Monday, May 7, 2007

"in case of a birthday {card} emergency..."

Thanks to Jessica at How About Orange, we now have an easy {and free!} solution for those times where we 1. remember it's someone's birthday and 2. we need to {at least} get them a card and 3. we've forgotten to and 4. it's impossible to get to the closest cool card vendor and 5. we're basically in a "birthday card emergency." She has given us some very neat card and envelope templates that you can just download and print. Find them here.


  1. I'm sure I will be using her templates often! I love the design. her entire blog is so fresh looking. i love it.

  2. Strange, I found her site and fell in love with it as well. THIS especially is helpful. I'll be returning as well.

  3. Hey, it's me, Jess from How about orange...
    Thanks for the link! I hope lots of people can use this. And I really like your blog, too. Fun stuff! Gives me cool ideas for presents for my friends with kids.


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