Wednesday, June 6, 2007

diaper. disposal.

We never purchased a diaper genie. I take the dirty {the very dirty ones} diapers to our outside trash bin. I certainly don't want guests walking into our house to the smell of dirty diapers. That's just gross. But, sometimes this is a pain so I started looking. And I think I found something.

It's called the VIPP. It's been around for a while so I know I'm not introducing anything new, but I'm hooked. It's on my wish list. Yes, a trash bin is on my wish list.

Made by a Danish {why do they always think up the greatest products?} man, Holger Nielsen by request of his hairdresser wife. But when doctors and dentists lined up for one, he began to market them to the public.

Stainless steel and has a foot pedal for hands-free usage, it holds diapers {and their stench} until you are ready to take them out.

Available at babygeared {image from babygeared}


  1. I've been using one of these for YEARS as a diaper pail!!! We sell these exact same trash bins in our kitchen shop, and it was my hubby's idea to use one as a diaper pail (brilliant man I married)! heehee It does a MARVELOUS job (we use a second one for compost in our kitchen).

  2. Oooh, good to know. Now, I REALLY want it!

  3. I use a step-lid trash can ( looking) for Cole's bedroom. I'm not confident that it completely locks in the smells, so I put each stinky diaper into a ziplock. Then, the trash goes out at the end of the day. But with my "routine," his room has never smelled bad. (It's what the dr. offices do..)

    A more high tech diaper pale is definitely on my "probably not but it would be really cool" wish list.


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