Wednesday, June 27, 2007

are you in a CEREAL relationship?

I read this article on Sprig and was embarrassed by the shocking amount of parallels I have with the author. What is it? Why do I have such a love affair with cereal and really cold soy milk? {Serve it to me in one of my colorful latte bowls and it's a perfect obsession.}

And then it hit me. How could I not have shared my favorites of the whole grain crunchy goodness yet? An irrational behavior on my part, really. So, here you have it: cereal at it's best!


Archer Farms: Strawberry Yogurt Granola and Flakes cereal.

{Sorry! No picture available.}

I'm open to a variety and I'll often house others than my favorite top two picks. But I always return to the best. Anyone have a favorite to contribute?


  1. Old fashioned oatmeal is my thing--with in season fruit of course (strawberries for the summer and peaches for the fall). I used to love a cereal called Blueberry Morning when I was in college but I haven't seen it for a while. Kelli your cereal looks like it would make a great "on the go" snack!

  2. I'm a lover of all Trader Joes cereals. I'm sure if you lived near a TJ's you would love them too Kelli. The Vanilla Granola Clusters & Flakes is my fav.

  3. That Kashi (Cinnamon Harvest) is my absolute favorite. YUM!


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