Tuesday, September 30, 2008

olli & lime {giveaway!}

I have anxiously been awaiting this giveaway. The incredible olli & lime. I've spoken of them before, their designs are incredible, their products of the highest quality. But they don't stop there, they don't conform to the standard of children's decor. They're bursting with flavor and variety. They're doing their best to respect the environment; using recycled materials and recycling what they use. They're young and energetic and designing the very best for your children.

I've recently acquired one of their blankets. While the design is brilliant, the fleece on the back is the softest I've ever felt. I'm crossing my fingers that the newest member of our family will be a boy and I can design the entire nursery around the blanket. 
Today Olli and Lime is helping one lucky reader add style and function to their decor with a blanket and matching pillow of their choice. (a $175 value)

What is your favorite olli & lime design?

Would you love to win? be sure to:
*enter one comment this post - with your name
*please only enter once
*answer question above
*entry will be open until 7 am Thursday morning 10/2
*winner will be announced Thursday morning

Monday, September 29, 2008


Nocturnal Layette set $26
Small. Bold. And destined to stand out among a sea of average.
Anchovies is redesigning parenthood. From their simple, stylish apparel to their diaper totes and blankets, they are taking the basics and making a bold statement. The designs are simple and beautiful. Every basic is well thought out. Every last detail is perfect, even down to their packaging options. So, if you're looking for an exciting twist on the basics, think Anchovies!

a halloween invite.

Every year we like to throw a Halloween party. It's one of my favorite gatherings of the year! I've been looking for the perfect invitation idea and am thinking Martha may have the this years winner. Do you love it or hate it?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

house cleaning.

A new look, a fresh face, it was time to change it up a bit. It feels good, almost like a deep spring cleaning and I'm thrilled with the end result thanks to Katie Richardson, who also happens to be the face behind the ever amazing puj.

And while the look may be a little different I'll continue to keep you updated on all the latest finds, new favorite recipes, exciting guest bloggers, amazing giveaways and do it yourself activities.

Most importantly, I'd love your help spreading the word. Add the new T+T button to your sidebar! (you'll find the html code in the right sidebar). 

If you have the old button, replace it with the new, you'll be glad you did. Send me an email with a link to your blog and I'll add an extra entry in your name to Tuesday's giveaway. This applies to new buttons as well! 

Have questions, I'd love to help, email me at tangledandtrue@gmail.com.

Happy Weekend!

f is for frank.

Some may think it's a little early to start talking about Christmas, and while I agree I may be jumping the gun here, it is on the horizon, and I couldn't pass this up.

F is for frank has recently launched an exciting new product. The pewter ornament making kit.

How it works: purchase the kit from their etsy shop. Once you've received the kit, make and bake a clay creation of your liking, then send the clay creation back to them and they will turn your creation into 4 pewter ornaments...

You like what you hear (and see), it gets better. If four is not enough feel free to add on as many as you like ($13 each). You also have the option of including a personal hand stamped message on the back. Turn around time is about 2-3 weeks to receive your pewter ornaments.

Kit includes: 3 sculpting tools, 1 wooden rolling pin, polymer clay (non-toxic), plastic work surface, bubble wrap bag, order form and instruction booklet with 6 patters to get you started.

Perfect for all ages (well 6-100 they say). It's the perfect gift for friends and family, it's truly unique and a handmade ornament that will last forever. 

Out to Tea {winner!}

Abby who said: I love the crochet bee clip. My girls would adore all the critter ones!!

Congratulations Abby, please email me (tangledandtrue@gmail.com) by Monday morning to claim your prize.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a sneak peek.

I was browsing Design Sponge today and came across this sneak peek of Kelly Osborne's house from See Jane Work. I want my house to look like this. seriously.

desk calendar.

While we're on the subject of See Jane Work, this would make for the perfect desk calendar. Made from 100% recycled paper and complete with a wood block made from reclaimed lumber. Extra bonus, send your used pages in at the end of the year and receive a coupon for refill pages.

Monday, September 22, 2008

out to tea {giveaway!}

When it comes to dressing the girls, I like a little something extra. Whether it's a fancy clip, a cute headband or a bracelet, they (and I) love that little bit of added flair. Out to Tea is full of added flair. From their infant headbands to their holiday clips they have something to match any outfit or style.
Our goal is to hold your hair with style. Our philosophy is to help you complete your look. In short, Out to Tea is here to Dress Your Hair. We believe that hair accessories should fulfill the basic functions of utility and style...From urban chic with classic undertones to classic simplicity with modern overtones, the Out to Tea collection carries casual formal designs every day of the week.

We've worn Out to Tea to dance, pre-school, playgroup and now Kindermusik and they've yet to slip or fall out, they're perfectly functional and perfectly stylish. Just the way I like it!

In an effort to dress your child's hair, Out to Tea is giving one lucky reader a $75 gift certificate to spend any way you please! Spend it all on your little one, or save some for birthday and Christmas gifts.

What is your favorite Out to Tea accessory?

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alli's originals.

I've long been a fan of hand stamped jewelry, and while jewelry isn't something you catch me wearing every day, I'm far more likely to wear something that has special meaning. Alli's originals are my new favorite addition to the jewelry box. They're small and tasteful, and close to my heart.

The Princess Charming Collection celebrates and showcases touching, personal stories. Alli works closely with each client to design a piece that is truly unique, special and one of a kind. Her clients have a big part in the design and creative process so their vision can become a reality.

Hand stamped jewelry is the perfect way to celebrate special relationships in your life. That's why I find myself so drawn to it. Choose names, birth dates, anniversaries, words, phrases or symbols. Really it's about what makes you happy, and I'm all about being happy!

enfant terrible.

In my inbox on a regular basis are the ever amazing products from enfant terrible, and while these baby toys are more than I can justify spending, I can't help but love them. Maybe I really will have to learn to knit!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank You

Thank you to Tangled and True for letting me guest blog this week. It's been great to have an outlet to talk about kid stuff. If you get bored sometime come visit me over at Oh Happy Day.

{All images from projects I've done.}

Back Issues Martha Stewart Kids

In 2005 I subscribed to Martha Stewart Kids thinking at some point in my life I'd be glad to have the back issues. Almost as soon as I subscribed I got a notice in the mail telling me MS Kids was discontinued. When I got pregnant I started looking for back issues on ebay, I soon discovered that you can get back issues through Martha Stewart Omnimedia. They are styled so beautifully and are choc full of the best ideas. Here is how to get your hands on some. From the website:

"To order back issues of Martha Stewart Living, Martha Stewart Weddings, Everyday Food, Blueprint, Baby (no longer published), Kids (no longer published), or special issues, please call our single-copy division toll-free at 800-274-6800.

Jordan blogs everyday over at Oh Happy Day

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dying Onesies

I saw this fantastic project over at a favorite craft blog, Angry Chicken. She got a bunch of onesies then dyed and embellished them. Dharma Trading has a huge selection of dyes and blank clothing.

Jordan blogs everyday over at Oh Happy Day

White Noise

White Noise machines are nothing new, but I swear by them. For us, swaddling + white noise = long naps and sleeping through the night. They are especially nice in the city when your neighbor upstairs is playing music late at night. This particular one, recommended by a friend, is our current favorite.

Jordan blogs everyday over at Oh Happy Day


Be sure to browse the new Tiny Decor Boutique if you haven't yet. They have a great selection of all things modern for your nursery and your little ones!

The winner is:

Nash who said: I need the bucket!

Congratulations! Please contact me (tangledandtrue@gmail.com) by monday morning with your choices of bucket and pillow, as well as your shipping info in order to claim your prize!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mod Squares Coverall

Few things make me happier than a baby, freshly bathed, in a simple white onesie. But occasionally I stray and go for something more graphic. This modern coverall is right up my alley.

Jordan blogs everyday over at Oh Happy Day

Lead Paint Test

I buy a lot of my baby's toys at flea markets. Even though they are so charming, there are some worries with old toys: lead paint, small parts, etc. So I use these lead paint tests I picked up from my local hardware store, only $12.

Jordan blogs everyday over at Oh Happy Day

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tiny decor {giveaway!}

There's nothing more enjoyable than seeing a favorite and trusted blog open up a boutique, which is exactly what happened yesterday. Tiny Decor opened doors to the Tiny Decor boutique. It's full of brands you love including Spot on Square, Olli & Lime, Mod Mom furniture, Cotton Monkey and their very own house brand full of incredible accessories that you're sure to fall in love with.

To celebrate their grand opening, Tiny Decor is giving away big! I'm thrilled to introduce you to some of their very own products and one lucky reader will win the following:

Tiny Decor Felt Bucket in Enchanted Forest $38
(also available in your choice of Tickled Pink)

Perfect for storing all your toys, blankets and trinkets. It's easily collapsible for storing when not in use. Made from 100% organic cotton with water based, non-toxic inks, and machine washable.

your choice of the Tickled Pink Tiny Pillow $48

or the Enchanted Forest Tiny Pillow $48

The tiny pillows (12x12 inches) are the perfect mix of modern and whimsy. The small size is perfect for cuddling or the final accessory needed to complete their bedroom. No matter what the use, your child is sure to love the bright colors and the fun designs and you're sure to love the organic machine washable fabric!

What Tiny Decor accessory do you have your eye on?

would you love to win? be sure to:

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*entry will be open until 7 am Thursday morning 9/18
*winner will be announced Thursday morning

Monday, September 15, 2008

Flora and Henri

My favorite children's clothing company is Flora and Henri. The quality and details are perfect, not to mention the drop dead gorgeous styling. Just looking through the photos on their site would make anyone baby hungry. Its priced a little high for my budget but if you watch their sale section you can find some good deals.

Jordan blogs everyday over at Oh Happy Day

Photobooth Album

In the college town where I met my husband there was an old black and white photobooth at the local Kmart. We would always get lots of photos taken and now it is sort of a family tradition. One of our favorite family activities is to go get $20 and spend an hour taking photobooth photos. Sometimes we'll even bring a few props. It is really fun to do and when we are done I put them all in a photo album. This Kolo one is the perfect size. Skip the new digital booths and find the old kind. Photobooth.net has a locator for old-style photobooths.

Jordan blogs everyday over at Oh Happy Day

Friday, September 12, 2008


A few weeks back I posted asking for your yoga advice. Acacia lifestyle came through with a perfectly balanced selection of yoga gear and videos. I've recently started the Shiva Rea Flow Yoga for Beginners and I love it! The scenery is beautiful, it explains terms and poses, as well as giving options if the pose is too difficult. 

I've been off bed rest for a couple weeks now, and getting myself back into an upright mode was difficult to say the least. Since starting the beginning yoga, I have noticed a remarkable difference in my productivity and my energy level. I am completely in love and understand fully why so many people love yoga.

So, if you're in the market to learn yoga, this is an excellent way to start!

Sophie the Giraffe

If you aren't already familiar with Sophie the Giraffe, let me sing its praises for a minute. It is made of natural rubber and has been handmade in the French Alps of natural rubber since 1961. My friend from Paris says it is a classic French toy and all the kids there have one. Sophie is soft, perfect for teething and is by far the most played with toy in my house. Do you find yourself scrambling for last minute baby presents? Do yourself a favor and buy three of these giraffes and keep them in your closet, thank me later.

Jordan blogs everyday over at Oh Happy Day

two sisters jewelry boutique {winner!}

Another amazing giveaway! How could you not fall in love with Two Sisters Jewelry Boutique? I've got my eye on a couple pieces to use for Christmas gifts. I can't wait! 

The winner is:

krista who said: Yup, I think the Izzie is my fave.

Congratulations Krista! Please email me (tangledandtrue@gmail.com) with your information by Monday 9/15 to claim your prize.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

please welcome.

I'm so thrilled about the guest blogger I have for you today. Jordan from Oh Happy Day. It's one of my absolute favorite blogs, a must read every day! From her amazing events and invitations she plans and makes, to her design style, to the beautiful photography she finds, it's a place every mom should stop by on a daily basis for a little "me" time. This week (and part of next) she'll be sharing all her amazing baby finds, I can hardly wait! 

Three Good Baby Items for Apartment Dwellers

1. Svan High Chair
Like most city dwellers, space in our apartment is a precious commodity. So when we were choosing a high chair we wanted to find the smallest, most discreet option. I researched several high chairs finally decided on the Svan. Most importantly because of it's small footprint, and second because it has a tray, and finally because of its modern and discreet aesthetic. It is the size of a kitchen chair and blends in with the kitchen. Before we ponied up cash for a new one at the store I kept my eye on Craigslist for a few weeks. There is so much turn over with good quality baby gear that you can almost get anything you want for 50-75% off.

2. Bugaboo Bee
We avoided buying a stroller for the first four months and we didn't miss it once. Everyone I know who has a normal sized (large) stroller, also has a smaller umbrella stroller. The big ones are cushy but so big, alternately the small ones are lightweight but lack in the perks. The Bee is a happy medium between the two. It is a smooth ride but folds up so neat and small it fits in the corner of my bedroom. We've been so happy with it, we haven't needed to buy another one. We couldn't find one on Craigslist but we picked up the floor model at Giggle for a sizable discount.

3. Apartment Crib
My sister (Design Mom) convinced me I didn't need a regular size crib. She let me in on a little secret: a small crib is more than enough room for the first few years. We got this simple metal hotel crib and have loved it. It takes up very little space and I love the simple clean lines.

Jordan blogs everyday over at Oh Happy Day

Introduction Jordan Ferney

Hello! My name is Jordan. About me: I am a San Francisco based event planner and I love to throw parties. I live in a one bedroom apartment on Nob Hill, my 9 month old baby sleeps in a walk in closet. To compensate for the fact that he sleeps in a closet we buy him expensive toys. I am a terrible housekeeper but I'm obsessed with beautiful cleaning products. I own a 2,000 pound letterpress and I love to work on creative projects. Oh, also, I love picnics. I blog at Oh Happy Day.

I am happy to be blogging on Tangled and True.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a little help...

With baby #3 on the way, I'm happy to say all is well, bed rest has been lifted and in three short weeks I will find out just what this little baby is, I am left with a dilemma. I will be moving the girls into one bedroom (this has always been the plan, even before baby) and am stuck as to what to do with their room. I've gone back and forth on color schemes orange and green? yellow? pink? and styles.... so I'm hoping all of you can give me ideas, get my creative juices flowing, email me (tangledandtrue@gmail.com) or leave a comment with your favorite styles, beddings, accessories, paint colors, rooms you've seen and loved, etc. and when the room is done, I'll feature it here, of course acknowledging each part that comes from one of you (with your name if you're cool with that!) and share shops, paint colors, etc.

So let's get decorating!!!

paper latterns via land of nod


nico & zoe.

How often do you find yourself thinking, they just don't make toys like they used to? I think it on a regular basis, so I was thrilled to discover Nico & Zoe, uncommon and artisan made toys. I love this shop!

At Nico & Zoe Toys, our aim is to offer uncommon, made in USA, European, local, handmade, modern & wooden toys at reasonable prices!

They carry some of the best toddler, infant, educational and classic Toys. All toys are made from safe and tested materials so you can be assured your little one won't be chewing on lead paint, yah!

I picked out a few of my favorite toys below:

Hand Crocheted Monkey - Stripes $39

Family Van $32

Mail Truck Shape Sorter/Pull Toy $24

Finger Puppet Theater w/Puppets - Fairies Set $66

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

two sisters jewelry boutique {giveaway!}

Today's giveaway is something to get truly excited about. What's better than a giveaway just for you? Two Sisters Jewelry Boutique is one of my all time favorite places to buy accessories. The quality of their designs is unmatched, their customer service impeccable, and their competitive pricing puts them a step above the rest. They give you style and individual flair.

Jennifer and Gina's (the twin sisters behind Two Sisters Jewelry) intention was to create exclusive jewelry, that would allow anyone to accessorize her way to that perfect look. Their look is hip, yet classy, definitely chic and engaging...

You'll fall in love with each piece, but today, they're giving away two of my very favorites.

Izzie necklace retail value $65

Emilia earrings Retail value $25

And while you're busy browsing their selection of bangle bracelets, link necklaces or sterling silver earrings, be sure to check out their children's jewelry. It is among the best I've seen. I'm especially loving this cupcake necklace.

What will you be adding to your cart?

Would you like to win? be sure to:
*enter one comment on this post - with your name
*please only enter once
*answer question above
*entry will be open until 7 am Friday morning 9/12
*winner will be announced Friday morning

Monday, September 8, 2008

monkey beanz.

One of the best parts of what I do is meeting new people and hearing their story. Everyone has a story. Everyone comes from a different background and everyone is where they are today for different reasons. Monkey Beanz is no exception and I love their story.

A husband and wife team that started in Thailand where he was a native and she was teaching English. They had their first baby there and when she was about 18 months old made the difficult decision to move back to the states. They didn't want to lose their connection to Thailand so before leaving they began laying the groundwork for Monkey Beanz.

Monkey Beanz is a fair trade focused importer of incredible products from Thailand. The pair work together to design the clothing, choosing all the patterns and colors. The clothes are produced by a group of seamstress's in Bee's (the husband) home village! I must say the clothes are remarkable. The designs fresh and fun, the fabrics soft and a little vintage, just how I like them.

Their soft toys are produced locally in Thailand as well. They are all cut, stitched and embroidered by hand creating a quality, safe product for your family.

I love that Monkey Beanz was created as a tie between two cultures, and I love that their products embrace everything in childhood, encouraging kids to think and dream and to be their own individual.

back to school {winners!}

Thanks for joining me for the week. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. The winners are:

See Kai Run: jill who said: sign me up for those little sassy red numbers!

Book bundle: littlefam who said: Love Stanley and The Class Pet!! Fun giveaway - There is nothing better than reading to your child!!

Fawn & Forest: brooke who said: My boys would just love that piggie bank....love it!

Natural Pod: Vanessa who said: The organic playdough for sure, you have such great giveaways!

Congratulations ladies!! Please email me by Wednesday (tangledandtrue@gmail.com) to claim your prize.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

auction winners, round 2!

winning bidders are below:

skirt for mom...little house on green ($35)

chic bag diaper bag from Wisey...ashlee ($100)

2 burp cloths from Lulu Lop...marie ($25)

Rag Doll from bumblebird...kristi ($45)

Oopsy Daisy Petti set...ashley ($95)

Thank you to all who bid this second time around! A committee of 15 women are working together trying to get a grand total on all the auctions and we'll have that number out soon. The support from the blogging community has been overwhelming and we are grateful for your contributions!

Please send your payment via Paypal to "nieniefund@gmail.com". Once you've completed your payment, please send your receipt by email to (tangledandtrue@gmail.com) and I will get your info out to the proper companies.

*please email me (tangledandtrue@gmail.com) with any questions.

Remember: If there is something you wanted but didn't win, or if you're just in the mood to shop Silly wagon is offering 15% off their entire store by using code "funkyme" at checkout and free shipping on all orders over $100 within the continental US!!! Thank you Silly Wagon!

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