Thursday, May 3, 2007


I know Binth isn't new news, but it's good news and needs a mention! I LOVE the Alphabet Poster and love even more the option of single matted letters. C-O-L-E. or A.B.C. or B.O.Y. or P.L.A.Y.

But did you know that Binth has an amazing greeting cards line or note pads galore?

Even these are worth framing.


  1. I was just at Michaels yesterday and saw the new Martha Stewart line there. She has a pack of oversized alphabet cards that are a little different style than those, but still cute. I don't remember the price, but they didn't seem too expensive...worth a look.

  2. The alphabet poster. I totally want {need?} it.

  3. I love that alphabet poster. I'm getting ready to decorate my son's room...maybe this will find its way in?


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