Wednesday, June 13, 2007

dressing a super hero.

My husband can't wait for the day that our daughter can build forts and play "dress up." I realized a few weeks ago though that our two versions of dressing up are quite different.

I imagine my daughter walking out with a boa trailing behind her, my high heels clacking, a tiara sitting atop her head, with pearls draped across her neck and red lipstick smeared across her lips. I had to laugh when my husband mentioned a superhero {think: Sheera if you grew up in the 80's}.

I like the idea though. Some essentials for dressing a superhero:

A cape {this etsy shop sells them}, swimsuit {summer attire}, boots {every superhero wears them}, scarf {rambo or girl power} and a wand {glowstick, tree branch, kitchen spatula...}


  1. I just bought my daughter a dress up trunk with some goodies in it and I hope she likes it when I show it to her. She is into dress up these days as well.

  2. Very fun Missy! I can't wait until those dressup pictures.


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