Wednesday, June 20, 2007

latest {and greatest!}

A different take on our latest and greatest column this week. Rather than the newest toy on the market or revolutionary high chair, I give you the latest {and greatest?} news in the fashion industry.

It's been in the works, but Vera Wang officially signed a design contract with Kohls. That's right, your neighborhood Macy's meets Target shop. She's best known for modernizing the bridal gown, but in the last four years began introducing what others call "ballerina grunge" with the frayed hems and raw edges {super stylish to say the least}.

Her line will carry about twenty new pieces each month, including a gold brocade skirt priced at $68. The same skirt received publicicty en masse on runways showcasing for a hefty $890.

Personally, I haven't been much of a Kohl's shopper {not at all, in fact}, but this news has persuaded me to give it a shot. Some worry that Kohl's is introducing "too much fashion." Gasp. I think every woman should be given the chance {take as they please} to purchase affordable, fashionable clothing. If Kohl's will offer it, I'll take a look.

Are you wondering why Vera Wang signed the deal? She says it will allow her to continue doing what she loves best, which is design clothing. Props to her for taking the chance and to Kohl's for negotiating the deal. I think I'd like a little Vera Wang in my closet.

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  1. This is great news. I cant wait. Thanks for the heads up!

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