Monday, June 18, 2007

ice cream. cone.

We had a busy slash fun-filled weekend. We celebrated my husband's birthday and Father's Day. Sigh. I'm kind of experiencing a fun-is-over-now-it's-Monday hangover.

When I asked my husband to choose a birthday dessert, he chose ice cream cones. So, I picked up some Breyers and waffle cones and we enjoyed the child-like treat all weekend.

I felt like a little girl again toting around my ice cream cone in the warm summer evening on our patio. I happily licked my cookies 'n cream and experienced that "not a care in the world" care free-ness.

I suggest picking up some cones next time you toss your favorite ice cream into your shopping cart. You're bound to feel a little lighter;)


  1. I just stumbled across your blog and I like your style. :) I'm all for ice cream, too.


  2. My husband and I are both huge fans of icecream and I would love to serve him icecream cones for his birthday. what a nice idea !!!

  3. My favorites: cookies and cream, prailines and cream, irish cream. (it seems like there is a theme going on.) And I'm so with you on the cones, Missy! I can NEVER just do a bowl/cup. I don't get it when others don't choose the waffle. Or even sugar cone.


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