virtual baby showers

Hello moms! Get ready. We're anxious to further celebrate motherhoodlife and happiness by throwing you virtual baby showers. Just like the real deal but maybe even better: with artists, boutiques and hip companies being the givers and Kelli and Brittany as your hosts. {Essentially giving you and your baby the best of the pretty, the modern, the practical, the unique and the organic.} Simply because we like to make you happy.

Want to be part of the party? Send in an application to {titled: virtual baby showers} with your story. All applications must include:
*your name and address
*a photo of you and your belly {if applicable- adoptions will be celebrated as well.}
*your due date
*whether you are expecting a boy or girl {if you know and/or want to share}
Keep it creative! (We appreciate seeing effort.) Tell us what sets you apart.

*all requirements must be met for application to be considered.

Winners will be surprised and all baby showers will be thrown {on Tangled and True} unannounced. Just start hoping... and happy growing.

note: We encourage all of our readers to celebrate with us. After all, a congratulations is always in order. And... who doesn't need fresh baby shower theme and gift ideas?

[Are you a company that would like to contribute a gift? Email us with your contact/product information or request for further details.]
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