Friday, August 31, 2007

blissen GIVEAWAY!

I don't have the "back to school" status which makes it hard to justify new outfits and paper products just because it's {almost} September. For those of you who still crave fresh pencil pouches and pretty pads of paper.. keep reading. This is where we tell you that no longer do you have to miss out. Better yet, Blissen is bringing us paper products and office accessories turned art work: all are "naturally full of color, sly humor and hand-tinkered style."

Jill Bliss, the bliss behind Blissen, is simply delightful and obviously brilliant. She says, "raised in two distinct environments, the suburban technological sprawl of silicon valley and the natural rural slowness of northern california, i must confess i prefer the irregularities of nature than the perfection of technology. no matter where i am, i need to build, make, and improve things with whatever materials are at hand."
From this came her unique line of handmade. All of it gently illustrates natural. We like that.

"we delight in improving our corner of the world - and inspiring others to do the same - using our hands, minds, conversations, and a little ingenuity, mixed with scraps of mainly found, left-over, or recycled paper and fabric. in our mass-produced world, blissen goods celebrate the genuine, unique, and irreplaceable aura of the handmade object, and the organic process from which it was created."

Three cheers for resourcefulness. And pretty resourcefulness at that! Let me share my favorite of her creations, {all available to win- one winner- by entering a comment on this post!}:

redwoods notecard set, $12.

forest coral notecard set, $12.

sealines journal, $12.

treelines journal, $11.

Be sure to also check out the pocket mirrors, fabric wallets and pouches, and endearing plush birds. I have always been drawn to Blissen {ever since my Native Herbs journal purchase at Anthropologie} and am beyond excited that her pretty has found its way to Tangled and True!

The great news is that with the coupon code "tnt," all readers will receive 25% off, active August 31 - September 7! What's in your cart?

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*winner will be announced on Tangled and True on Tuesday morning.

Happy Friday! Kelli and Missy.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

monster market.

Hello California! You're Tangled and True's most popular came-from state {largely due to Missy being a resident, I'm sure!}. Either way, I'm a fan. Thanks for stopping by. Here's an announcement that applies to most of you as well as any ambitious road-trippers:

little monster market

What is it? A market of handmade baby, children, and mom/dad likeables. Basically an uber-cool craft fair with food and children's activities.

Why? Food. Lovely vendors. Musical entertainment.

When? September 4th!

Take notes for me. I would love to be a part of this! Another good reason to move to California...

one lucky baby!

modern orange PEZ towel: $45

I'm going crazy about this cool-ness. One Lucky Baby {an etsy store} uses amazing fabrics to create an oh-so-modern/vintage baby and children's collection of the regular necessities. Like..

1. It's a Jungle Out There Minky Baby Blanket, $38.

2. Modern ABC's Toddler Blanket, $98.

3. Finlandia Flowers Bib and Burp Set, $25.

built ny {part two}

We've talked about Built NY around here before. Personally, I love the Tidy Bib. But! They just came out with a lunchbox, called the Munchler. Like the rest of their products, they are made from durable polypropylene insulating food and water like none other. And they unzip flat into a placemat.

$9.99 {and lots of trees saved}

gigi toothi

I just found out about The Gigi Blanki Co. I really, really love their idea. You choose the color and design of the blanki for your baby {or baby you're gifting to}. Choose the color/pattern of the Nubby side and then choose the color/pattern of the Silky side.

Mostly though, I love their Toothi. Leave your tooth in the chic toothi and the Tooth Fairy is sure to find it {and leave a treaure inside}.

flight 001.

As a continuation of Missy's luggage post...

Flight 001
is an incredible resource for any travel need. It's been such a fun find.

There is everything from Deiter Graf Verlag’s Point It picture dictionary {"1,200 items photographed in logical groupings and categorized for quick and easy reference. When you don't know how to say it, point it!"}:

to really great laptop bags {Flight 001's exclusive F1 Safety laptop case} made to replicate cartoon-strip-like safety cards:

Of course I love this Cars Wheelie Bag:

My favorites aside, it's nice to have a go to for the details like travel clocks and pocket-sized board games.

real simple mop

I tend to gravitate towards the Real Simple cleaning supplies section at Target. If someone can make cleaning feel stylish + modern, I'm in. And I'll purchase.

I was due for a mop when I went to Target about a month ago. What I found: several mops. What I bought: Real Simple's Microfiber Squeeze Mop. It's my favorite cleaning utensil these days. And yes, I'm being totally serious. I love this mop.Some of the features:

*You can use it wet or dry
*The top of the mop come out and gives you a bonus scraper. You can get those sticky residues off the wood floor without using your nail
*You don't have to keep buying new yellow mopheads (!), simply unvelcro this one and throw it in the wash

It's great. Highly recommended (along with Method's wood cleaner if you have wood floors).

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

tie dye pops.

I better get this in before Summer ends. I'm thinking it makes a perfect {after school} snack!

"Blending yogurt with lemon juice results in an airy mixture that is more delicious when frozen. If fruit is not ripe, add 1/2 cup orange juice to the puree."

Plum or Raspberry Tie-Dye Pops
Makes 1 dozen 1/2-cup pops

1 pound black or red plums, pits removed, cut into pieces, or 3 pints raspberries
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
32 ounces low-fat or nonfat vanilla yogurt

1. Place plums or 2 1/2 pints raspberries in blender or food processor. Pulse briefly, then puree until nearly liquid, about 1 minute.

For plum pops: pass puree through large-mesh sieve to remove skin.
For raspberry pops: Pass puree through a very fine sieve to remove seeds; you should end up with 1/2 cup. Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice.

2. Blend yogurt with remaining tablespoon lemon juice in a blender until smooth.

3. Layer each 1/3-cup pop mold with yogurt and puree, adding rest of raspberries along the way. Swirl mixtures together with knife.

4. Let freeze 25 minutes, then insert wooden pop sticks halfway and freeze overnight. Pops will keep, frozen, for at least 3 weeks.

{via Martha Stewart dot com}

Great Tovolo popsicle molds can be found here.

finger paint.

Martha says, "Homemade finger paints are nontoxic, washable, and always available."

Recipe: Stir 4 tablespoons of sugar and 1/2 cup cornstarch together; add 2 cups of cold water, and heat over medium heat until the mixture is thick (the mixture will further thicken as it cools). Divide into four or more containers, and add food coloring as desired.

[Fat Brain Toys sells a Melissa and Doug standing easel (children's) for $45.95.]

I can't wait until Cole is old enough...

back to school.

I'm a runner so I like to peruse whenever I get a free moment, which isn't often, but when I do I'm always left a bit more inspired. I especially love Kristin's Armstrong's (Lance Armstrong's ex-wife) blog called Mile Markers. She writes like the reader is her friend, opening up her life experiences while giving details on her current marathon training at the same time. I enjoy it.

Her post this week is about her twin daughters first day of kindergarten. I suggest you read it (here), but I'll warn you. It caught the best of me and I choked up. Maybe it's the mother in me. Or maybe it's me picturing myself in her spot four years down the road.

Either way, if you found dropping your little one off to kindergarten for the first time difficult, know that you aren't alone.

{image from flickr}


We have a very friendly reader named Jenna. She recently found out that she is pregnant (a new mom!) and.. with twins. In a nice email she wrote,
"Do you know any great websites for twin stuff? Like, twin themes or something? These are our firsts....we're obviously rookies. Happy rookies though."

We're excited for you, Jenna! And we hope to hear more from you. In the meantime, I thought I would start your collection of ideas for twins-themed things. {I'm sure our readers can contribute too.}

At the start of Tangled and True we were tipped about Twinkle Kids. I haven't checked in with them lately but your question prompted a visit. Twinkle Kids creates really great twins-themed tees.

My twins would be wearing these. $42 for the set. Please let us know of any other great finds. And readers.. help Jenna out!


My friend Lynne wrote me an email asking if I had any tips on good luggage. While I don't carry the most stylish luggage around, I did some research and decided to post what I found for you.

For the Style-Minded
You've got to admit that if you're looking for stylish luggage, Orla Kiely is your first stop. Of course there is a pricetag attached, but I read reviews and expect quality with that dollar sign. From what I read, people are passionate about their Orla Kiely luggage-wear. And you probably wouldn't get it mixed up with others as it came out at baggage claim.

All Black and Business
So, it doesn't have to be all black. Tumi has some really great colors right now, especially in the Women's line. My dad works in international business - he has more frequent flyer miles than anyone could dream up. My older brother is following in his footsteps and both of them use Tumi luggage. It's quality, it's reliable, and it holds everything you can think up (and more) without bulk. To be quite honest, if I were seriously shopping for luggage I would choose Tumi. Granted, it might be boring in black, but maybe you could choose a fun luggage tag (and carry on)?

Personally, I'd go for anything from Hobo Bags right now, but sometimes a cute laptop case and a lightweight backpack work well allowing you to keep your hands + arms free.

Any other favorites?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I can't tell you how much I love this movement of all natural. It feels good to do good {and use good}. And it's popping up everywhere. An amazing company called Von Natur {as seen in Elle and Jane magazines} is the poster child for refreshing, organic, gentle and beautiful. Von Natur translates "from nature" and they hold true to their claim: all products are vegan certified, paraben-free, and naturally derived. The packaging is feminine-funky {although several lines are marked unisex}, they smell so clean and I love finding skin care that works well!

Although Von Natur does have body, bath, makeup and extras lines, I've started with the Balance Facial Line:

balance facial cream cleanser:
extra gentle with calming lavender, healing chamomile and revitalizing and balancing cedarwood. truly creamy.

balance facial exfoliant:
balancing and soothing with aloe, coconut, jojoba and olive oil. it gives skin a naturally fresh look by leaving it soft and supple.

balance facial toner:
cucumber and chamomile help reduce redness and puffiness. refines the surface and prepares skin for any products that will be applied. it smells lovely and I love the convenience of the pre-soaked facial pads.

I'm 100% a fan. I can't wait to try more.

sprout basics.

Sprout Basics, whose motto is love, nurture, play, is a new favorite for stylish/modern baby gear. Colorful vintage fabrics and necessities (blankets!) done stylish is what Sprout is all about.

Would you go for..

chocolate kiss

mod hearts

mai teeni

or.. pretty in pink?

{thanks for the tip Jen!}

pregnancy fashion

If you are pregnant, you might find the outfit above super appealing. It looks comfortable + stylish right? I'm not even pregnant, but the outfit almost makes me want to be.

Our first houseguest, Kathryn, tipped us off to Blush this past week. It is a topless undershirt, similar to the Bella Band, but more than just for the belly. And Blush even makes undershirts for everyone not just those expecting.

Simply put, Blush states they "help adjust the clothes you already have to fit you perfectly."

Worn like a tube top, but around the waist...I'm adding it to my favorites for when a baby #2 comes along.

simply beautiful.

Blog hopping led me to this sweet craft blog last night. And I couldn't get over this bib {above}. I love it: the embroidered name, the patchwork detail, the ties (rather than velcro).

Simply beautiful.


The winner of the HP Presto Mailbox is "Megan Haralson" who said "My grandparents, Gigi & Poppy would LOVE this instant way to receive updates from all of us in the fam! What a great way to include the home-bound!! Thanks!"

We are so happy for you and for a closer family too! Email us your shipping information and we'll have your new Presto mailed out to you.

As always you can get the inside scoop by joining our {confidential} hello friends! email list or just stay tuned, another giveaway begins Friday!

Have a great week,

Monday, August 27, 2007

{mini} diaper dude

Kelli wrote about "man {diaper} bags" here. I like this one too - it's the miniature version of the Diaper Dude. If you know a man that is particular about the bags he carries, maybe a smaller version of a diaper bag would trick him into carrying part of the load?

{available at red envelope}

the baby bunch.

the baby bunch packages the traditional {organic} layette in a pretty, modern and soft-as-a-baby's-bum bouquet.

"Each bunch contains a full set of clothing designed to give a baby the best possible start in life," including
one bib, one t-shirt, one hat and four pairs of socks in a small bunch for $49.95.
Organic apricot, blue and pink bunches are now available too.

Are you already a Baby Bunch fan but want the perfectly simple and soft baby apparel without buying a whole bunch? Individual pieces will soon be sold separately. Hooray for another go-to source for the perfect infant clothing.

method bath and body.

It's obvious that we're big Method fans. It's been a repeat post because we just can't get enough. I have yet to find cleaning products that smell, look and feel so good. And all of a sudden... surprise! They have a new bath/body line. "happy, happy, joy, joy." Made of avocado and borage oil {with a vegetable base and 99% naturally derived}, I can't wait to try the bloq body bar. It might convert me to bar soap once again.

Friday, August 24, 2007

hp presto mail GIVEAWAY

Today's giveaway comes from HP. Remember when I wrote about the incredible Presto printer that my husband and I got for his grandma's birthday {read here}? Well, they want to give one one of you! I've got to tell you that this is fabulous. I can't say enough about how happy it's made my grandma (in-law).

Up for giveaway: one HP Printing Mailbox and three months of free service. {total value of $180!}

Just a recap to explain exactly what the Presto Mailbox is and how it works. Actually, maybe a picture would illustrate it better.

Step 1:
Email your friend/parent/grandparent to a Presto email address

Step 2:
Presto converts your email into a simple and perfect format (reducing picture size too!)

Step 3:
Your friend/parent/grandparent has their Presto printer hooked up at home and it prints your email right out for them to enjoy

A few of the perks we have noticed in our Presto use:
First, our grandparents know what we are up to on a daily and weekly basis without hearing about the past month in short details. They feel up to date and like they are "in the know."
Second, I found it beyond simple to set their account up. Everything is ready to go upon receiving the Presto box.
Third, there is NO SPAM. I love this detail. Only those that you "invite" are allowed to email the presto email address you set up for your loved one.
Fourth, it prints perfectly. Presto lets you know when you need a new ink cartridge, when your paper is running low and anything else you would need to know.

It's really that easy. I can't say it enough. And the benefits of giving our grandparents the "in" on our lives makes it even more worth it. Since they don't own a computer, I will oftentimes copy posts from my blog about our latest haps and how my daughter is doing. They always call to let us know they loved reading it!

The rules are a little different this time around. You simply need to link to this Presto giveaway on your own blog and leave a link to that post in the comments section here. If you don't have a blog, no worries. Simply tell us why you love Presto (and you're still eligible). note: Currently, the Presto Service is only available in the U.S., so the contest will be limited to people who will be giving the Presto Service and HP Printing Mailbox to a U.S. resident with U.S. phone number.

Hint! National Grandparents Day is September 7th. That is just around the corner. Presto is the perfect gift to keep them up to date on everything in your life. There is a current sale going on for $50 off the Presto Mailbox - info here. Now's the time to jump on it. {The Presto Service should be purchased along with the HP Printing Mailbox. Pricing for Service is $9.99 a month or $99 a year.}

Available at

Thank you Presto!

[life in the nest giveaway rules:]
*you must enter a comment on this post-with your name.
*please only enter once.
*entry will be open until midnight PST Monday. {comments posted after this will not be considered.}
*at this time, we can't guarantee international shipping of giveaway prizes. {do you have a friend with a domestic address? is he/she nice enough to accept the package for you? comment away. *winner will be announced on Tangled and True on Tuesday morning.

Happy Friday!



thanks for being our friend. I hope that you love the Laguna necklace you've just won! Please email us with your shipping information and we'll get that to you quickly. {In a brown craft box with a chocolate satin ribbon... straight from Two Sisters Jewelry Boutique!}

Make sure you take a tour of Two Sisters Jewelry Boutique. Everything really is so pretty. And that 10% off is a nice incentive! {10% off any item is extended to anyone! Enter: TT0820 at checkout.}

Thanks Gina and Jennifer!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

kea and joby.

Niccole Kroll and Vanessa Mathison of Kea and Joby will tell you that, "Your kids are unique. Their clothes should be too." I couldn't agree more. And I like what they've created. Kea and Joby offers smart and relaxed: "the kids' equivalent of your favorite pair of jeans." These great finds {and great deals} are really making me look forward to Fall/Winter shopping for Cole!

Thanks Lynette.

all together now.

I love browsing Twig. One of my favorite modern/traditional children's online boutiques. Their "what's new" section recently reminded me of the brilliant Creative Thursday, whose whimsy is captivating.

This limited edition "All Together Now" is so pretty. It's a happy print. {Meet Lola, Oscar and Fern.} With only 10 printed {and selling for only $36}, I'm sure they'll go quickly! We love good nursery art.
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