Monday, June 4, 2007

sunshine in a bottle.

The over the counter beauty finds post from last week raised a couple of questions about self-tanner. Since I'm in desperate need of a little Sunshine...quick, I too have been wondering "what works?" and "what's the investment?" and "is it safe?" Luckily, my June/July issue of Domino arrived and sure enough, their article "Sunshine State" fills us in on this beauty fix.

"We're still waiting for some genius to prove that tans are healthy after all. Until then, here are our favorite SPFs, scrubs and bronzers that put some fun into responsible sun worship."

for a convincing "tan": "High Noon Freshface Glow" (
[a light moisturizer with a hint of color, this modern take on self-tanner lets you build a gradual, streak-free, non-orange glow.]

softly sun-kissed: "Daily Bronze Moisturizing Emulsion" (
[apply this subtle self-tanner daily until you've reached the right I-swear-I'm-the-outdoor-type intensity.]

A couple of extra sun essentials:

soup up your moisturizer: "Solar Defense Booster" (
[squirt a drop into your regular moisturizer to transform it into custom SPF 30 sunblock]

retro scent: "Sunscreen gel for body" (

[this quickly drying get in a cool aluminum tube has that nostalgic scent of tanning oil, coconut and driftwood- this time around with SPF 30]

vacation in a tube: "Tatahi Bora Bora Polish" (

[fine bora-bora sand and Tahitian Monoi oil hydrate and polish your skin, so self-tanner goes on smoothly. Love the beachy, hibiscus-infused scent.]


  1. how do they SMELL????? i have bought a couple of sunless tanners and couldnt even tell you how they work because they stunk too bad to use more than the first time! so if you know, please tell me do these smell toxic too!?!?

  2. I know the Shishedo one smells nice and fresh. My friend used it for a long time growing up (maybe she still does?).

    I think I like the Solar Defense Booster best. I like the idea of just adding a squirt to my moisturizer. I'll have to get some.

  3. Origins makes some as well. I think that they smell yummy (as most of their products do).

    The L'Oreal stuff that I use does not smell bad. The DOVE stuff (also works well) smells icky.

    There are so many brands out there- many of them less expensive drug store brands. Neutrogena makes a version as well (although I haven't smelled that one).


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