Rachel herself.

Thank you, Darlybird!

[life in the nest giveaway rules:]

  • you must enter a comment on this post-with your name.
  • please only enter once.
  • entry will be open until midnight PST Monday. {comments posted after this will not be considered}.
  • at this time, we can't guarantee international shipping of giveaway prizes. {do you have a friend with a domestic address? is he/she nice enough to accept the package for you? comment away}.
  • winner will be announced on Tangled and True Tuesday morning.

-Tangled and True: life in the nest.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


We've been talking green quite a bit lately. It makes sense, right: healthy, clean, safe, charitable, unique.. equals cool. That's my take. But sometimes it's hard to make great ideas turn into great lifestyle when the resources are a bit limited {or at least hard to find}.

Now, take a good look at Sprig. It's not only making green stylish, but accessible. Green food, fashion, beauty, home, and lifestyle. All in one place. A design savvy site that tells me, for example, about:

Recycline Preserve Jr. Toothbrushes:

why it's good: The pea pod grips and the unique Preserve angle help kids brush properly and comfortably; the bristles are soft enough for their teeth and gums. Plus, it comes in three fun colors, which is all your kid really cares about when it comes to a toothbrush.
why it's green: The handle is made from recycled materials (including Stonyfield Farm yogurt cups); you can return the toothbrush when it's time for a new one (Recycline provides you with a postage-paid return envelope) and the company will grind it up to make material for recycled plastic lumber. All Recycline's packaging is made from recyclable materials.
note: Price shown is for a pack of 4. $11


Rootcorn Woollyhoodwinks Collection: Ludic

why it's good: Your little one will instantly develop a soft spot for this spunky, strong-willed creature who looks vaguely lost.
why it's green: Made of select wool with loving care, and by hand, which means less energy is used and less pollution is produced than in industrial production. $29.95


Cotton Monkey Sweet Jane Hooded Towel

why it's good: Your little monkey will love being bundled up in this colorful, cozy, absorbent hooded towel after bath time.
why it's green: The fabric is 100% certified organic cotton and contains no formaldehyde or chlorine bleach; the colorful design is made using non-toxic water-based pigments and dyes. $48

Very easy. Click on a category, then a subcategory, then a picture...and cha product. Everything you could want to know.

Helping Each Other Out

I went to Trader Joe's last week after getting back into town. Trying hard to get back into the groove of daily {normal} life, I took my time going up and down the isles. Ave is pretty good at relaxing in her little cart cover and I actually think she's overly content just watching people {think she might get this from me}.

It was in the cheese section of the store that I noticed a lonesome cart all by itself. Except inside was a 18 month {maybe 2} year old girl standing inside. What initially caught my attention was the movement in the cart. She was jumping in it, which made the cart shake back and forth. She got scared {of course} and quickly held onto the handlebars.

I was struck by two things. One, the cart seemed abandoned. Really. I scanned all around me and no mother/father/parent was anywhere in plain eyes view. I worried for a second until the mom came around the corner {apparently she had gone to the restroom in the back of the store}. We exchanged glances and I went back to my cheese selection.

I really don't want to judge, but what I saw next really affected me. Her daughter was tip-tapping the food {in the cart} with her toes when her mother hit {whacked?} her across the face. We do not touch the food in the cart! she berated.

I think I gasped. I was genuinely shocked that she would do that and felt extremely uncomfortable standing near her. I'm really not trying to judge the mom, but what took place was nothing, but something along the lines of abuse. The girl didn't shed a tear {maybe she was used to it?}, which suprised me because it was a hard {and loud} slap on the face. I ache for the little girl because she could not have known any better. So young!

My whole reason for sharing is because I feel I should have done something {anything} though I'm not sure what. Could I have done anything? Not sure, but I've thought about it a lot since that day last week and am left's times like these that I am left thinking we, as women are here to help each other with all our endeavors {motherhood, careerhood, womanhood etc}.

welcome summer {with open arms}

I live in San Diego and summertime feels like it is settling in to stay. And it feels so good. I can't tell you enough. It is the time to head down to the pool, pack a lunch at for the park, walk the city streets to the library and so much more.

I'm sure most are equally excited to break out the "summer bin" of clothes {maybe not the swimsuits quite yet} and bottles of sunblock. If spring hasn't hit your area quite yet...I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it does soon. Sunshine does wonders for the soul.

So, I went ahead and did some research about sunblock. It's a necessity, so we might as well be informed.

Aveeno Baby has an SPF of 55, which I'm digging. It's one of the highest SPF I found on the for babies. The more protection against both UVA and UVB rays, the better, I think.

The Sunblock Stick {made by several brands} has great reviews. It is easy to apply and doesn't need much rub-in time, which will make our kids happy. And we are not left with the gooey, white mess on our fingers. I used this one last year and loved it.

The Spray looks equally desirable, but I would suggest using the spray for the arms, legs and back. Nobody likes sunscreen in the eyes, especially our kids.

Mustela sunscreen seems to have received the most {and best} reviews from all people alike.

Earth's Best is the major organic sunblock out on the market {though I'm sure you could find others}.

Bullfrog sunscreen has been around for ages. Personally, I feel like that brand used to be much more powerful at combating the sun's rays, but maybe it's just me.

Anyone have a favorite?
One fact I learned is that kid's sunblock should contain UVA protection, but in the form of titanium dioxide or zinc oxideis as it is gentler on kids' skin than avobenzone. This is the big reason for buying "baby" sunblock rather than using regular sunblock. If you have sensitive skin, I would suggest purchasing baby sunblock for yourself too.


"This is Olivia. She is good at lots of things."

I often judge a book by its cover (hopefully, just books). Especially books for my daughter. Isn't art paramount in a children's book? As soon as I saw the cover of Olivia I had to add it to Isobel's library.

The illustrations are to die for, although the text is witty and charming itself. Written and illustrated by Ian Falconer (an artist for the The New Yorker), the book is simple, modern and full of creative flair. Only shades of black and splashes of red adorn the white background.

Olivia. When I paid for my goods, the lady at the register commented that even she, an elder woman with no kids at home, had added it to her collection.

We bought the board book. I recommend it.

one world.

I was able to watch the American Idol: Idol Gives Back special last night. The focus was to save lives by fighting extreme poverty in both America and Africa. Donations will change the statistics. Like the fact that a child dies in our world every three seconds. From hunger or malaria or AIDS or violence {among others}. And prevention is possible. But I'm most impressed with the impact that a human connection will have on the world's suffering. Each one of us needs to find that connection. Because if the starving boy in Kenya with a giant tear rolling down his cheek was my little boy, I would put an end to his pain. And if watched my mother die of AIDS, or understood that 6,000 children are orphaned by AIDS every day, I would buy the medicine. One in four adults living in the developing world is illiterate. How would it feel to not be able to read? Or write?

I have lived in Honduras. I will forever have a love for Catrachas and Catrachos and anything Central American. They are my family. They taught me to love sincerely.
I have visited Africa. I have felt the spirit that only Africa emits. Africa has changed me. I want to take action.
I have given birth to a son. He has shown me the transformation that comes of sacrifice. I want to be a mother to the world.
I have been a counselor and pseudo parent to youth with psychiatric disorders. I will always be sensitive to and understanding of Schizophrenia and ADHD and Bipolar disorder and depression.
My point? I wouldn't feel for the Honduran or the African or the children or those with mental illness {as much as I could} if I didn't put myself in a position to know them. We need to connect. And that takes action.

How do we start? Maybe here. Or read the ideas I posted on my blog several months ago.


Again, a round of all about me continues. This time: paper. Because I'm a "paper tiger" in every way.

set of three blithesome notebooks.

green tea scented stationary.

8 days a week planner pad.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


"Ichan" who said, "So cute!" is now a lucky owner of a National Badger art collection. Welcome to the world of charming, modern and happy. Please email us at with your name and address in order to receive your dreamy package.

Didn't win? Head over to National Badger, choose your favorite animals coupled with your favorite colors and mention that you're a Tangled and True reader. You will receive a 15% discount on your entire order if placed by the end of June. {Jackpot!}
[Update: in order to apply the 15% Tangled and True discount, send orders to and Christine will take care of the discount and direct you from there.]

AND stay tuned for our next life in the nest giveaway to be announced on Friday. This Friday. {Double jackpot!} We have several more amazing giveaways in the line up. Sign up for our hello friends mailing list for giveaway reminders and a little bit of inside scoop, etc. {See sidebar for details.}

Keep checking in and thanks for reading.


"Who says counting sheep to fall asleep only works for grown-ups?"

Let's discuss mobiles for a minute. I'm a huge fan of hanging them in a baby/kids room. From the newborn moments to the budding toddler I now I have, Ave loves her butterfly mobile. It hangs over the rocker and after reading books, we always say "Night, night" to the butterflies before nap and bedtime. You ask her "where are the butterflies?" and she immediately points to the feminine insects.

Over the past couple years, new mobiles have been introduced. We're not confined to the plush, "clip on the side of the crib" kind. New mobiles are constantly being introduced. Like the sheep one pictured above {from Modern Nursery}.

Or wall mobiles. They are a great way to liven up the nursery decor without painting or stenciling.

And who doesn't believe in love at first sight? Kelli added a Bla Bla mobile into her Dream Nursery {featured here}. We love Bla Bla's mobiles. I think the one below is my favorite.

So many to choose from! And I love them all...Secret Confession: I really want one in my master bedroom. Like maybe this one?

*Please be advised! Remove mobiles from child-reach areas as your litte one could pull it down resulting in a health hazard.

the kitchen.

Second in the series of all about me finds: the kitchen. If I were a gear junkie, I'll claim the kitchen as my addiction of choice. I could peruse the isles of Williams-Sonoma for an endless amount of time {if I had the funds to buy an endless amount of gadgets and unexpected necessities, of course}. Apparently it's a rule of thumb in the world of gift giving {to a woman} to steer clear of mixers and blenders...but give me a brushed copper KitchenAid Professional 620 Stand Mixer and I'll love you forever.

So, simply put, I like setting my kitchen apart from the casserole making, stew brewing, rooster adorned blend, and bring the kitchen back to light and colorful and fresh {respectively}. This is how I would do it:

an olivina jar candle.

the Poppy Jubilee Apron.

some garden in a bag.


It's not very often that stylish, sexy and engaging are paired with modest. And now meet ELIZA Magazine, a runner {and maybe soloist?} in fashion magazines that retain(s) "high standards in dress, entertainment, and lifestyle." With the how to in fashion, beauty, health, entertainment, and lifestyle, ELIZA "addresses the whole woman--inspiring and helping her become her best self." Sounds right up my alley.

Subscribe for the introductory rate of $10.97 for 4 quarterly issues. And spread the word.
{Thanks for the tip, Mary.}

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