Monday, May 14, 2007

two things.

Ok, two {baby-esque} things.

Number One...The Burp Catcher {not a fan of the branding name, but I digress}...It is a burp cloth, with a pocket to catch the spit up. Originally I thought it was simply a marketing ploy for newbie parents. But, after reading the site and thinking back to my own experiences {with a mucho mas reflux infant}, I might recall my inital thoughts. I think I would purchase for number two. If only they started using the Amy Butler fabrics, I'd be sold in seconds. Check it out here.

Number Two...The Food Mill. I've been meaning to report on this {less than $15} contraption. Because I am such a fan. My sister-in-law has one and while vacation Nor Cal visiting her, I used it to mash up some food for Ave's dinner. Fresh, homemade baby food in minutes. Literally. No food processor, no cords, hardly any mess. You throw the food into the mesh part, turn the knob and wah-la! We are basically past the pureed foods in our home, but #2? For sure. Check it out here.


  1. I don't think the burp catcher is crazy idea. Especially because those bibs with pockets work so well. And there were PLENTY of times where I wiped up spitup down my back or on the floor behind me when Cole was younger {also in his mucho acid reflux days}.
    I agree though- the design might stop me from following through with a purchase. Someone smart and seamstressy needs to jump on this one.

  2. I've seen the food processor lots and it looked so handy! I may need to get it next time around too.


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